Season 2 Episode Guide

Here is how I will rate each episode:

____________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 13 IN THE CUSTODY OF A CLOWN. The Jump Street team is sent in to investigate the kidnapping of a young boy. They find out it was the boys idea all along because he wanted to get away from his parents. Recognize the kidnapped boy's Grandfather? He played Hanson's partner in the first episode of the series. RATING 4 _______________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 14 BESIEGED (PART 1). The Jump Street unit is sent in to stop crack dealers in this action-packed episode. Hanson goes undercover to stop a big-time dealer named Ronnie Siebot, Hoffs is looking out for a girl who is a crack addict, and Penhall is out on the streets with his new partner, Adabo. At the conclusion, Penhall suspects his new partner may have murdered a crack dealer. This and part 2 are a couple my most favorite episodes. Actor Josh Richman (Ronnie Siebot) returns in the fourth season episode entitled "2245". RATING 5 ________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 15 BESIEGED (PART 2). This episode ties up all the loose strings that were left in part one. I'm not really going to summarize it because I don't want to ruin anything for those who haven't seen this episode yet. RATING 5 ________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 16 TWO FOR THE ROAD. The Jump Street unit is investigating a counterfit license operation which has been responsible for many alcohol related indidents concerning underage kids. Meanwhile, Captain Fuller is arrested for drunk driving. Watch for Pauly Shore and Jason Priestly as guest stars in this episode. RATING 4 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 17 AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL. Hoffs and Fuller are sent into a gun-heavy High School to find out who the supplier is. In this episode, we get to meet Hanson's mother whom is moving in with her boyfriend. RATING 4 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 18 HIGHER EDUCATION. A High School girl gets pregnant and claims the father of her child is Ioki. Ioki is the main focus of this episode, and Dustin Nguyen gives a good performance. Any one recognize the dark-haired girl who was trying to pick up Hanson and Ioki with her friend? It was Gina Nemo, better known to us fans as Dorothy, Penhall's girlfriend. RATING 3 1/2 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 19 DON'T STRETCH THE RAINBOW. At an extremely racist High School, a black girl gets pregnant by her white boyfriend. This causes alot of racial tension, so the Jump Street unit is sent in make sure things don't get out of hand. This episode is a good example of how pointless and stupid racism is. RATING 4 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 20 HONOR BOUND. Hanson and Penhall are sent into a Military School where a group of students are suspected of brutally beating homosexual men. RATING 4 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 21 YOU OUGHT TO BE IN PRISON. Hanson and Penhall are assigned to protect a snobby movie star who has been getting threatening letters. Meanwhile Wexler, a villain from the first episode, escapes from prison to get even with Hanson. I love this episode. Reginald Dorsey does an excellent job as returning villain Wexler. Watch for Tony (Candyman) Todd in a small role. Also guest stars Shannon Tweed. RATING 5 _________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 22 HOW MUCH IS THAT BODY IN THE WINDOW?. Penhall and Hoffs are sent in to a High School to investigate possible steroid abuse. Meanwhile, Hanson considers being a Big Brother and meets Amy. This was the first episode that Amy Pearson appeared in. She would continue to be in the show until episode # 29 "Orpheus 3.3". RATING 5 ____________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 23 CHRISTMAS IN SAIGON. After everyone discovers that Ioki is really a Vietnamese Refugee, he reveals to them his escape from Saigon, Vietnam. Dustin Nguyen gives a great performance playing Ioki as a kid. This episode was based on his real-life experiences while in Saigon, Vietnam. RATING 5 ____________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 24 FEAR AND LOATHING WITH RUSSELL BUCKINS. Hanson considers leaving the force and decides to go with an old friend to a wedding. Meanwhile, Penhall is put back in for more training because of an assignment he and Hanson screwed up. This was the first of 2 episodes that Russell Buckins was in. Star Trek Deep Space Nine fans watch for Mark (Gul Dukat) Alaimo as a guest star. RATING 3 1/2 ___________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 25 A BIG DISEASE WITH A LITTLE NAME. Hanson is assigned to protect a High School student with AIDS from bullies. Meanwhile, Penhall's old girlfriend shows up. This was a very good episode. Johnny Depp and Philip Tanzai give excellent performances. This was Dorothy's first episode. RATING 5 ___________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 26 CHAPEL OF LOVE. The gang gets together on Valentines Day to tell each other about their worst dates. In this episode we get to find out what exactly happened to Hanson's father. RATING 4 ___________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 27 I'M OK, YOU NEED WORK. Hanson goes under cover in a Juvenile Drug clinic when he suspects they are mistreating the kids. Kenny Weckerly(Brandon Douglas) from the first episode returns. Watch for Christina Applegate as a guest star. RATING 4 ___________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 28 ORPHEUS 3.3. Hanson becomes obsessed with finding his girlfriend's murderer. I loved this episode! Johnny Depp gave an awesome performance. A great scene is when he starts telling Hoffs everything a person can do in 3.3 seconds (the amount of time it would have taken him to save his girlfriend. RATING 5 ___________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 29 CHAMPAGNE HIGH. Hanson and Penhall go undercover(as the McQuade brothers) to investigate the theft of a porsche. Anytime there is an episode with the McQuade brothers, you know it's going to be good! RATING 4 ___________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 30 BROTHER HANSON AND THE MIRACLE OF RENNER'S POND. Hanson goes undercover to investigate the burning of some science books when a teacher refuses to teach evolution. If you have read all of my episode ratings so far, you will see that not one episode has gotten a low rating. Thats how much I love the show. This episode, however, stands out as one of my least favorite. The story line isn't very good, and there are times when it is just plain dull. RATING 2 ___________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 31 RAISING MARIJUANA. Hoffs goes undercover to bust a drug ring with Penhall and Ioki's help. Christian Clemenson played the ring leader in this one, and is probably best known for his role as Socrates in The Adventures of Brisco County Junior. RATING 3 1/2 ___________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 32 THE BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE. After a student commits suicide, Penhall becomes extremely depressed and is forced to confront a tragedy from his past. Peter DeLuise gives a great performance in this episode. Watch for Brad Pitt with a small role. RATING 4 ___________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 33 CORY AND DEAN GOT MARRIED. Hoffs and Penhall are escorting a young girl (who was connected to her father's murder) to her home town. Little do they know that they are being pursued by her seemingly crazy boyfriend. This was yet another of the many 21 Jump Street classics. RATING 5 ___________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 34 SCHOOL'S OUT. Summer is right around the corner, and the odds of the Jump Street program being re-opened when school starts again are slim. Hanson is assigned to find a student who is blowing up toilets, and Fuller is fighting to get the program re-instated. This is the episode where Doug and Dorothy get their house. RATING 4 ___________________________________________________________________________