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Everything & Anything About Yours Truly :=)

I stole this questonaire from my friend Julian79 because the other one i had was 500 questions and it was so long it would not let me update it, so here is a new shorter version :=)

This one was filled out on 6/15/00, which means, facts may change, however i will NOT be changing it on here.

1.Name: Stacy

2. Birthdate and age: 10/02/81

3. Location: Northeastern Kentucky

4. School: Graduated West Carter High on 5/26/00

5. Hobbies: Fooseball, Air Hockey, going to concerts, sporting events, amusment parks, and the mall.

6. Color Eyes:Blue

7. Height: 5'2

8. Shoe Size: 6

9. Favorite Color: Pink

10. Favorite day of the week: Saturday

11. Favorite Book: "Don't Die My Love" By: Laurlene McDaniel

12. Favorite Vacation Spot: Florida

13. Absolute best friend: Tammy & Melissa

14. Other Favorite friends: I would never attempt to answer this for fear of leaving someone out, you should already know if you are my friend :=)

17: Things you like in the opposite sex: Humor, personality, somewhat goodlooking

20: Funniest or most desperate thing you've ever done to get the attention of the opposite sex: Nothing, im not desperate, if people wants to talk to me, usually they approach me.

22: Best quality in a friend: Humor

23. Funniest thing you have ever done w/ your friends?: Go to wal-mart and do things such as "realphabetize the CD's" "put things in peoples carts when they arent looking" etc.

24: Scariest Thing that's ever happened while with friends: Being with people driving over 100 MPH, ummm lets just say while they are not in a good conditon, oh and walking with melissa at some haunted place, gave me the creeps!

25: Favorite Computer Font: Brushscript

26: Favorite Food: Italian

27: Favorite place to eat: Fazolis

28. Food you hate: Carrots, grapefruit, and beans

29. Weirdest food you like: I don't know if it is weird or not but i like French fries dipped in honey

30. Dumbest thing you've done: Geez this question could have unlimited answers, 1 thing that comes to mind is knock over a rack of prom dresses at JCPenney, oh and another thing is one day it was raining really hard and to keep out of the rain i sat down in a car (not knowing the windshield was broken and so were all the other glasses in the car) This was at vocational school and all my friends that seen me laughed *boo hoo*

31. One person who knows most everything about you: Melissa & Tammy

32. Favorite Movie: Armageddon, The Crow, Titanic, etc.

33. Last movie you saw: As of 6/15/00 it is House on Haunted Hill or Greenmile

34: Here's the scenario, you're on the couch with someone watching a movie, whose that person? : I dont know

35: Can you HONESTLY see yourself doing "IT" with someone? Um yeah

36: Best Advice(s) Ever Given to You? Don't wish your life away, it goes fast enough as it is.

37: Favorite Quote #1: My most favorite quote comes from "the crow" but since i cant think of them right now, here is the next best one: "Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end. but somewhere in the middle, we've become best of friends"

38: Favorite Quote #2: "even if we never talk again after tonight, please remember that I am forever changed by who you are and what you meant to me"

39: One thing you wish you could tell the whole world: I am not sure!

40: One thing you hope you do before you die: Travel

41: Thing you want to be remembered for: My sense of humor

42: Your Personality Type: I speak my mind, and have a good sense of humor, unless if i don't know ya to well, but all that comes in time.

43: Favorite Music Group: These are just a few: Soul Asylum, Kidrock, Eminem, Jay-z, Goo Goo Dolls, LFO, Oasis, Pearl Jam, Creed, etc.

44: Pets: 2 Chows, Jake & Casper

45: Favorite Holiday: Christmas, i love the decorations

46. Favorite Season: Defintly Summer, i love being outside and wearing less clothing than usual!

47: Favorite Summer Activity: Swimming

48: Favorite Winter Activity: Snow ball fights

49: What do you wanna be when you grow up: I have not the slightest idea at this point

50: Funniest Person you Know: My friend Angie's boyfriend, Jeff---or my best friends Tammy & Melissa

51: Favorite Conversation Topic: Other people, lol

52: Favorite Sport: Basketball

53: Favorite Magazines: TWIST, CosmoGirl, YM

54: Favorite Toothpaste: Crest

55: Favorite Gum: Big Red

56: Favorite Candy: I dont eat candy

57: Favorite Store: Old Navy & Spencers

58: Favorite Thing to Wear to School: Khakis/cargos

59: Favorite Thing to wear at home: Pajamas

60: Biggest Fear: Death, I hate to think of myself and the people i know eventually will be laying under the ground in a box

61: Favorite Inside Joke: "Super american eagle" "Sankin'" "pizza rolls" "Tina" etc.

62: Favorite Girl's Name: Terracotta

63: Favorite Guy's Name: I am not going to put this because if a guy reads this and it is his name he will think im speaking about him!

