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' The first love... So often, it ends in failure. I'm waiting for a sad ending. In this age, there are many people who have become unable to act with simple kindness. That's sad... I am broken-hearted, with deep wounds. But if there was a girl who's heart was broken in the same way, I would comfort her softly. And then, thinking of her feelings, I would cry. Such pure girls are the kind I love. '

OK, To start this page, i'll tell you about Darien/Prince Darien/Tuxedo Mask/ Moonlight Knight. OK, well, he's very dreamy :) He is way older than serena, but u know age doesn't matter when you're in LURVE (man, i've been saying that way too much) He's best friends with Andrew, the guy at the arcade, and he is TUXEDO MASK. At first, he didn't know he was, but eventually he realised he was the man behind the mask. Tuxedo mask always saves Sailor Moon, when she's getting her butt kicked, by chucking his red rose. And he always gives these really corny words of wisdom... But i love his tux. When Tuxedo Mask dies and Darien lives on, A mysterious Moonlight Knight appears and Basically does what tux used to do, but this time, with a white rose. And Serena is so damn thick, she doesn't realise he's Darien, well he isn't, well, he is..... uh, let me explain. Moonlight Knight is like Darien's Spirit, and eventually, he re-enters Darien (When Alan And Anne are defeated). He's Gone out with Raye, and Anne had a crush on him, but everyone knows who his true love is. He rides a motorcycle! Just thought i would tell you that. I'm not sure what his real age is, but he's in his late teens, when Serena is only 14. He really liked Rini, and she had a crush on him, not realising that he was actually his father! He's in the show from the begining to the end I THINK. I only know about him in the early series, but i have no idea what happens to him in the later ones. Only that Elios thing. I've got this Manga, well, it's borrowed and it has him dying, coughing black blood. I have no idea whats going on coz the writing is in CHINESE!! But, i hope to find out. Well, anyway, thats about it on Darien, i'll get to the intimate details of his reltionship with Serena now...... hehehehe.
Well, At the begining, Serena and Darien Hate eachother, their always bumping into eachother and Darien keeps calling Serena "MeatBall Head". But Serena did have a bit of a crush on him, coz she got jealous when he went out with Raye. She loves Tuxedo Mask though, not knowing that he's Darien. When they're going up in this elevator to this place, that's only when serena get's supicious. But, then she sees him turn into tux, and he sees her transform into Sailor Moon and they're both like "Aw Shit!" When Tux/Darien is turned evil by queen Beryl, Their love breaks the spell... And he dies in Sailor Moon's Arms in the final battle with Beryl, i think. He dies a lot. But, Darien still lives, and u know the Moonligh Knight Story. Somewhere near the end of the Queen Beryl story, the truth about Serena and Darien's Past is revealed. See, millions of years ago, there was a Utopia called the "Silver Millenium" on the Moon. It was ruled by Queen Serenity, and her daughter was Princess Serena (guess who that is!). The 4 Sailor Scouts (Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter) are her guardians. She was in love with the Guardian of Earth, Prince Darien (Guess who that is!!). On the night of this totally important Ball thing, in Serena's honour, Serena is looking over her balcony, waiting for her love. But the Earth ppl were forbidden to go into palace grounds. Prince Darien looked up at his love, and told her that the Evil forces of the Negaverse had taken over earth and were coming to invade the Moon Kingdom. He had to leave coz the guards saw him. Serena was called to go back inside, and enjoy the Festivities. In the Ballroom, a Masked Man, took her hand, and they started dancing. When she looked into his eyes, she knew, he was her prince. They danced for ages, then SUDDENLY, the Negaverse attcked the moon, Lead by Queen Beryl. Princess Serena and Prince Darien Desperately tried to save eachother, but they died. The whole Kingdom was destroyed, and Queen Serenity had watched it all. With her Last bit of strength, she used the Crescent Moon Wand, with the Holy Silver Crystal, and Froze Princess Serena, Prince Darien, the Sailor Scouts and the two cats into these bubble things and sent them to be born again on earth. So they were, and Serena and Darien found eachother again..... how sweet.........
OK, back to the present. Anyway, their first kiss was after they went on a little boat thing, but it was interrupted by the entrance of Rini. Serena and Darien go through HEAPS together, but they always get through it. the only story i know completely is the Rini/Future Crystal Tokyo one. Wanna know it?! NO? TOO BAD, i'm gonna tell you neway. OK, well as soon as Rini enters the picture, Serena and Darien's relationship goes all shit. He Says that just because they are together because of destiny, doesn't mean they should be together at the present, but he doesn't really mean it, it's just that he's been having these dreams and this voice is telling him to stay away from serena, or they will both die. So, as painful as it was, they had to break up, and Serena was really shitted coz she didn't know why. Along this harsh period, they kiss a couple of times, but they're still broken up. But when Serena has the same dream, she goes over to his house and tells him. He's shocked, but still won't talk to her. Ok, and all this stuff happens and they have to all go into the future to save Rini's parents. When they arrive, this guy, greets them. And when Darien realises he has the same voice as the guy in the dream, he tries to kill him, but he goes straight through him, coz he's like a hologram thing. Anyway, He reveals himself as Darien's future self, that Neo-Queen Sernity is Serena's future self. and that Rini is their future daughter. The Black moon had destroyed Crystal Tokyo, coz the silver Crystal had been lost and the 4 sailor scouts tried to save Serenity, by putting her in a Glass (Crystal?) Case, but something went wrong, and they also put her into an eternal sleep, and no one has been able to wake her. The reason that King Darien sent the nightmares was because he needed to know that their love was strong enough to defeat hardships they will face in the future. Later on, Prince Dimando (part of the enemy), who has this obsession with Neo-Queen Serenity, took Sailor Moon, and was about to kiss her, when Good ol' Tux came to the rescue. They embraced, then kissed. Meanwhile, Rini has turned into the black lady she goes back to present Tokyo, so, the others also go. In the final battle against the Wiseman, Tux takes a blow for Sailor Moon, but no one dies! (Well, except for Dimando and the Wiseman) And Rini, who turned into Small Lady, and Serena who turned into Neo-Queen Serenity defeated the evil of the black Moon. Rini had to go back to the future and it's very sad. And Serena and Darien, say goodbye and watch their daughter go back home *SOB* Thats basically all i know.... but i know at the end of the Anime, Darien and Serena just kiss in the moonlight but in the manga, they get married! YAY!

