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Dhaka Air Pollution :

Suspended Particulate Matters (SPM) in City Air

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Department of Environment has taken 8 hours measurements at several locations along busy roads of Dhaka city. Results show SMP concentrations of 665-2456 ug/m3 at Farmgate. Bangladesh standard for Commercial Area is 400 ug/m3. The SMP trends are highest during the dry season (December-March) due to increase in roadway dust, dust from dust-carrying vehicles, and increased open burning. Figure-1 shows Streetside SPM levels at Farmgate, a busy traffic place in Dhaka. and figure-2 shows PM2.5 urban composition.

Figure-1. Streetside Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM)

Figure-2. Urban Composition of Particulate Matter of Size <2.5



  1. John Core, Consultant World Bank in Dhaka. Sources of air pollution and control options. Paper presented in the Consultative Meeting of World Bank and Department of Environment, Government of Bangladesh during April 26-27, 1998 in Dhaka.

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Medical Information Group (MIG), Dhaka, Bangladesh

November 22, 1998 10:18 PM