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A Child of God Where anyone may take UP its own cross (t) and become a Child of God. Mathew 18:3 "Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven John 3:3 "Except that a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:6 "That which is born of flesh is flesh; and that which is born of Spirit is Spirit." Genesis 1:11 "...after his kind, whose seed is in itself." Every human being is first born of flesh. In that flesh there is a seed that develops into a human mind Into the physical human mind, there is placed by God another seed that is literally Spiritual in nature and may be born out of the physical mind as an immaculate conception. That conception is called a Child of God. I believe that this is the born again process that is Patterned after the Virgin Mary. Every human being that enters the earth plane carries this Spiritual seed within itself and only through the free will of the mind may this mind, as a Child of God, may be nurtured into development. HOW MINDS ARE DEVELOPED The physical mind, as a parent, and the Child of God mind both are developed in the same way. They are nurtured by letters and the movement of the those letters. The physical parental mind evolves by moving letters that are NOT directly connected to His Spirit. The child of God mind born out of that parental mind simply has learned to connect its ABC's directly to His Spirit and THEN moves them. That is WHY Revelation 1:8 is so important. "I am Alpha and Omega". The spark of awakening of both the physical and the spiritual mind first takes place when letters that are attached to His Spirit are THEN moved THROUGH the mind and body. The cause and effect of the mind letter movement relationship then begins to take on a life of its own. Sir Isaac Newton struggled for years trying to find the hidden manna in the Bible. His third law of motion is one of the foremost Keys to the Bible, and yet he was unable to see it. "For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction." The mind simply develops WITHIN itself a mind-letter movement cycle that has been re-corded to the Spriti of God. Letters move the mind, and the mind moves the letters. THE PHYSICAL MIND CHILD LETTER MOVEMENT CYCLE This is the mind cycle that the human race is physically born into. This cycle produces self consciousnes. The letters that this mind moves are viewed as its own and are NOT connected to His Spirit. Thus, self only moves to meet self and self becomes conscious of self. THE CHILD OF GOD LETTER MOVEMENT CYCLE This is the born again spiritual mind cycle prepared by God to allow all His children to return to Him through the development of a Spiritual mind, if the physical mind is willing. This NEW cycle may be appropriately called the Christ Conscious Cycle, as the physical mind moves away from self and towards being a spiritual mind AS ONE with God. THE CARE AND FEEDING OF THE CHILD OF GOD The parental physical mind may feed its Child of God food called Hidden Manna b y consciously re-connecting its own letters to His Spirit. HIDDEN MANNA Foods for the physical mind are letters of the alphabet called manna. Foods for the Child of God are Spiritual letters that are has hidden, and are the ESSENCE of the physical letters of the alphabet. Ironically, the letters of any alphabet are, and always have been, Spiritual letters. The modern human mind has simpy not made the re-connection or "revelation". The modern physical mind simply never had an opportunity to feast on the hidden manna as the spiritual connection was never taught to the modern physical mind. A CHILD OF GOD AT PLAY As the Child of God moves God's Spiritual letters, the mind, itself begins to move to be AS One with God. AS Mary and Jesus were the first to make the conception of this Pattern possible, all things were given by God unto His first Son, incuding all the letters that every mind uses as symbols for communication in any language. "I AM Alpha and Omega", remember? Jesus was the first child to be As One with the Father because He was As One with God's Spiritual letters from the very beginning. AT PLAY WITH OUR LETTERS AS HIS LETTERS The Child of God may play all kinds of letter movement games with the words themselves. HIDE AND SEEK Where is the Lord? There He is. He is hiding IN the WORD child. The first letter of His name is literally hiding in the word hid that is even hidden in the word child. C H I (L) D This is not a coincidence. It is a sign that this information is true. ROOTING THE WORDS TO FIND THE SIGNS The mind of the Child of God develops by seeking His letters and finding them within its own words because they are His Spiritual signs along the way. Without God the word is SIN. With (G)od, once again attached to the mind's letters, the word SIN becomes a SI(G)N along the way. GRACE Someday the human race will be called God's race, and that is (G)race. (G)race is the movement of ace (one) upon the Earth plane, and that one is the Holy Spirit. EVOLUTION Many say that the human race evolved through evolution. The Child of God will go into the word evolution for a closer look. The Child of God may find that the word (evol) u shun is really the (love) u shun. EVOLVE The motivational force of letter movement by both God and the Child of God is based on their love for each other. As long as the Pattern of these two loves continue to evolve, and to draw and bond as one love, the human race will continue to...
E V (O L) V E
....this bonding relationship.