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Historical Climate Summary, Judas Creek, Yukon, Canada.1995 to 2000..

The following information is derived from temperatures we took, we were taking part in a volunteer climatology program with Canada's, Atmospheric Enviroment Service. Twice a day, once around 8AM, then 6PM. We took readings off a Maximum thermometer, and a Minimum thermometer. This summary is the average of each of those 4 daily readings. I've also included the precipitation amounts, MM implys liquid therefore rain, and CM is snow.
The observing site is located on the north shore on southern Yukon's Marsh lake. Marsh Lake is 24Km (18Miles) long and 4Km (3 Miles) wide, and is roughly running in a south-east by north-west orientation. The lake is frozen November to May. Location 6026N 13316W
Elevation 2157 Ft. Above Sea Level We started observing November 1994, but started this on-line summary January 1995. We decided to quit the program after 5 years (almost). Temperatures are in degrees Celcius. Precip "tr" is a trace, any precip of less than 0.5 cm or mm.

I would like to thank Trevor Smith for his help in keeping up
the observations while were outside.

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