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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How often do you update your site?
As often as I can, Usually on Sundays.

2) Do you have AOL or ICQ?
No, I do have MSN Messenger

3) Can we talk in a chatroom sometime?
Probably not, however you can join a mailing list I am on, and we can communicate like that, or you can add me to your MSN buddy list.

4) How can I build my own webpage?
First, register for free webspace at sites such as Angelfire, Tripod, or Geocities, then, go to , he explains everything much better than I can.

5) If I E-mail you will you reply?
Yes, unless it is a rude/harrassing message then I will just delete it. Sometimes it takes me a few days to answer mail.

6) Can I add you to my mailing list?
Sure, as long you do not send me chainletters or a *lot* of mail.

7) What is the purpose of this FAQ page?
I am covering the questions that people most often ask me, so I don't have to repeatedly type the same thing numerous amounts of times.