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This page will consist of links to things people send me via e-mail.
There would be MANY more, if I hadn't deleted the e-mails after reading.
Updates will be continious on this page cuz i receive a LOT of e-mail!.
This site is strictly for entertainment purposes ONLY!!

If you get offended easily, then some of the things on this page are NOT for you!


Happy NUDE Rear

Kidz Linx

By The Window


Happy N Hell?

Funny Linx

Sad Poetry *sniff*

Ghost Stories & Mysteries

Fireman's Prayer

Urban Legends

Might Be a whoe if

Audio Bible

Bob's Chat Links

RollerCoaster Links!!

Bless My 'Puter & More 'net poems

Love, Wealth, Purity, & Death Tests

50 things to do at Wal-Mart

ABC's of Friendship

Crazy Quizzez *fun*

Birth Of A Candy Bar

My First Time

Real Bumperstickers

Love You 4-Ever

Celebrity E-mail Addys

Useless Knowledge**COOL**

7000 E-Greeting Sites

ToothBrush Humor

Valentines Day Grinch

Red Roses *sad*

Its All True I Swear!

A NEAT CardTrick!

A Perfect Man

Catch That Smile

List Of Funny JPGs

Load O' Quizzes

Outrageous Gifts!!

Zaney 'Net Sites

Yucky stuff 2 try

Makin' A Bad webpage

If I knew..*sad*

The Day I was To Busy

Liscense Plate Maker

Rudy's Angel

My Buddy

Valentines Day Links

Things to make ya laugh

Tribute To JFK Jr.

Free HomePage Sets

Personalized Backgrounds

Make your own slideshow

Make your own snowglobes

The most helpful
site on the 'net.