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Diablo Tomes of Knowledge

Most of the knowledge that you will require to successfully finish the game is shared between the two main modes of the game, single and multi-player. Most new players will first attempt to get their feet bloody by venturing into the dungeon alone. Almost without a doubt, your first experience with Diablo will be as a lone adventurer braving the dank and dreary depths. You may suceed without the aid of this tome, but be warned that not all that is within the labyrinth is easily understood. Heed well the advice I give you, for it may yet prove to be your salvation.

To access the vast knowledge of this tome click on the link below...

The hallways will echo with nothing but the sound of your footfalls and the emptiness around you will begin to close in. Just before you fall into a state of complete hysteria you will come to the realization that this game can be so much more with the addition of a few friends, new or old.

In Multiplayer...

"Here I come!"