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I first heard of the Deftones from an interview of Max Cavalera in the summer of 1995 and he was saying how the band was very different to the the other bands that came out of the area, so I decided to check them out!!!
This album just absulutley just kicks ass so much. I bought ity the day it came out over here November the something, ( that being the U.K.) took it home and shoved it on my CD player straight away and I was blown away by it. Between the songs Bored and Fist I had a constant shiver down my spine and since then I thought that they were one of the best bands on the planet I still get shivers now! They don't work aroud any image. The only image they have is one of themselves and that they are being themselves. Actually I'm listening to it now whilst I am writting this. Any band that can send a shiver down your spine even years after purchase and release are very good indeed.... and to be honest the album came out in England mid-October and those who found it like myself are very lucky. and to all the people that when asked a few years ago "what do you think to the deftones?" and they reply either...."who are they" or "no they suck" but because kerrang and metal hammer et al review or have articles on the deftones these people now say "yeah they're cool" and to all those people who said thet they sucked then ..... YOU SUCK!!! AND GET A LIFE! Most shops didn't stock it. Even a year ago some record shops thought that the album hadn't come out yet. ha ha fool record shops...update your stock rather than crappy A.O.R. Mullet rock. mullets suck too.
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