Air Pollution in Dhaka City :

Background Information

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Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh (location 23.42N and 90.22E) has an estimated population of more than 8 million. Air pollution has emerged as a serious problem in the city. Blackenning of the city air and reduced visibility can be observed in some areas at times even with unaided eyes. Episodes of choking smells and irriatating eyes are common.

The weather of Dhaka is tropical with lowest temperature varying between 54-790F and highest between 77-950F. During mansoon (June-August), there is very high precipitation of rainfall being on the average greater than 30 cm per month. During winter (November-January), there is hardly any rainfall (<2 cm per month) and there is very little wind. Atmospheric inversion manisfested by fog happens quite often. Rest of the year (February-May, September-October) has rainfall between the two extremes.

Atmospheric composition

Gas Proportion
Nitrogen 78.084%
Oxygen 20.946%
Argon 0.934%
Carbon dioxide 0.0333%
Neon 18 ppm
Helium 5 ppm
Methane 2 ppm

Types of air pollution

Gaseous substances Gases, vapors SOx, NOx, CO, Ozone, NH3
Particulate matter Dust, fly ash, smoke, shoot, droplets, mist, fog, fumes, aerosol


Sources of air pollution

Road dust

Small manufacturing facilities


Open burning


Gaseous Pollutants in Dhaka Air






64-143 ug/m3

25-32 ug/m3

Insufficient data

No data

No data

Collected at Tezgaon

Collected at Farmgate






  1. Khaliquzzaman M. Objectives, structures and expected follow-up. Paper preseneted at the Consultative Meeting on Integrated approach to vehicular air pollution control in Dhaka held between April 26-27, 1998 jointly by World Bank and Department of Environment, Government of Bangladesh.

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