21 JUMP STREET- "Just another day"

Scene 1 By Steve Kale ___________________________________________________________________________ Officer Tom Hanson opened the door to his apartment very slowly. He had just gotten off duty, and had come home to find the lock on his door broken. He withdrew his gun from the holster hidden in his jacket, and slowly stepped in. He crept to the end of the hallway and peered around the corner. Standing with his back to him was a large man in a leather jacket.The man had a 12 gauge shotgun in one hand, and a large bottle of beer in the other.Tom noticed that the man appeared to be drunk.He was looking at framed pictures of Tom and his father on the shelf over the fire place. Tom decided that now was the time to act. He pointed his gun at the man and stepped completely around the corner of the hallway. "Freeze!" he yelled . The man spun around in a blur cocked the shotgun and...........Tom fired a single bullet into the man's stomach. The force of the bullet knocked him to the ground. The shotgun flew from his hand, and the bottle of beer landed in the fireplace, shattering. Tom stood where he was. Too stunned to move. After a few moments, he re-holstered his gun. ___________________________________________________________________________ Scene 2 By Patti a.k.a. 007 ___________________________________________________________________________ Tom stood there stunned for several seconds. Then with six long strides, he stood just above the man looking down on him. He didn't recognized the person at all. With a shake his head, he grabbed the phone and punched in 9-1-1. Then looked around the room and found a rag. Leaning down he put the rag against the man's stomach and press down. The man gave out a groan in pain. The operator on the other line picked up and Tom told the woman who he was and had just started telling her to send help when he heard yet other gun cock and a bullet crash into the fireplace just above his head. He got sprayed with the specks of the now-shattered wall. Instincts took over and Hanson dove behind his couch. He was fighting with his holster trying to get his gun out when the other gun was cocked again by the person behind it and fired once more. This bullet went through Tom's couch and landed approximately five centimeters from Tom's foot. With a loud curse, he crawled backwards a few inches, careful to keep his head down. Finally, (with a triumphant howl) he pulled his gun out of his holster. He peered around the corner of the battered couch (looking at the person between the edge of the couch and the leg of his corner table) and saw a woman standing there with the gun. Apparently, she was as drunk as the wounded man laying in front of the fireplace because she swayed slightly as she yelled incoherently. The woman loaded the gun again and fire straight at Tom's head. Pulling backwards and stumbling slightly, Tom was once again behind the couch. The bullet of the most recently fire hit the leg of his corner table and knocked the table onto its side, sending Tom's mother's lamp, the telephone, the answering machine, and a bunch of magazines tumbling onto the wounded man. As the woman recovered for the last shot, Hanson stood up and pointed his weapon at the woman. "I'm a cop! Drop it!" he yelled. "NOW!!!" She didn't care apparently because she loaded the gun one more time, and Tom pulled the trigger of his own gun, hitting the woman in the arm and sending her to the floor. Just at that moment, his back up arrived, breaking down the door (yet another expense to pay for) and aiming their weapons at Tom. "I'm a cop," he said pulling out his badge and tossing it to the closest person. With that, he slumped to the floor, dropped his gun to his feet, and leaned back against the wall, sighing. Just a regular day for him, he thought. Just then he could tell Doug Penhall walked in, because Tom could hear Doug's big mouth, followed by Captain Adam Fuller who was ordering people to tell him what was going on. Yep, he thought, just another day. ____________________________________________________________________________ Scene 3 By dlubin@worldnet.att.net. ____________________________________________________________________________ Tom sat in Captain Fueller's office with Doug Penhall and Judy Hoffs listening behind the doorway. He was completely aware that Doug was going to bitch at him for the next month and that Jufy would poke fun at him. Tom wished that Captain Fueller would open the door and Doug and Judy would stumble into the room. That would be sweet revenge. Tom sighed as Captain Fueller asked obvious question about the incident that occured eariler. "Hanson, please pay attention." said Fueller. He got into Tom's face. "I know you are very tried, but I need you to concentrate." Tom