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The Bible Code and the Sphinx

The Bible code and the Sphinx


There is a Bible code. There are three keys that will activate the code. The first key is the letters that every mind moves. The second key is the Spirit of God that is "contained" in every mind's very own letters. The third key is to "know" that the human mind was created with the innate ability to literally move and turn the second key. THE SPHINX The riddle of the Sphinx may easily be solved by using the keys to the code. The Sphinx clearly reflects that the evolution of the human being has been curtailed. The reflection is an object that is part lion and part human. The word Sphinx, which is attached to that object also reflects that a spin or movement has stopped. In the word Sphinx, there is a letter H that indicates that two may be as one by its shape. There is the letter x that also indicates that a spin or movement cycle may have been stopped. In essence, the Sphinx may represent a human being's inability to continue evolving to be AS ONE with God. The letter x is also used or moved by the mind to indicate a location on a map. It has been claimed that there is a map under the right forepaw of the Sphinx that would reveal the Law of One God. THE PAW AND MAP Like any other natural cat, the lion traps its "prey" under its paw to "contain" it. From the mind's point of view, the word is paw, However, from a spiritual point of view, the word paw may be seen as the word map. On most maps, x marks where the treasure is. There is a treasure under the right paw, only the right paw is not quite what it appears to be. The Spirit of God has been "contained" in letters UNDER the Right Paw until it is time that they be released by the Right Paw, which is AS ONE with the Right Pa, which is AS ONE with God. WHY? In order for the Law of One to evolve, the human race had to, first, develop a self conscious mind, by unwittingly moving God's letters as its own. The human race is about to enter the age where all mankind will "know" that, whatever letters the mind has been moving as its own, are really AS ONE with God. When the minds begin to move HIS letters, the minds will become AS ONE with God. AS most everyone "knows", the Sphinx has lost his "nose", and in a Spiritual sense, its "knows". However, there is one in the Bible who is well "aware" of His nose and knows. ENOS His name is Enos. His name "contains" the same letters as nose. Enos is the Son of Seth, and Seth is the third son of Adam and Eve. Seth was the son born after Cain had killed Able. Seth was born to carry the seed of Able. He did. When Enos was born, "then began men to call upon the name of the Lord."....Genesis 4:26 The name Enos is AS ONE with the person Enos, and he is AS ONE with the seed of God. The letters e-n-o-s carry many Spiritual reflections as they are moved. They are son (e)arth plane one(s)pirit nos(e)arth plane (we together as one). THE LAW OF ONE There is a Law of One. That law says that two or more may be consciously AS ONE, yet still be as two or more. PROOF Unfortunately, The Sphinx's forepaw cannot raise and release the spiritual containment of the Law of One. However, the raised forefinger moved by the human mind towards the bridge of its own nose may prove beyond a shadow of doubt The Law of One, does, indeed, exist. The human mind will actually see one finger become as two, yet it is still one. Try it! You will see! The mind's own letters have veiled, hooded, and blocked His Letters because they appear to be AS ONE to the mind, yet they are two. Physical atomic energy was discovered by splitting the atom. SAE Spiritual Atomic Energy will be discovered by mature, self conscious minds splitting the letters. Splitting the letters will give rise to the immaculate conception of a new mind being born out of the mind itself. The Spiritual essence of E = MC2 is SAE = WC2. M = Matter W = truth of the matter C = the speed of light SAE = Spiritual Atomic Energy