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Picture Japanese English Nickname Sleeps
Babi-chi Baby Baby Nap
Maru-chi Circle The Circle 8pm - 9am
Tama-chi Ball The Kid 9pm - 9am
Kutchitama-chi Beaked Ball The Beaker 9pm - 9am
Mame-chi Diligent, Loyal, or Bean The Rabbit 10pm - 9am
Ginjiro-chi Silver ? ? 10pm - 9am
Masuku-chi Mask The Mask 11pm - 11am
Kutchipa-chi Beaked The Bird 10pm - 9/10am
Nyoro-chi Wriggler, Squirmer The Snake 10pm - 9am
Tarako-chi Cod Roe Lips 10pm - 10am
Oyaji-chi Old Timer The Old Timer 10pm - 9am

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