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Welcome to my Tamagotchi Web Page! Here you will find some useful stuff on Tamagotchi's. Owning 3 Tamagotchi's myself, I know how fun and challenging it is to raise a Tamagotchi. So have fun!

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"Tamagotchi is a tiny pet from cyberspace who needs your love to survive and grow. If you take good care of your Tamagotchi pet, it will slowly grow bigger, healthier, and more beautiful every day. But if you neglect your little cyber creature, your Tamagotchi may grow up to be mean or ugly. How old will your Tamagotchi be when it returns to it's home planet? What kind of virtual caretaker will you be?"

Tamagotchi's are the latest to hit the U.S...Everyone is going crazy over these small little egg-shaped pets which are made by Bandai. The object of this "game" called pet is to raise a little creature from another planet, which will turn into an adult of some kind depending on how you raised it. The creature starts from an egg, then hatches into a "Babitchi", or "Baby" in American, then it turns into a "Marutchi", after that you can either get a "Tamatchi", or a "Kutchitamachi". After that comes the adult stage, you can get six different adults. HERE is a list of the different stages.

So just how much do these little pets cost? Where can you find them? Well they sell them in Wal-Mart, K-B Toys, and Toys'R'Us for sure (If they're in stock). They sell in stores for about $20.00, maybe less, maybe more. You can also find them in auctions or websites all over the net, but they can be expensive! The more rare Tamagotchis include the colors Clear Blue, Clear Green, and White. I have a Clear Green one and it is very nice, I got it from Treasures Forever for $43.00, which is a pretty good price for a guaranteed rare one, a lot of people email me I got ripped off, which I probably did because I'm dumb hehe, but that's ok, I'm living happily now! I also have a White & Black one, and a Purple and Pink one, which I got both for $20.00. Just search the web for Tamagotchi and you will certainly find a Tamagotchi for sale.

A Tamagotchi grows into different creatures! It all depends on how you raise it. Click HERE to see the Tamagotchi growth chart.

Tamagotchi sites are all over the web! There are graveyards, to auctions, to stores, or just to someone who wants to talk about Tamagotchis, like me! Click HERE to go to my Tamagotchi links!

There are many different colors of Tamagotchi and many different types, and there are even more colors and types getting planned or built as you read this! There are the original Japanese, to American, to German, and so on. They've even create Tamagotchi 2! With NEW characters and NEW colors!HERE are a few.

Were you a good caretaker for your Tamagotchi? Let's fine out! Your Tamagotchi Survived:

0-5 YEARS: Try harder next time
6-10 YEARS: Room for improvement
11-16 YEARS: Good job!
17-22 YEARS: Excellent!

Questions? Comments? Send them to










Clear Green


Secret Char.


18 yrs


52 oz





BTW this was my Tam before it died. =(

All Tamagotchi products are made by Bandai(TM)

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