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Do you remember the days in 69?
Seeing all the skinheads standing in a line
Foaming at the mouth, Waiting for a fight
High boots, cropped hair, what a fuckin sight
(Chorus) Come back of the skinhead
come back of the boot
People that we don't beat up
We're gonna fucking shoot
We are the new breed, we will have our say
we are the new breed, we ain't gonna die
Trouble east London
Trouble in the street
On the street corners
Where the gang still meets
Talking about the weekend
What they're gonna do?
If you aint careful
They are gonna do you!
Chaos in the city
Civil war now
Skinheads taking over
Like skinheads know how
Skinhead with his boots on
Nobodys fool
Skinheads taking over
Chaos is the rule!
Chaos, chaos, chaos - dont give a toss
Chaos, chaos, chaos - dont give a toss!
1st verse

Clockwork Skinhead

Wearing braces, the red, white, and blue
doing what he thinks he ought to do
Used to be a punk and a mod too
Or is it just a phase he's going through
(chorus)He's a Clockwork skinhead, just a clockwork skinhead
Clockwork skinhead- got no choice
He's a Clockwork skinhead, just a clockwork skinhead
clockwork skinhead-One of the boys
Take him to the pub, buy him a beer
Tell him what he wants to hear
Wind him up like clockwork toy
wants to be a man but he's just a boy
Believes everything the papers say
What's he gonna be today
What is it hip to be
Will he be himself or will he copy me?


I won't say sorry for what i've done
I won't say sorry for having fun
I won't take the blame
No i ain't gonna be ashamed
Won't say sorry for what i've done
I don't say sorry to anyone
(chorus)Shout it out
Shout it out
I don't give a damn cos im proud of what i am
I don't give a damn 'cos i'm proud of what i am
I won't say sorry to you
If you think i will you know what you can do
I won't apologise
and i won't put up with any of you lies
I won't say sorry to you
You can stuff that up your asshole too
I won't say sorry for what i am
I won't say sorry for the manners i have
I won't say sorry at all
I won't say sorry 'cos it makes me feel small
I won't say sorry for the way i act
I won't say sorry and thats a fact


I like breaking arms and legs
snapping spines and wringing necks
now i'll knife you in the back
Kick yourbones until they crack
(chorus)Evil, evil, evil, evil (4x)
Jump up and down upon your head
Kick you around 'til your dead
Fill your body full of lead
See the roads turn to red
I don't like trendy cunts who pose
Gonna punch you in the Nose
Stick my Marten in your crotch
Don't like you, you're too much


brittain's in trouble country's bleeding dry
Handicapped and elderly are all gotta die
no one fights the system fightin' each other
nobody's laughing, they're scared of big brother
(chorus)what are we gonna get in 1984
rich people ???? got their money made?
third world countries sending us aid
people queue up to get their rations
it's not the birth but the death of a nation
Who will be the hero into '85
when the bomb is dropped how many stay alive
???? babies build a master race
???? look the future in the face


hangin around with my mates one night
WE got in a little fight
Geezer come with a knife in his fist
i got cut along with the wrist said
All cops are bastards
Coppers come up & say what's the matter with you?
now they see what we can do
Next thing i knew i was in a cell
all my mates are in there as well
i had a court date to plead my case
they had delight at the look in my face
they said we're gonna put you away
i said all i had to say