nodded, sleeplily. "Sorry sir." He rested his head on his palm and felt his eyes droop. Fueller shook his head with disappointment. "We'll continue this tomorrow, okay?" Tom nodded. "Yes sir." He rubbed his tried brown eyes. "Can I go now?" Fueller nodded. "You should stay with Doug tonight. You know...incase." Doug swung the door open and smiled. "Did I hear my name being mentioned?" Tom rolled his eyes. "No, Doug, you didn't. Now, go away." Fueller butt in. "Doug, can Tom stay with you tonight?" Doug's face lit up with a devilish smile. "Of course he can, Caps." He wrapped an arm around Tom's shoulder and squeezed. "So, we better get goin', huh, roomie?" He led Tom out of the office. "When I get my gun, I'm gonna kill you." said Tom. Doug slapped him upside the head. "Aw, shove it, Hanson." Tom raised his brow. "Don't slap me, Penhall!" Judy sat on one of the desk with Harry Ioki. "Here we go again." Harry took out a twenty from his wallet. "Twenty bucks says Tom will be out cold from at least a day." Judy nodded as she took out a twenty. "You're on." Tom punched Doug in the stomach. "Don't call me a woosy, Penhall, you big ox!" Doug picked up Tom and threw him into the locker room. Judy and Harry ran over to the doorway. Tom laid, unconscious, by his locker with a large cut on his forehead. "Twenty bucks says that he'll need stitches." said Harry. Judy took out another twenty from her wallet. "I'm for that." Doug looked at them. "What are you betting?" He eyed Judy, then Harry. Harry grabbed Judy. "Nothing....just stuff." He dragged her over by Fueller's office. Doug shrugged and looked at Tom. "Oops....sorry, buddy." He walked over to him and knelt down beside Tom. He turned him over from his side to his back. Just then a cock of a gun sounded over Doug's head. "Don't move. I have a gun." said a somewhat harsh voice. "Okay, I ain't goin' nowhere." said Doug. Just then, a loud crack filled Doug's mind followed by a bright shade of red, then nothing..... ____________________________________________________________________________ Scene 4 By Patti aka 007 ____________________________________________________________________________ Doug woke up only thirty minutes later, but that was still enough for the person who hit Doug to get away and kidnap Thomas Hanson while he was at it. He awoke to see Judy, Harry, and Adam staring down at him, very concerned. "Jeez, now here's a scary sight to wake up to," Doug said as he put a hand up to the back of his head. He probed the area that got hit, slowly, wincing when he touched a sensitive spot. All of them leaned back, relief filled there faces. "Just when I thought we might get some peace and quiet around here, he wakes up," Judy quipped. Doug stuck his tongue out at Judy. "Who hit you, Doug?" Fuller asked, getting down to business. "I don't know. All I remember is beating the crap out of Tom, then some person came up behind me, said...uh...'Don't move. I have a gun.' Then finished it off by cracking me in the head. Talking about Tom, where is he?" Doug asked full of sudden concern. "He's missing. Nobody's seen him since you threw him into the locker room. We figured the person who hit you is the same person who kidnapped Tom," Fuller explained. "How does somebody walk out of the building with a grown man? Whoever it was couldn't have gotten out the window, that's barred up from the last time I threaten to throw Tom out it. Come on, we're all cops here! Nobody saw someone walk out of the Chapel dragging Tom's body behind 'em," Doug asked. "People from the precinct are asking everybody in the Chapel if they saw anything. Nobody has yet," Fuller said patiently. Doug growled in frustration as he stood up. He stood there swaying for a few second, then regained his composure. "I can't believe this! My best friend gets kidnapped right out from under my nose. Literally! Right out from under my nose!," Doug paused briefly, only to have a guilty look crawl onto his face, "It's my fault. If I didn't knock him out, this person would have never snuck up on us and wouldn't have never knocked me out and would have never kidnapped Tom." "Don't blame yourself, Doug," Captain Fuller said, "it's not helping anyone. Especially not you!" Doug just turned and looked at the Captain with regretful eyes and said "Yea, right." ____________________________________________________________________________ Scene 5 By Sarah Lubin ____________________________________________________________________________ A dark figure stared at the limp body on the cot with only a blanket to keep him warm. The blood from the wound in his forehead had gotten all over the mattress. The figure sneered and looked at the young teenager in the corner. "Geez, you are a little brat, kid." said the figure. It was a he from what the kid