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The Mind of Jesus

Jesus brought to this earth a different type of mind called a Christ conscious mind. The mind of the human being today is called the self-conscious mind. The FIRST natural evolution of the mind is consciousness. The mind becomes aware of its earth environment. The mind sees things that are relatively different from each other. The SECOND evolution of the mind is self consciousness. The mind becomes aware of itself, as it NOW sees that it is relatively different from everything AND everyone else. The THIRD evolution of the mind is the Christ consciousness. This is the immaculate conception of the self-conscious mind that it may be AS one with the Father, just as Jesus was AS one with the Father. The soul of an entity comes to this earth plane to develop a free will guidance system called a mind that is capable of propelling the soul home and into everlasting life. The body of an entity will eventually die, but the soul, and its companion, the mind, will continue on and on. How would you like your indwelling soul to take from this earth plane a guidance system powered by the speed of Light? You are able...Jesus brought this Light for our minds. You can do this.You can develop this Light in your mind, not for the sake of your body, but for the sake of your soul. You can Pattern the consciousness of you mind after the Mind of Jesus, and it is called the.... ...The Christ Consciousness.