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HSH Timetable

Orari i Trenave Udhėtarė

Current Timetables are posted on the Ministry of Transport website

Current Fares are posted on the Ministry of Transport website

HSH published the timetable on it's own website (currently not available).
HSH Official Website

Passenger Services

Trains between Tiranė and (Pogradec)Librazhd/Vlorė/Elbasan operate via Durrės.

There are currently no services between Librazhd and Pogradec.

Information kindly supplied by Ian Rear:

Tirane - Durres 0600, 0730, 0840, 1430, 1545, 2000
Durres - Tirane 0615, 0945, 1300, 1600, 1800, 1945

Tirane - Elbasan, 0600 (to Librazhd), 1430
Elbasan - Tirane, 0640, 1252 (1155 ex Librazhd)

Vlore Branch, 0500 to Rrogzhine, 1155 arrival back

Shkoder - Tirane, 0540 (arr 0928), Tirane - Shkoder 1310 (arr 1700)

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