21 Jump Street News

____________________________________________________________________________ Johnny Depp is going to be in a new science fiction movie called "The astronaut's wife". He will be starring along with Robert Duvall _____________________________________________________________________________ Peter DeLuise will be starring along with Randy Travis in a movie called "Storm of the Heart". It will be released next year. _____________________________________________________________________________ I am urging the fans to write to 21 Jump Street creator Stephen J. Cannel. Tell him you want to see made for TV movies of 21 Jump Street. Since the show has gone on the FX network, it has gotten more popular. A series of made for TV movies could very well happen. Here is his address: Stephen J. Cannel 7083 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 _____________________________________________________________________________ Peter Deluise ( Doug Penhall) will be writing and starring in a new romantic comedy called "Between the Sheets". It will be directed and produced by his brother Michael DeLuise (Joey Penhall). Michael Bendetti (Anthony McCann) will be producing it. ______________________________________________________________________________

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