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This page is divided into sections to help us remember those late great 80`s.
I, myself, am an 80's child-born in 1981.
Of course I was just a child during this era, so I dont remember much about the music, but I defintly remember the cartoons, which is mostly what this page is about.

At the bottom of the list is mailing lists I am part of, they're really some berry nice people on the lists, so join and you can communicate with lots of others who love the 80s as much as you! Enjoy!

My Sis and I! Im wearing the Rainbow Brite Mask!

How to know if you're an 80s child

80's Polls

MY For Sale/trade List

MY own collection

Pictures of my collection

LOTS of 80's links

80s T-Shirts *cool*

Rainbow Brite Petition

80's Virtual Greetings

Mailing Lists

The following links are groups that you can communicate with through e-mail, i enjoy ALL of them, but my *berry* favourite is the Strawberrychat group. As a new member (signed up approx. 7/18/00) they have been so nice, I thought I would contribute something and make a page for all the on it to join us in strawberrychat!!


My 80's Contests Mailing List *FREE PRIZES*

Join Totally 80s Mailing List

Join A Cartoon Mailing List

Join CareBears Forever Mailing List

Join A Rainbow Brite Mailing List