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This page will have pictures of myself, my friends, & other pictures I take that I feel you should see.
The pictures of my friends are people I know in "real-life" unless labled differntly.

In the past, individuals have E-mailed me asking to be "introduced" to my friends, that will NOT happen, they do not participate in online activities.

MORE pictures coming soon, also a page with autographed pictures of celebrities will be up in the near future!

A VERY SPECIAL SECTION OF PICS COMING SOON--I Think I look bad in the pics but SOMEONE told me they are okay for now, until we have more :)


Pictures of Me

MORE Pix of Me *Bad hair day* (5/01)

College Pix NEW!! *UPDATED* (6/02)

My highschool Friends' Pictures

Nudity! Dont look!

WCHS Basketball Pictures

Graduation 2000 (apx. 10 pics)

Spring Break '00 (apx. 10 pics)

A cookout on 5/23/00 (apx. 10 pics)

Celebrity Photos 7/01 (More coming soon)

Pictures of my 80s collection