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Class 2000

2003 Shkozet, March 1992.

Class + Running Numbers: 2001-2005
Total: 5 (second hand)
Manufacturer: Krauss-Maffei, Germany
Built: 1963-1965
Engines: two MTU MB12V652
Transmission: Mekydro K184u

Technical Data

Wheel Arrangement : B'-B'     Power output    : 1620 kW
Max Speed         : 140 km/h  Tractive Effort :
Length            : 18.440m   Weight          : 78.00 tonnes
Train Heating     : steam (not used in HSH service?)
Type of Loco      : General purpose Diesel-Hydralic.

DB (Germany) Class 221.1 locomotives aquired second-hand via Regentalbahn in 1989. Mainly used by HSH for passenger services 1989-1993. Only one or two members of the class were active at any one time, they regularly worked passenger services between Durrës and Tiranë.

After some time in store at Shkozet, they were moved by 1996 to Memelisht and Prenjas. They were confirmed as still being at these locations in late September 2001, but those at Memelisht were cut-up in early 2004.

Stored, at Prenjas from 1996, and still there in October 2008(1):

2003 (ex DB 221.125)

Cut-up (were stored at Memelisht 1996 to 2004, and damaged in civil unrest, early 1997) (4):

2001 (ex DB 221.118), 2002 (ex DB 221.140), 2004 (ex DB 221.131), 2005 (ex DB 221.109)


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