64. Thing you get picked on most about: Being short

66: Favorite Words: "like" & "whatever"

67: Thing you Say Waaaaay Sooooo Too Much?: "like" "whatever" "thats gay"

68: Favorite IceCream Flavor: Strawberry

69: Favorite Soda: 7-up

70: Link to your favorite Website: Melissa's Homepage!

71: One place you want to go to: Heaven

74: You kiss someone & you're chewing gum, what kind of gum? Big Red, or Winterfresh

75: What college do you want to go to: Not sure

76: Person(s) you Admire most: God

77: Thing you most regret: Not spending enough time with my family that is now deceased, cause i really miss them

78: Number of Pairs of shoes you own: 18, but I only wear 7 of them.

79: Favorite piece of jewelry: My Tommy Hilfiger Ring or my Panda coin ring

80: Your Theme song(s): If I answered this a year ago it would have been "Champagne Supernova" By: Oasis, now it would probably be..."Graduation" By: Vitamin C

81: If a movie was made about your life what would it be called: Oh goody, i get to make up a movie about "Stacys wonderful life" ~shrug~ it was all i could think of

82: Color of your bedroom: Lilac and Pink

83: Size of your bed: Twin

84: Last time you showered: This morning

85: Last person's phone number you called: The video store

86: What's the weather like: today 6/15/00, it is hot about 80 degrees and raining!

87: Last Book you Read by Choice: "Don't Die My Love"

88: Last show you watched on TV? Fresh Prince

89: Where is your computer: my room.

90: Color socks you're wearing: none

91: Silliest Thing You've said: To many things to list

92: Favorite Computer Face: :=)

93: Last word(s) you said: "whats on TV?" To my sister

94: Thing you actually want to be doing right now: At an amusment park dropping like 300 ft on a rollercoaster

95: There are 3 wells: love, friends, happiness. If you can drink from only 2, which ones would they be? Love and friends, I think happiness would come from the other two.

96: Do you wish on star? No I dont

97: Which finger is your favorite? My middle finger, haha

98: Would you ever kill someone? No i couldn't do that, even if it was self defense, i still dont think i could do it

99: When did you last cry? At my graduation 5/26/00

100: If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play you? Christina Ricci

.101: What TV show or movie title bests describes your life? Cluless for the title but for acyuallity, i dont know...

102: Do you like your handwriting? Sometimes, my writing seems to change every time i write something

103: Who are you jealous of? Jada Pinkett hehe

104: What is your number one priority? My lil sister and my friends and family

105: What is your favorite lunch meat? Cajun chicken

106: Do you have any bad habits? I know i do, but i cant think of it right now

107: If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Of course

108. Are you a daredevil? Not really

109: Have you ever told a secret that you swore you wouldn't repeat? yes but it was to someone that I knew would not say anything

110: Have you ever stolen anything? No

111: Do looks matter? Sure, but not if thats the only thing they have going for them

112: Do you pray? Sometimes

113: Have you ever met anyone famous? I went to concerts and after the show got to meet them if that counts

114: Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? No

115: Are you trendy? You bet

116: What do you do to vent anger? Cry

117: Are you passive or aggressive? Passive

118: Who is your idol? Will Smith

119: Who is your second family? Tammy's family

120: Do you trust others easily? Yeah sometimes i think i trust people to much

.121: What was your favorite toy as a child? Teddy Ruxpin and Popples

122: What class in school do you think is totally useless? Science , History, Algebra, PE (even though its a great class)

123: What is the punch-line to your favorite joke? I dont know

124: Do you like sappy love songs? Sometimes

125: Have you ever been on radio or television? The local cable station

126: What is your favorite clothing brand? Old Navy & Tommy Hilfiger

127: Where do you have family? KY, WV, OH, OR, VA, & TN

128: What is your favorite TV station? TBS, WGN, MTV2, FX, & E!

129: Do you have piercings? only my ears

130: What do you do when you're bored? Flip through the channels on the TV, or usually, get on the Internet

131: Favorite possesion: Photographs of family & friends, also my 80s collection

132: Would you rather be blind or deaf? Deaf, because without sight i could not see to watch TV, get online, go shopping, or know what myself or my family and friends look like.

133: Favorite Song: "The Otherside" By: Red Hot Chilli Peppers 6/15/00

134: Favorite song to dance to: "Thong Song" By: Sisco 6/14/00

135: Favorite love song: "I swear" By: All 4 1 6/15/00

136: A song you dislike: "I turn to You" By: Christina Aguilra 6/15/00

137: Favorite board game: Candy Land

138: Favorite Talkshow: Jerry Springer

139: Favorite Soap Opera: Days of our Lives

140: Favorite Gameshow: Lets Make A Deal

141: Favorite Online Activity: Working on my homepage

141: Least Favorite Online Activity: Chatrooms

142: Favorite thing to read on others homepages: Their personal info and i like looking at their pictures of themself and their friends.

143: If you could cure 1 disease what would it be: Cancer