Season 1 Episode Guide

Here is how I will rate each episode:

____________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 1 21 JUMP STREET. Officer Tom Hanson gets assigned to the Jump Street program when a group of criminals he was arresting didn't take him seriously because he looked too young to be a cop. He reluctantly goes to Jump Street, and meets Penhall, Hoffs, Ioki, and Captain Jenko. His first assignment involves stopping a High School drug dealer named Wexler. This action packed episode was a very good way to start off the series. Wexler was a great villain, and eventually returns to get even with Hanson in the second season episode called, "You oughta be in prison" RATING 5 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 2 AMERICA,WHAT A TOWN. Hanson and Penhall go undercover to bust a group of High School shop kids who are stealing cars, and then selling the parts. Meanwhile, Hoffs is sent in to make sure a foreign exchange student stays out of trouble. I enjoyed this light-hearted episode. All of the main characters are starting to get to know eachother a little better, and you can see their friendships starting to form. RATING 4 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 3 DON'T PET THE TEACHER. Hanson goes undercover to investigate a series of burglaries at a High School, and learns that the burglar is obsessed with one of the teachers that work there. Geoffrey Blake gives a good performance as the accused teen. RATING 4 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 4 MY FUTURE'S SO BRIGHT, I GOTTA WEAR SHADES. After finding a girl dead, Hanson and Penhall investigate a group of rich kids who may have been involved in the murder. This was an excellent episode. Watch to the end for a surprise ending. RATING 5 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 5 THE WORST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE. Hoffs is sent to a Catholic School for girls to investigate a possible arsonist. Meanwhile, Penhall is mugged by his date. This was Captain Jenko's final episode. RATING 4 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 6 GOTTA FINISH THE RIFF. After Captain Jenko is killed by a drunk driver, the Jump Street program is taken over by Captain Adam Fuller. Their first assignment under his command involves stopping a group of students who take their principal hostage at their High School. Watch for Hanson going undercover as a nerd. RATING 5 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 7 BAD INFLUENCE. Hanson and Penhall are assigned to find two teens who vanished after a robbery. Meanwhile, Ioki is investigating the connection between a series of robberies, and a High School prostitute. This episode had a lot of comedy with the missing kids, and was very enjoyable. RATING 4 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 8 BLINDSIDED. While Hanson and Penhall are undercover, a teenage girl asks Hanson if he will kill her father for money. What's really surprising, is that her father is a cop. This is the first of many episode in which Hanson and Penhall go undercover as the McQuaid brothers. RATING 5 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 9 NEXT GENERATION. Hanson goes undercover at a High School to bust a kid who is carrying on his father's line of work: Loan sharking. RATING 4 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 10 LOW AND AWAY. A boy's life is put in danger when his father agrees to testify against the mob. The Jump Street team is sent in to make sure he stays safe. This action-packed episode had many good moments including an awesome car crash scene at the end. RATING 5 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 11 16 BLOWN TO 35. Hoffs goes undercover at a modeling school to figure out why many of the students have been appearing in porno films. RATING 3 1/2 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EPISODE # 12 MEAN STREETS AND PASTEL HOUSES. Hanson goes undercover as a gang member to try to prevent a gang-war. RATING 4 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________