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How The bible May Have Been Written

How the Bible May Have Been Written

The Bible was written by the hands of many human conscious minds moving Spiritual Letters that are AS ONE with the Holy Spirit. How can that be? Many hands, throughout the ages, were AS ONE Mind, His Mind, not their own. How can that be? They simply moved the Spiritual Letters that were AS ONE with Him from the very beginning, and moved not their own letters. How can that be? The Bible, His Book, clearly states that His Holy Spirit is Alpha and Omega. Revelation 1:8 His Holy Spirit has always been AS ONE with the letters of all minds, except that only a few minds consciously knew it. How can that Be? In most cases, knowledge was handed down from generation to generation in the form of stories. The stories were produced by spoken words, or written words, that were formed by letters that were also handed down from generation to generation. These letters that were moved by the multitude of minds, were void of Spirit, because there was no conscious acknowledgement that the Letters and His Spirit could be AS ONE, even if the mind was willing. How can that be? The multitude of minds moved away from the Spirit, by unwittingly, taking His Letters as their own. Their minds simply continued to follow the pattern established by Adam. Those that re-membered the essence of the letters, or were taught that essence, were able to write His Book because they moved His Letters and not their own. REVELATION John said he was in Spirit when he wrote the Revelation. He was able to write Spiritually, because his mind moved Spiritual Letters. John's mind, body, and hand were AS ONE with the Spiritual Letters that he moved. How can that be? In the beginning the Spiritual Word was with God and was God. The two were AS ONE yet two. Then the Word moved across the waters as Spirit. Then the Spiritual Word became flesh who was Adam. Then Adam severed the Spirit from the Word and wandered off. He allowed his freewill mind to use the letters and words as his own. Then Adam reincarated as Jesus, re-membered and re-corded the Spirit that was with the Word made flesh in the beginning as Adam. This is literally the story of the Son returning to the Father, and being AS ONE With the Father. Then Jesus became the True Pattern that the minds of the human race may follow. The human race may literally Spiritualize their minds by Spiritualizing every desire of their minds according to the True Pattern set forth by Jesus. By simply Spiritualizing the WORDS "attached" to the desires, the mind WILL then FOLLOW those letters into His Spirituality. Letters are the only things that may be moved by the mind. When the conscious mind moves His letters, His letters will move the mind. The two are AS One yet two. EXAMPES OF SPIRITUAL LETTER MOVEMENTS If the mind has Spiritually moved away from God, the word is sin. As the mind re-turns to be AS ONE with (G)od, t he word sin is re-moved by His Spiritual Letter (G). The word sin then becomes the Spiritual Word Si(G)n. AS the mind moves away from sin, and towards as being AS ONE with God, the mind will LITERALLY see signs along the way in its own words, or in the words of others exactly as shown above. The Real Bible Code is for the human mind to begin to move His Spiritual Letters to look into the mind's own carnal words, and into words of others. When this happens,the mind will literally see signs along the Way. Spiritual letters are the foundation for His Book, the Bible. Beginning with the Letter A and ending with the letter Z. Beginning with Alpha and ending with Omega. These Spiritual Letters are the TRUE foundation of the body that is the mansion that houses the mind and the soul on this earth plane. "In my Father's House are many mansions: If it were not so, I would have told you." John 14:2