made out. "I have a name, asshole." said the girl. "It's Murphy Douglass." The girl retorted in a cocky manner. The figure rolled his eyes in the pale light. "For a small kid, you have a big ass mouth." The man closed the door. Murphy turned on her flashlight. She had dark brown hair that was tied in pigtail braids, a black baseball cap, a pair of jean shorts, a long sleeved white shirt, a plaid flannel shirt, a tan hiking boots on. She made her way over to the body on the cot. Murphy sat down next to the body's leg and placed the flashlight on the stomach of the body. "Wow, you're cute." said Murphy. She brushed a piece of brown hair out of the guy's closed eyes and saw the cut on his forehead. She stuck her hand into her pocket and pulled out some masking tape. She ripped a piece off and carefully placed the masking tape on the guy's forehead. She heard a faint moan. "Hello?" said Murphy as she stood up and shined the flashlight around the room. Another moan came out of nowhere. Murphy raised her brow and frowned. "Hello!!! I hope you aren't having sex! I'm only fifteen years old and I'm not allowed to see that kind of stuff until I'm eighteen, you know!" yelled Murphy. She heard the moan again. It was coming from behind her. Murphy turned around and saw the guy's eyes begin to flutter open, slowly. Murphy ran back to the cot and jumped on it. "Thank God you woke up!" said Murphy in an excited tone. "I haven't seen another human being for three whole days, not to mention I missed that cool TV movie with Noah Hathaway." Tom Hanson was first shocked to see a girl practically sitting on him. He closed his eyes as a big wave of nausea hit him. The kid slid off the bed and waited for him to talk. "Are you deaf and mute or something? You don't say very much for a hunk like yourself." said the kid. Tom propped himself on his elbows. "I'm not deaf, I'm not mute, and you talk way too much." The kid extended her hand. "I'm Murphy Douglass." Tom shook her hand. "I'm Tom Hanson." He eyed the girl for a second. "How old are you?" Murphy smiled. "I'm a very mature fifteen year old....how old are you?" Tom nodded. "I bet you are marture." He saw that the girl had a black eye. "What the hell happened to you?" Murphy shrugged. "That asshole who kidnapped you hit me with a baseball, then took me here." Murphy looked at Tom. "You didn't tell me how old you are." "I'm legal, okay?" said Tom. "Bullshit." Murphy frowned. "You can't be legal. Where's you goddamn I.D., Tom Hanson?" Tom put his hand in his pocket. "I have it right....what the hell? Where's my wallet?" Murphy shook her head. "So, where is it?" Tom rolled his eyes and frowned. "Just a sec, kid." "It's Murphy, bud." said Murphy. She got off the bed and sat down on the floor. "So, what do you do?" "I'm a cop." said Tom as he looked for his wallet. Murphy let out a laugh. "Oh really? Are you going to arrest me for bugging you or something?" Tom frowned. "I will once we get out of here." Murphy added, "IF we get out of here." Tom looked at Murphy. "You remind me of my best friend, Doug Penhall." "Is he an officer?" asked Murphy. She fiddled with the flashlight. "Yes and he has a big mouth like you." said Tom. "My big mouth makes up for the height I'm lacking, there of, Tom." said Murphy. Tom nodded. "Did you see a wallet, Murph?" Murphy shook her head. "Nope. Maybe you dropped it when the guy took you outta your place." Tom felt a stab of pain in his forehead and a piece of tape. "What the?"Murphy grabbed his hands. "Don't touch that or the bleeding won't stop!" she yelled. Tom saw the nervous look on her face. "When did I get here?" Murphy shrugged and looked down. "A day ago. You've been out cold for twenty- three hours and fourteen minutes." Tom nodded. "How long have you been here?" "Three days." mumbled Murphy. Tom sat up, fell back again. "Ow....my head." Murphy bit her lip. "Are you feeling like popping your cookies?" "Say what?" asked Tom in a confused tone. "Ralphing, puking, up chucking, vomitting." Murphy said. "Yeah....why?" asked Tom. Murphy rolled her eyes. "You have a concussion." She touched Tom's forehead. "And you have a fever." Tom nodded. "Lucky me." He laid back down and noticed that there wasn't another cot in sight. "I'll take the floor, you can have the cot." Murphy refused. "I can handle the floor. Besides, you need the cot more than I do." Tom bit his lip. A girl he barely knew didn't want to sleep on the only cot in a cold room and she had put tape on his forehead to stop the bleeding. He lifted up the blanket. "You're small, the cot can fit two." Murphy had an unsure look on her face. "Are you sure?" Tom was getting grouchy. "Are you seriously willing to sleep on the floor for me?" Murphy nodded. Tom motioned her to get on the cot. "Then, haul your ting butt