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THE KEYS TO THE CODE The Bible contains hidden codes, or hidden manna. The keys to unlocking the codes are the movements of a certain type of letters. Evidence of this fact is beginning to surface in Michael Drosnin's book, "The Bible Code". In this study, Hebrew letters were moved about because they are the foundation for the original language of the Bible. Thus, the researchers thought little would probably be lost through later translations. The researchers are very close to unlocking the riddles of universe and life itself. They are beginning to "MOVE" LETTERS that they BELIEVED were God inspired. It is hopeful that the researchers will grasp the concept that these letters are NOT the only ones that are inspired by God. ALL letters, any symbols used by the created mind, MAY be IN-SPIRED, and be AS ONE with God. THE ESSENCE OF GOD'S ALPHABET ALL letters and their MOVEMENT by the mind MAY be AS ONE with the Spirit of God. The letters that were with God in the beginning, moved away from God, by the human mind. They will again return to God by the human mind in the end. Those letters, in the beginning, were Spiritual and were G-O-D. John 1:1 The letters or symbols of EVERY mind belong to God, and have always been AS ONE with God because the mind, itself, was designed or created to be As one with God. The problem is that the human mind has taken the letter symbols for granted as its OWN. If the human mind will simply acknowledge that fact and move the Letters as His, the human mind may THEN follow those letters in its OWN words. This will allow the free will mind to guide and return its constant companion, its own soul, back to G O D, from where each soul originated. PROOF "In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the word was God." John 1:1 The Letters, or symbols, G-O-D were the Spirit that was AS ONE with God in the beginning. TODAY, in the Engish Language, the human mind has exactly 26 letters at its disposal in which to communicate every conceivable thought. In that string or cord of 26 letters, there still exists the Letters G and O and D. What is remarkable that the mind may not have noticed before that the exact positions of those three letters in the current cord of letters used by the mind is highly coincidental. Take a look. G is number 07 in the cord O is number 15 in the cord. D is number 04 in the cord. -------------------------- G-O-D Total.....Exactly 26 THE KEY REVELATION "I AM Alpha and Omega Rev. 1:8 The PATTERN is that the letters of the mind may be As ONE with His Spirit. Greek letters and the Holy Spirit MAY be AS ONE. Latin letters and the Holy Spirit MAY be AS ONE. Hebrew letters and the Holy Spirit MAY be AS ONE. English letters and the Holy Spirit MAY be AS ONE. ALL letters and the Holy Spirit MAY be AS ONE. Letters are the closest physical things to the mind and its constant companion, the soul. The movement of letters by the mind, as if they were its OWN, has literally created a VEIL from God. That VEIL may literally be re-moved by HIS letters so that that mind and soul MAY be AS ONE with Him as He has ALWAYS been AS ONE with His Letters. The word VEIL may literally be moved and lifted to the word LIVE, as the Two Minds become AS ONE. VEIL Moved to LIVE This little movement by the mind resonates withn the created body that is housing the soul on this earth plane. It is the CONSCIOUS MOVEMENT of HIS letters WITHIN the human mind, rather than its OWN, that will once again unite each soul AS ONE with God.