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Oi Polloi


Governments and multinationals
Corrupt and twisted women and men
Are going to bring this planet
To a premature end
With their selfishness and greed
They destroy anything of worth
Are you just going to sit and watch
Their rape of mother earth?
They just could´t care less
About the ecological devastation
Inflicted by their insane striving
For profit maximisation
We´ve got to fight back
We´ve got to give resistance
Or they´ll pollute and exploit
Our world out of existance
Industrial accidents and radiation leaks
So babies are born as freaks
Like the Re-Chen babies with one eye
Or those who Windscale called before their time
And the petrol is full of lead
So kids grow up wrong in the head
And aerosols destroy the ozone layer
No protection - no we´re layed bare
And nuclear waste is dumped into the sea
A slow poison for you and me
And what was once fertile land
Has now turned to desert sand
And acid rain pours from the sky
So whole forests wither and die
And dirty cities grey and drab
Cover theyland like concrete scabs
And toxic chemicals are pumped into streams
Death where once life would have been
The whole situation has got out of hand
So go green and make your stand
And it seems you couldn´t care less
That our earth is in such a mess
It makes me wonder how long it will take
Before you finally awake
Please, please you got to open your eyes
´Cos you´ve got to realise
Exactly what those in power got planned
This is the last chance to make your stand
Now that we see what´s going on
We´ve got to stop them and we aint got long
This isn´t something just to sing about
´Cos our time is running out...


You cough - they profit
Well i thought it was about mutual respect
But your filthy smoke chokes me so am i incorrect?
With your pathetic sick habit you pollute my air
Have you no respect for others?
No, you just don´t seem to care
I don´t like your selfish attitude one little bit
You´re just a hypocrite
Animals die in the laboratory
Forced to smoke over thirty a day
Don´t think you can ignore them ´cos they got no voice
Cause only you can stop it - only you have the choice
Like it or not, they´ve murdered in your name
While you continue to smoke you must live with the blame
You think you´re oh so sussed
but there´s something that you´ve missed
And the big tobacco businessmen are laughing at this
Yes, you actually pay to ruin your health
While you suckers abuse your body
They´re just making more wealth
You cough - they profit
You choke - they profit
You die - they profit
You cough - they profit
Have you got the strength of will to stop it?
I know you´ve got the strength of will to stop it.


You come to the gig
And you think you´re really big
but to me you just look small
As you cover the back of the ball
Lacking even the guts to get up the front and dance
It´s enough to make me cry
Are you punx or mice?
Are you punx or mice?
They cheat you, they rob you
And they treat you all as fools
And yet you sit and take it
Are you going to give up without a fight?
Are you punx or mice?
They´re sick, they´re wrong
They´ve oppressed us for too long
Now it´s our turn to attack
We must fight back
United, as one, together - you and i
Don´t say we cant do it
Are you punx or mice


Nuclear energy is a con
It´s just a cover for making their bombs
And it sends people to an early grave
So we want the power of the wind and the waves
Harness the wind
Harness the waves
We don´t need this filthy nuclear waste
Solar power - yet another alternative
Think of the boundless energy the sun has to give
Then there´s hydro-electricity with turbines and dams
And we can out our consumption with conservation programmes
Harness the wind
The sun the waves
We don´t need this filthy nuclear waste
The civil atomic energy programmes
is nothing but an elaborate cover-up for the real use of nuclear power
namely the production of fissile materials for nuclear weapons
We call for an end to the nuclear power programmes and properly
funded research into renewable sources of energy
Harness the wind
The sun the waves
We don´t need this filthy nuclear waste


You wouldn´t believe the pain
That´s tearing trough my head
If you were in my place
Then you´d wish you were dead
Locked in a cage like a prison cell
Im living in a living hell
All around screams of fear
But they fall upon def ears
Why won´t they leave me in peace?
Is death really my only release
Tortured to death behind closed doors
Cries for help are just ignored
Set me free!
If it were you instead of me
You´d screaming to be set free
Set us free!
Animal liberation and human rights
It´s one struggle - it´s one fight
Set us free!
And now they´re coming back
To stick me on the rack
To put me through pain
They´ll drive me insane
They put their profit before my pain
My suffering is their financial gain
And you know this ain´t right
So show you care about my plight
Is death really the only release?
One, Two, Three, Four - Kick down that laboratory door
Five, Six, Seven, Eight - LIBERATE!