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The Law of One states that two or more may be As One, yet two or more. The words parent and thesis exactly describe the essence of His book, the Bible. The Bible is literally a book about the Father of Jesus, God, and the Mother of Jesus, the Virgin Mary. The words parent and thesis are two words that may very easily be "joined" together as one word to perfectly match to the Pattern of... ...The Law of One. The unique combination of these two words may be a TRUE SPIRITUAL SIGN. parent thesis paren(t)hesis Here are some interesting observations. The two words just happen to come together as one word right at the letter (t), which just happens to look a lot like a cross. It is at the (t), the cross, where Jesus returned to be As One with the Father. It also just happens that the BEGINNING letter of one word... as the ENDING letter of the other word. This is very similar to what the Holy Spirit said. "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending"* *Revelation 1:8 The word parenthesis, as viewed from the earth plane, is simply one word that has symbols to set words apart in sentences. The word paren(t)hesis, as viewed from the spiritual plane... ...reflects the true spirituality that two or more may be AS one, yet still be as two or more. The gathering of these two words, literally at the cross of Jesus, is exactly as what Jesus stated. "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them"* *Matthew 18:20 As viewed from the spiritual plane, the symbols ( ) of the word parenthesis or paren (t) hesis, are as the two swords that were given to Jesus by His disciples just before he was captured. Jesus said,..."It is enough.* *Luke 22:38 These swords are enough, and AS spiritual (s)words, they may be used by the mind to break the bonds of earth bound words of the mind... ...and to direct the mind into His true Spirituality. Every human being who can read and write has a unique opportunity to develop a spiritual mind by writing Spiritually. If the mind is willing to use His Spiritual Letters to move itself into His Spirituality... will definitely see signs along the way in its very own words by using the symbols of parenthesis ( ). U C, even the word "the" fits His Spiritual Pattern. .......the.......(t)he....... He was AS One with the Cross does.......(t)his. t is the letter the mind first takes for granted as its own. (t) is the symbol that the t is now His by the mind that is willing to return it as to Him.