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Bible Code and Israel

Bible code and Israel


The Bible is the (e)arth manuel, 
or (e)manuel code for the 
ultimate development of 
the human conscious mind 
through the movement of 
Spiritual Letters. 
The country, Israel, produced 
a child whose mind was 
always AS ONE with God. 

The human mind is the essence 
of the physical called the 

If there is any country that 
may be AS ONE patterned 
after the physical brain, 
it would be Israel. 
The Brain houses the two 
most important glands in 
the human body. 

It is no coincidence that 
Jesus was called the 
Master and the pituitary 
gland is also called 
the "master" gland. 

The two major bodies of water 
WITHIN Israel reflect 
a similarity to the two 
major glands of the brain. 
The map above may be a 
reflection of why the 
great lakes may empty 
out as the brain of Israel 
opens, and pours out the 
Spirit of One God across 
the planet earth. 
Is it not ironic that Israel 
is often called God's land? 

The root letter of (G)od 
combined AS ONE with land is 
as the word (G)land. 

Israel is, indeed, reflected 
on this earth plane as the 
seat of God, because it is 
patterned after the brain, 
which is patterned as the 
physical reflection of the mind. 
Is it not also ironic that Italy 
looks like a foot with a 
well defined heel, 
and Michigan looks very much 
like a hand? 

The earth does carry the pattern 
the of human being. 

Israel is definitely the seat 
of that pattern, and it 
literally produced an 
immaculately conceived brain child. 
Israel is where Spiritual letters 
first began to move again 
AS ONE with God. 

God moved Abram to Abra(ha)m, 
and (S)aul was moved to 

Their minds became Spiritually 
awakened, and God reflected 
that transformation by moving 
the letters of their names. 


I is (I) am Alpha and Omega 

S is (S)pirit 

R Is the movement of the (R)ive(R) 
A is that two may be as one in Spirit 
E is the (E)arth plane 

L is (L)ord 

Every mind, in any religion, 
in any language may move 
to be AS ONE with God by 
consciously moving His letters 
back to Him.