over here." Murphy got under the blanket next to Tom and smiled. She looked over her shoulder. "Thanks." Tom smiled and put the blanket down. "No problem, just get some rest." Murphy nodded and fell asleep quickly. Tom smiled and put his arm over her shoulder to hold her from falling off during the middle of the night. "For a kid your size, you have one big mouth, Murph." mumbled Tom as he drifted off into a fitful sleep. ____________________________________________________________________________ Scene 6 By Sarah Lubin ____________________________________________________________________________ Doug walked into his apartment and saw a figure by the window. Doug took out is gun and walked quietly towards the figure, who didn't notice him. Doug walked passed the coffee table and hit his knees on the side of it. He winced, but didn't make a sound. He drew closer to the figure, then out of nowhere a large hand with a cloth grabbed him. Doug smelled a familiar smell on the cloth that covered his nose and mouth and began to panic. He yelled muffly and struggled. The figure by the window came up to Doug and the other figure. "Remember me?" asked the figure. "You and your stupid cop friends busted me.....a couple of months ago." Doug screamed out and tried to kick the figure. He began to get drowsy and he let go of the gun. The loudly hit the floor. "So, you remember *do* remember me, huh?" said the figure. He picked up the gun and smiled. "I have you little brother and you, finally." Doug struggled again and screamed. He began to slump to the ground. The figure with the cloth laughed. "That chroloform works wonders on big oxes." The other figure nodded. "Too bad, he won't be able to wake up in time to see his friend die." Doug's eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground....with the cloth underneath his cheek. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scene 7 By Patti ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The morning came, well, at least they thought it came. It was dark in the room, there were no windows. Murphy woke up first and tired to snick out from under Tom's arm, but as soon as she moved Tom grumbled something, then said more clearly, "What's wrong?" "Nothing, I just got hot under your arm," Murph replied as she raised to her feet. Tom turned to lean on his back when he said, "You know what, Murph?" "What?" she turned around and pointed to flashlight at Tom. Tom raised a hand to ward off the bright light and said, "Your kick in your sleep," trying to lighten their situation a little. "And you snore," Murph snapped back. "I do not." "Yes, you do!" They both laughed slightly. Murphy came over to him and put one hand against his forehead. "You're still hot. How do you feel?" "Like I've been used for a soccer ball," Tom as he turned and pulled the blanket up around his shoulders, "and I'm cold." "Well...I ain't no doctor, but I think you sick." "Even I figured that out, Murph." He tired to settle into the bed and get comfortable. But just as he got comfortable, he was taken over by a wave of nausea. He threw himself to the edge of the bed and vomited all over the floor. He looked up at Murphy with eyes that made him look younger than he already looked and more vulnerable than ever. He almost looked as if he'd cry. Murphy came over to him (careful to step around the puddle of regurgitation) and put a firm hand on Tom's shoulder and push him back down into bed. "Relax and try not to move. I don't know what else to tell you," Murphy admitted. "You'll be okay?" Tom suggested. "Okay. You are going to be okay." He smiled and closed his eyes. He wasn't tired, but it helped him relax. Right before he actually got relax the only door in the room slammed open. Tom's hands immediately flew up to his face to block out the harsh light. Murphy just blinked rapidly to get her eyes used to it. "Breakfast is served," said a harsh voice. Tom had finally gotten his eyes used to the light and could only see the eerie outline of a tall, well-built man. The figured leaned down and pushed a plate into the room and stepped back and stared at Murphy for a few seconds, then at Tom. "You're awake," said the voice. "Obviously," Tom said back. The man walked over to the foot of the bed and pointed a flashlight at Tom. "Humph!" "Humph to you too," Tom said with confidence he didn't feel. "You don't look well, boy!" "Don't call me 'boy'," Tom replied. "I'll call you whatever I damn well please," the man replied as he kicked the cot. The end of the cot broke when he kicked it and it tilted forward almost pitching Tom off it. As soon as the bed sifted, Tom felt another wave hit him. His head swam and he almost puked on the guy (which would have been nice) but it held back. He looked over at Murphy and saw that she wasn't