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Rini and Helios is and incredibly sweet romance in Sailor Moon. It involves Rini of course, and Helios (or Elios) who is a GORGEOUS Pegasus but has a Human form which is incredibly good looking (yeah yeah yeah, so he looks heaps like a woman =, personally i don't think so but EVERYONe else does, but hey, who cares.) And he's really cool... Here's his story.............. Helios is a priest of the world Parallel to Earth (think Sliders) called Elysion. Pronounced ELU-SHE-ON (weird). Ok, and it has a special relationshp with Earth, and since prince Darien is the prince of EARTH, Elios and Darien, share that same relationship. And If Elios Dies, so does Darien :( Elysion has to take care of our Earth internally, it protects Earth. Prince Darien came from the Golden Kingdom, which was in Elysion. He resides in his shrine in the HEART of Elysion. And he can turn into this REALLY kewl pegasus. (u know, unicorn with wings) NEhoo, the EVIL Dead Moon Circus, lead by NEHERNIA want the Pegasus coz of his Golden Crystal, and they have already got ELIOS PHYSICALLY, but the spirit of PEGASUS resides in Rini's Magic Golden Mirror.
Their First Kiss, was when Rini switched ages with Serena, and Elios said he couldn't stay in her DREAM mirror (hey, wasn't it the golden mirror?!), coz her dream had come true. So he gives her a kiss before leaving. Bloody Nehernia eventually finds Pegasus and takes Rini as prisoner. The Golden Crystal was found inside Darien, and in the Final Battle, Eternal Sailor Moon Kick's Nehernia's Ass, but Elios scrificed his life, using all the energy he had in his body, to save the scouts from the spread of the Dead Moon Evil taking over the Earth. So Elios Died, and Rini as SailoStarChibiMoon, finds him in his Shrine in Elysion. She gives him a kiss and the power of Rini's Pink Heart Crystal, gave life to Elios's Body, and when he opens his eyes, to See the crying SailorStarChibiMoon, and realises she is the princess, he has been longing for all that time........
I REALLY like this love story coz it's totally fantasy like. I mean, PEGASUS! UGH, Lucky Rini! And it's really cute, coz Rini's still young, and Elios is way older. But, hey , age doesn't matter when you're in love..... And it's better than Serena and Darien, coz Elios is WAY Dreamer... mmmm pegasus.. and it's very nice how at the end, even when they alreay love eachother, they find that they are joined by destiny also. I havent Seen any episodes with Elios in it, and i haven't got many details on them/him either. But i think, this HAS to be one of the best love fiction stories.

'Elios will I see you again?'
'Of course, Small Lady. I'll be waiting for you... with my heart.'

Rini And Helios!!
Helios in Cage - With Rini in front of the cage, sorta naked....
Helios Ready to kiss - A quite surprised Rini, REALLY pretty
Same pic - and A pic of Helios alone below it.
The look of Love - Black and White... really sweet, all goo-goo eyed and everything..
The whole Winged Group!- Beauitful pic with pegasus and all the scouts.
Straight From the Comic Book 1 - Bad quality scan, made by me... Rini taking to pegasus, looking sad. 'Elios.. I wonder if, someday, the time will come when i'm needed too, When i'll become big, become a fine soldier, a wondrous lady.. I wonder if someday.. my dream will come true..' (thats actually a direct translation of whats she's saying.)
Straight From the Comic Book 2 - Another Bad quality one.. Pegasus nuzzeling the sad Rini. (these comic book scans are from volume 12, the manga i have. It's a good one tho, coz Helios enters the story in this one. These pics are in order)
Straight from the Comic Book 4 - Rini and bit puzzled by the whole thing, and helios talking. 'Because of your helping her, now Super SailorMoon can fight with all her strength. Everyone is worried and looking for you. Around you, the path is filled wtih love.'
Straight From the Comic Book 5 - A still puzzled Rini, and handsome helios still talking, 'In this body, i'm limited to this. Small Maiden I will come to see you again, so don't cry.' aaaawwww :*(
(Coz there weren't that many manga ones so i'm gonna add these in too... even if they're crap... i was desperate..)
Sweet - Small lady holding Pegasus's head.
Cute Kiss - Not very good quality (the pic i mean, not the kiss)
Cute! - Super Sailor Chibi-Moon with her Cryatal Carillion and of course, Helios as a Pegasus
Very Small - Sailor Chibi Moon and Pegasus side by side
An older Rini - With her Pegasus
Tiny Pegasus - With Rini, Small pic.
Kissing her hand - Helios kissing Rini's hand (Bad quality pic)
About to kiss - Rini is about to kiss a HORSE?! (actually it's a pegasus, but still....)
Reaching out - Teeney Reeney reaches out for her pegasus
REALLY Cool Anime pic - With Elios (sorta flying) and Super Sailor Chibi-Moon
Riding - Rini, on her Beautiful Pegasus
Arms and Head - Pegasus's big head, you can only see Rini's arms in this one.
Sailor CCM and Pegasus - Looking up..
Flying Peggy - With Rini way down, on the ground running...
Embrace - Rini gives Helios a BIG HUG.
Looking at Each other - At a Park
Another Hug - View from a distance
ARGH! - Holding on to eachother, being pulled my EEEVIL FORCES.

Helios/Pegasus Alone.
Give me your hand.... - Elios, holding out his hand....
Serious Helios
Handsome Helios - AW, man.... how good looking can u get?
Serious Look - But still very good looking.
Sad look - Fuzzy, soppy look.
ARGH! - A pissed off Elios.
ANOTHER serious look - Side view.
HUH? A Half Naked Flying Elios!?
Close up - Of his head, with a cute look.
Goo Goo eyes Another close up of his head.
Elios riding himself!??!
Elios with wings coming out of him
B/W Elios - Cute Manga Pic.
Mystical Pegasus
PEGGY! - Man, i love this creature!
Beautiful Pegasus
Flying - Appearing from Grey clouds
Flying above Human Elios - B/W Manga
Flying.... - In the clear blue sky....