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The Temple of the Mind


THE ALTAR WITHN the temple of the mind there is an altar. On this altar are two symbols ( ) that are as the two swords that were given to Jesus by His Disciples just before he was captured. Jesus said, "that is enough". It is enough. It is upon this altar, and WITHIN the two swords, that the mind may make simple CONVERSIONS to the alphabetical letters that the mind has been using as tools to form the words that form its conscious thought. PHYSICAL letters will only produce PHYSICAL words, and PHYSICAL words will only produce a PHYSICAL mind. The mind may use as tools, a combination of PHYSICAL letters and SPIRITUAL letters... ...that will TRANSFORM the words into higher consciousness... ...and that will in turn, TRANSFORM, CONVERT, raise up, or move the mind into a new state of consciousness. Thus, the new mind may be in two states of consciousness at the same time, and all the time. The active process in this temple may literally move the mind to be As One on this earth as it is in heaven, IF the mind is willing. This process will allow the inner child, or new mind, to be born out of the old mind as... ...."whose seed is in itself"* *Genesis 1:11. This process will also show how, the mind, as a little child, may enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.* *Matthew 18:1 There are no money changers in this temple. The tables of the money changers have been overturned by Jesus so that the mind may be set free. This process allows the mind to learn inner wisdom as well as outer knowledge. It is as the altar-rations for the mind. It is as hidden manna for the inner child. The information on this process and how it works was received through this writer via spiritual letter writing. The reason that religion is so complex and difficult to comprehend is that a great gulf is fixed between the mind and God. The true cord that originally connected the mind to God was a cord of SPIRITUAL letters that formed SPIRITUAL words. The mind LOST the SPIRIT of letters and words in the Garden of Eden. When the mind left the Garden it took the letters as it's own, and the SPIRIT of these letters was left behind. Today, the mind is using PHYSICAL letters to look AT God's words, when the mind should now use God's SPIRITUAL letters to look INTO the minds own words. To develop the mind to its fullest potential, two sets, or threads, or strings of letters are used. The first set of letters are secular letters that the physically born child moves around to gain consciousness of the physical world. This is very good except that when the mind moves these letters and these letters move the mind, there is no room at the inn for any other letter form. Why? Because the born child never learned of any other form of letters. This is where the born again mind comes into being. It is the MIND that is born again of water and Spirit. Water is the universal symbol for truth and Spirit is God. IF the mind is willing to include SPIRITUAL letters as hidden manna for the born-to-be inner child, the child will begin to stir and it will know that the parental mind is preparing the way. This true and simple process will answer most of the difficult questions of God's Word. For example, it is correct that a born child is born in sin. The child's MIND has moved away from God, and that is the sin. As the born again mind stirs, and moves to be as one with (G)od, the sin is literally CONVERTED to a si(G)n along the way. As the born again child uses HiS letters, the child will actually find his own true pathway home using the mind's very own words as stepping stones, rather than as stumbling blocks. Has the mind ever wondered why God has so many names? If all the letters are His, then it only stands to reason that the words that are formed by these letters are also His. "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was WITH God." John 1:1 Therefore the Word had to be made of Letters or it would not be a word. In Revelation 1:8, the Holy Spirit says, "I am Alpha and Omega". The Letters were as one with God in the beginning, and will be as one with God in the end. The free will of the mind will choose what letter path it will follow. The conscious mind has a parental responsibility to raise its own Inner Child. This is the ultimate Ideal that is set before every born mind that comes into being on this earth plane. The web pages below will show the mind that SPIRITUAL writing does indeed set the mind free. The proof will be the mind's observation of spiritual signs in its own words. The signs are there. "Seek and ye shall find"...Matthew 7:7