' My Dream... Mamo-Chan... is to be with you always. That's all....'

Serena/SailorMoon and Darien/Tux Romantic Pics!
Kiss - B/W kiss
Wedding Kiss - One of My Faves, very beautiful
Another Wedding Kiss - Equally as beautiful, surrounded my orange flowers.
King and Queen - Big, with the silver crystal.
Wedding Pic - Black and White.
ANOTHER one Darien sleeping on serenas lap.
Serena in her Guy's arms - Small and Black and White
Cute Hug! Also Small and B/W
Kiss...? Prince and Princess about to kiss
In the Rain - Serena hugging Darien in dark rain.
Strawberries - Their heads in orange Background and a border of Strawberries.
Surprise Surprise! - Serena surprises Darien with a kiss B/W
Prince and Princess - On the Moon
Moon and Tux - B/W kiss!
B/W Wedding
B/W Kiss
All in bed - Serena, Darien and Rini, very cute!
In bed AGAIN? - Looks a bit...
Wedding Kiss - Black and White
Princess Serena and Prince Darien
Tux, Moon and Luna - Cool pic.
Another King and Queen pic

Darien/TUX MASK!
Cool Darien - An Anime pic of Darien in tuc mask uniform without glasses, and a few words on him.
Full length Darien - In tuxedo with a rose
Darien sitting - on a chair, with a book.
Hunkster! Cool B/W Darien
King Endymion Black and White
Big Tux With an EARRING??!
Tux's Head and Cape - Over the city
Cool Head Shot - SPUNKAY! ^o^
Tux Mask - Bursting out of ICE?!
Misty Tux - hhmm??!!
WHITE rose - Tuxie with a white rose (der)