standing where she just was, but instead she was about five feet from the door. She had managed to get behind this manic. Keep him talking, he decided. "You can call me Whatever I Damn Well Please, but it just doesn't have a good ring to it," Tom responded. "Why you little son of a..." the man started saying as he threateningly moved towards Tom, but Tom interrupted him by yelling to Murphy, "Run, get help. NOW!" Murphy hesitated one second like to say that she couldn't leave him, but then he repeated his last word again, "NOW!!!" By this time, the manic had made a turn too fast for himself and slipped in the puddle of puke on the floor. Just as he got up, Murphy slammed the door closed and both man trapped inside heard the click of the lock locking. The insane man ran to the door and pulled on it, trying to open it, but it was locked solid. He turned to Tom and pulled out a semi-automatic gun and fired a bullet that hit Tom in the shoulder. Tom let out a yell and collapsed into the bed. Murphy paused outside the door, considered going back to help Tom, but figured she couldn't help any and ran as fast as she could to get some help. ____________________________________________________________________________ Scene 8 by Sarah Lubin ____________________________________________________________________________ Murphy heard Tom fall on the bed. She ran down the dark hallway and saw a door. She opened it and ran out into the street. Murphy looked up and saw the man in the window, yelling. Murphy took a deep breath and ran down the block to the nearest police station or house she could find. The insane man looked at Tom on the bed and grabbed him by the collar. Tom's head fell backwards and his mouth was wide open. The man dropped him on the ground and pounded on the door. The door opened and the man walked out of the room. He slammed the door shut. Murphy ran down some street with a lot of apartment houses. A man was getting into his car with a lady. Murphy ran up to them. "Don't leave! You have to help me!" screamed Murphy. The lady ran up to her and caught her as Murphy stumbled forward. "What on earth happened to you?" The guy walked up to them. He was tall and his had dark brown eyes like Tom. "Who are you?" Murphy burst out into tears. The lady hugged her. "This man....he....shot Tom." The guy looked at the lady with a bewilded look on his face. "Tom Hanson." He knelt down next to Murphy. Murphy nodded. "I dunno if he's dead or not." She wiped her eyes with her sleeve. The guy took out a wallet with his police badge in it. "I'm Doug Penhall and she's Judy Hoffs. We are going to take you upstairs, okay?" Murphy nodded. The guy put his arm around her shoulder and led her upstairs with the lady trailing behind him. Tom prayed from his dark world Murphy had made it out. He couldn't feel the pain anymore and he felt light. Please help me Murphy. Don't let him get you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scene 9 By Patti ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tom felt darkness overtaking him. It was a cold, odd feeling. He pushed it away. No, he wasn't going to die. He decided that at that moment. He was too young and had too many things to do in life to die now. He never even got married. No, he decided firmly. He forced open his eyes. Blackness surrounded his vision, but he could still see the doorway. The light for the doorway was dim, but bright enough to make Tom squint. He tried to round up enough energy to get up, but it didn't work. So he laid there on the cold, cold floor praying. Pray was all he had left. And Murphy! Murphy wouldn't let him down. Murphy would come back, if she had gotten away. Murphy would help. Meanwhile, Murph paced Doug's apartment. "Tom's hurt. We need to help him, now! He was shot and...and...he has a fever. I don't want him to die. Please, help him!" "Murphy," Doug said slowly, "we need you to tell us what happened exactly and where this place is." "But that would take to long. Tom's going to *die* if we don't help him *now.*" Murphy proclaimed in tears. "Please, Doug. Tom said you were his best friend. Do you want your best friend to die?" "No, but if we don't know what it's like in there, *we* might die while we're in there," Doug explained. He used all his will to controlled himself from getting up and running to help Tom. That would only get him shot and wouldn't help Tom at all. "But..." Murphy started. Doug got to his feet and interrupted her, "Murphy," he leaned down so he was eye level with her, "I'll make this simple. Very simple. Just tell us where this place is and where the room is located." Doug stared at her with slight fear behind his eyes. She could see he was afraid for Tom. "It's right down the block. I don't know the address. The rooms in the back of