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The Christ Conscious Mind


The Christ conscious mind may be immaculately conceived out of the self conscious mind. The conscious mind of every soul that enters the earth plane has the God given ability to conceive and nurture a new mind that may literally spring forth out of the self conscious mind. When Jesus told Nicodemus about being born again, Jesus was talking about the mind, and Nicodemus thought He was talking about the body. It is the MIND that is born again. If the self conscious mind is willing, it may literally give birth to a new mind with a new type of consciousness called the Christ Consciousness. The pattern of this Mind has been set before the self conscious mind by the very works of God, the Father, Mary, the Virgin Mother, and Jesus, the immaculately conceived Son, who was recognized as the Christ. The mind of Jesus is not a self conscious mind, but a Christ conscious mind. His mind did not have to pass through self conscious development as His mind was already AS ONE with God. It is the purpose of every soul that enters this earth plane to develop a self conscious mind that is ready, willing, and able to bear an immaculate child of its own. Some may call it the Christ child, or even brain child, but it is a new mind conceived out of the self conscious mind. THE WISDOM OF GOD, OUR FATHER God has literally set forth a way that our SOULS may once again return to be As One with the Son who is AS one with God, our Father too. That WAY is to follow His Letters in the mind's own words and in the words of others.