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The Great Idea Patch

Welcome to The Great Idea Patch. Here you will find all kinds of tips to make your life as easy and enjoyable as it can be. I have been collecting these tips for years, so I doubt that I will ever run out. I have begun to separate them into "virtual rooms" so that they can be easily attainable. So, take a look and see what tip you can use today and if you have one, let me know so that I can post it for sharing.

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Tips, Recipes, How-to's and More!
Stop by and view the latest tips, recipes and how-to's that we have to offer...
The Garden
Country Pleasures
My Kitchen
The Parlor
The Bathroom
The Christmas Closet
More Rooms Coming Soon...

I'm using this forum as our chat calendar. Check out to see what topic is coming up next!

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