the house. You walk in and there's one room then a hallway. Straight up the hallway. The door all the way to the back," Murphy explained steadily. "Thank you." Doug straighten up. "Jud, we have to call for back up." "All ready did. Fuller said they'll be here as fast as possible," Judy said, then turned to Murphy, "How bad was he?" "I don't know. As soon as I got out the door and locked it, I heard a shot and then someone fall. I know the guy didn't shot himself 'cause I saw him yelling at me after I got out of the building. Tom might be dead already," Murphy said quietly. "Do even *say* that," Doug said in a low, threatening voice. He didn't mean to scare the girl, but he was a optimist. He believed Tom was alive and would be alive when they got there. He was frighten to think that he *might* not be. In the building, Tom was slipping more and more by the second. The black around his eyes almost covered his whole vision. He blinked and took a forced breath. The pain numbed him. He was thankful for that, but every once and a while the pain passed the numbness and seized him like a huge fist crushing him. One of those moments occurred just then, which he was slightly thankful for in a way too. It told him he was still alive for now. During these moments, he closed he eyes and let the pain ravage him. Darkness tried to close on him again. He pushed it away again. He refuse to die. Not now, he kept telling himself, not now. If he was going to die, he'd make Death himself come up and get him. He wasn't going to die just by closing his eyes and *letting* himself get taken. He would go with a struggle. A great struggle. ____________________________________________________________________________ Scene 10 by Sarah Lubin ____________________________________________________________________________ Doug sat next to Murphy down at the station while she eat some food. She had on a pair of jeans, a long sleeved white tee shirt with the flannel plaid shirt over it. Judy had gone out to get her some clothes while she took a shower. Doug noticed something strange about the teenager. She had the same dark, mysterious hazelish eyes like Tom and the solem expression her face. "Murphy?" asked Doug. He smiled, slightly, as she looked at him. "What?" Murphy brushed a piece of long brown hair out of her face. She had her hair in a bun to keep it out of her face. Doug crossed his arms. "You said Tom had a fever, right?" Murphy nodded and put the fork. "He had this huge gash on his forehead. It was still bleeding when the guy brought him in. I put some masking tape on it to stop the bleeding."Doug raised his brow. "Masking tape?"Murphy glared at him. "Well, excuse me Mister Penhall, sir." She crossed her arms and pouted. Doug saw a shocking thing. She had the Tom pout. "Um....so, do you have an older brother, Murphy?" Murhy shook her head. "Why?" Doug shrugged. "Just wondering." He stood up and saw Capt. Fueller walk out of his office with Harry and Judy."Well?" asked Doug."We better get going over there." said Fueller. Murphy rolled her eyes. "When did you figure that out?" said Murphy in a cocky tone. Fueller, Judy, Harry, and Doug looked at her with surprise. Murphy looked up. "What?" Fueller raised his brow. "Do you know where this place is?" Murphy nodded. "It's by Doug's house. A couple of blocks, I think." She stood up and grabbed her jacket. "So, when can we go?" Doug looked at her. "It isn't we...." Fueller cleared his throat. Doug looked at him with a pout. "But...she's...." Fueller put a hand on Murphy's back and lead her outside. Doug groaned and followed the rest of them outside. Tom was limp on the bed. He was completely unaware of the gun shots, shouting, and yelling coming from outside his prison. The door flew open. Murphy walked in with Doug. He was carrying a flashlight. Murphy saw Tom first. She ran the bed and dropped to her knees."Tom...." Murphy whispered. She checked for a pulse. There was nothing. "Holy shit!" She tilted his head upwards and pinched his nose."What's wrong?" yelled Doug, who was close to tears. "Call an ambulance! He's not breathing!" screamed Murphy between breathes. She put her ear next to Tom's mouth. He wasn'tbreathing, still.Doug yelled down the hallway. Fueller ran into the room with Judy behind him. He sat next to Murphy. He put his hands over Tom's stomach. After Murphy did her part of CRP, Fueller pressed down on Tom's stomach five times. Doug slid down the wall in the corner and hugged his knees to his chest. He began to sob hysterically. Judy sat down next to him and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. Doug leaned on Judy's shoulder and continued to cry. ___________________________________________________________________________

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