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God's Alphabet GOD'S ALPHABET

H I J K L M N 
O P Q R S T U 

These are English, modern day, 
letter symbols given to the 
minds of children by 
parents and teachers. 

There has never been any 
consideration that there 
might be a direct connection 
between the Spirit of God 
and the symbols given to 
the children.

John made that very connection 
on the GREEK Island of Patmos 
when the Spirit of God told
 him that the letters John 
was moving were AS ONE 
wih the Spirit of God. 

Revelation 1:8 which was 
repeated four times to John 
so that it would sink in.   

The symbols of the freewill 
mind of Adam, in the very 
beginning, as the Pattern 
for the mind WERE connected 
to the Spirit of God. 

Adam broke that connection 
by indirectly listening to 
the words and letters 
produced by the snake 
which were Spiritually 
NOT connected to God. 

Letters are things that 
the mind can visualize.

"The Father loveth the Son, 
and hath given all things 
into His hand." John 3:35 

"I am Alpha and Omega, 
the beginning and the ending, 
saith the Lord" Revelation 1:8    

The Spirit of God revealed 
to John on the Greek Island 
of Patmos that the letters 
John was moving, John had 
re-connected them to God's 
Spirit, and this was the 
KEY revelation to John. 

That is why the Spirit 
states that He is Alpha 
and Omega. His Spirit is 
the essence of all symbolic 
letters that the mind uses, 
but the human mind was never 
taught that there could be 
a connection.

His Spirit has never changed.
It is the mind that changes. 
The mind has even changed 
the shape of His Letters 
to suit its self from 
time to time. 
Whatever the mind changes, 
the essence of the symbols 
that the mind uses 
still contain His Spirit 
that never changes and will 
be released through the 
continuing unfoldment of the mind.

HIS Letters,that every mind 
now calls its own, will be LENT 
to a Child of God if the 
human mind is willing.

It is the will of God and the 
destiny of the soul that the 
mind consciously return the 
Letters to the Son.
The mind communicates by 
moving 26 letters called 
the Alphabet.

Every letter of the English 
Alphabet is set as in a 
string of letters whose 
individual positions in 
that cord will never change.

Every child learns the 
Alphabet in the same order. 

A B C D E F G 
H I J K L M N 
O P Q R S T U 

The exact positions of the 
letters G-O-D  will never 
change in this cord of letters.
G is ...............07  
O is ...............15  
D is ...............04   
Total is exactly....26 

The letters G O D are like 
the three measures of meal that 
will leaven the whole loaf.

The fixed positon of these 
letters in our Alphabet 
indicate a sign that these 
letters are AS ONE with 
the whole alphabet that 
the mind moves, just as 
GOD may be AS One 
with every created mind 
that is willing to receive 
the same the Revelation that
was given to John, and that 
John gave to the whole world.

The essence of this cord of 
letters is the reflection of 
the true light that enters 
into the human mind and the 
mind has known it not. 

The mind will know it if it 
is willing to make an 
immaculate conception of its own. 

This cord of letters was severed 
by Adam and was re-stored by 
Adam as Jesus. 
Adam, as Jesus, became the 
Pattern of re-cording these 
Mind Symbols of Light so 
that everyone in the world 
may see how to follow His Pattern. 

It was the Spirit of God that 
moved and formed this world 
in the beginning. 

That Spirit was the Word made 
flesh within Adam, and that 
Word was formed with the 
movement of God's Spiritual 
Letters, G-O-D. 
These are the Letter Symbols 
of Spirit that formed the word 
G O D that was with God 
in the beginning. 

John 1:1