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Latest Australian News !!!!!

Larisa is still making appearances in Third Rock From The Sun watch out for her every Sunday night at 8:00pm on channel 7

Ten Things I hate About You opened all round Australia last weekend, I strongly reccoment seeing it, the movies is absolutly fantastic.

I thought the movie might be a bit of a flop but because Larisa was in it, that would make up for it but this movie was fantastic. The acting was well done, the plot was great, the jokes were funny. All round it was a great movies, **** out of ***** stars.

The May issue of TV Hits had a great poster (A4 size) of Larisa, it also had a small fact file about her. If you still want a copy of this mag, write to TV Hits and ask them if they have any abck copies, im pretty sure they'll have heaps.

News last updated 30th of June 1999