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Class T211.0

An example of the T211 type in service with Czech Railways CD

Class + Running Numbers: T(211.0)454-455
Total: 4 reported delivered - only 2 traced.
Manufacturer: CKD Praha (Czechoslovakia - now Czech Republic)
Built: 1959-1960
Engine: Tatra 11A/6

Technical Data

Wheel Arrangement : B         Power output    : 118 kW
Max Speed         : 40 km/h   Tractive Effort :
Length            : 7.240m    Weight          : 22.00 tonnes
Train Heating     : none
Type of Loco      : Diesel-mechanical Shunter.

Similar to CSD class T221.0, now CD/ZSR classes 700. Only two derelict members of this class have been located.

Numbered in a common sequence to industrial types in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (old numbering sequence).

Withdrawn, at Shkozet(2):

T454, T455 (last reported March 2001)

Situation unknown (2?):



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