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Well, if you haven't guessed by now, i'm gay. and if you don't like it, then you need to get with the times. you need to accept people for who they are, and not who they sleep with.  
All through high school i was constantly trying to change who i was. i didn't fit into any of the clicks. this is until i came out. no one really accepted me in high school. i wasn't a nerd, jock, skater, headbanger, etc. i wanted to be accepted, and now i finally am. i have my own family, one that is proud of me, and will never let me fall.
i didn't really understand why i didn't fit, maybe because no one understood anything that i was going through, or maybe because i wasn't willing to let anyone in and pushed them away when they would try.
When i was 13, i started getting these feelings towards females that my friends were having towards males. i knew then that i was different. i asked my mom about it, and she just said it was a phase. well, 5 years later i'm coming out. things just seem more natural and comfortable this way. i've been with men before and nothing can compare to kissing a woman. it's one of the best feeling's in the world. i like who i am, and am not afraid to be that person. coming out was one of the best things that happened in my life. i wanted to be out so i could be myself, and now i truly am. i now feel like i'm living my life to the fullest, and not denying myself anything. i'm living my life to the fullest, and having one hell of a time... and for all of you who think that i'm going to hell, well... i have one thing to say to you... IF I'M GOING TO HELL, AND ALL OF THE OTHER GAY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HELL, THEN HELL'S GONNA BE ONE HELL OF A PLACE!!!!!
this year i've become more involved in lambda union. i'm actually the secretary now... woohoo!!!! i've been keeping up our website... which isn't an easy task. we've definitely come a long way from last year. and things just seem to keep getting better and better. hopefully they'll stay like this for awhile. ( fingers crossed )
Some of My Pals in Lambda
 Wright State University's Lambda Union
Me at a local Pride Parade

White Ribbon Campaign

Raising Awareness about Gay-Teen Suicide
And remembering those who we've lost

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definite 10's. they're so awesome.

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