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Class 01 (Tkt48)

Class + Running Numbers: Tkt48.01 - 06
Total: 6
Manufacturers: Fablok, Chrzanow
01-02: s/n 2922-2923 1951
Zaklady Metalowe im. J. Stalina, Poznan ("H. Cegielski Works,Poznan" or simply "HCP")
03-06: s/n 1684, 1681-1683 1952

Technical Data

Wheel Arrangement:        1'D1't
Power output:             1060 hp
Max Speed:                80 km/h
Tractive Effort:          11600 kG
Boiler presure:           16 at
Evaporative surface:      123.1 m2
+ superheater:            48.6 m2
Grate area:               2.97 m2
Cylinder diameter:        500 mm
Piston stroke:            700 mm
Driving wheels:           1450 mm
Wheelbase coupled:        5100 mm
          total:          10400 mm
Weight empty:             78 t
       in working order:  98 t 
Water:                    10.3 m3
Coal:                     6 t

Two of this class (04 and 05) were reported as remaining in use for shunting around Durrës Harbour in 1985. One was seen in use in September 1987. It is now believed that 02 to 06 were in still in use December 1990, with the last use being in Feb 1991. Tkt48-02 was steamed at Shkozet depot on 29th April 1991.

Number 01 was broken up by June 2008, while at that time the remaining five lay derelict at Shkozet.
Three of these were scrapped (possibly at Elbasan) by October 2010, leaving only 02 and one other at Shkozet.


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