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THE SEARCH FOR THE CODE The essence of a Bible code search is an attempt to move Spiritual Letters into various configurations to reveal past, present, or future events. THE GOOD NEWS Human minds are beginning to apply the Spiritual principle of "Seek and ye shall find", as recorded in Matthew 7:7 of the King James Bible. HOWEVER The researchers, or seekers, may actually be moving the trees aside in an attempt to see the forest. It is the trees that form the forest. THE LETTERS ARE LIKE TREES Without the trees, there would be no forest. Without the letters, there would be no words. With the words there would be no thought. Without the letters, the following statement would not be possible, "And God SAID, Let there be light: and there was light." Genesis 1:3 THE IRONY OF THE SEARCH What the researchers and seekers are seeking is already IN their hands. It is very much like, " they cannot see the forest because of the trees." They are on the right road, but they need to first move and turn their minds in the exact opposite direction. They are using a fixed human mind viewpoint to move Spiritual Letters so they may be able to see. They have just moved their own letters out of the way for what they are trying to seek. It is the mind that must first MOVE toward the Spiritual Letters and in turn, the Spiritual Letters will move the mind. The mind will THEN be able to see correctly from its new point of view. THE MOVEMENT OF THE EARTH The human mind, the earth, and the universe all have a certain commonality. It is a word called MOVEMENT. The human mind MOVED away from God because it followed His Letters as its own. Self becomes lost in the forest as it keeps bumping into itself by following the letters of its mind as its own. EDGAR CAYCE, THE SLEEPING PROPHET Edgar Cayce is most famous psychic America, and perhaps the world, has ever produced. Through hypnosis, Cayce literally MOVED his mind into a different state of consciousness. During one particular session, Cayce made a simple, yet, profound statement that may have been overlooked by most everyone. READING 452-6 "Altering of a name sets about varied environs or vibrations, that MAKES for the CONDUCIVENESS of the changed surroundings." THE WORD MOVEMENT The human mind has the innate ability to alter, move and return His Letters to Him. This MOVEMENT will allow the human mind to return to Him and to His point of view. Is it not ironic that the word MOVEMENT may reflect MEN MOVE (t) as the mind opens itself and the word? This dovetails with, "If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross (t) and follow me." Matthew 16:24 It is ironic that the words earth, world, and universe all contain letters that form words relating to communication? It is also ironic that even the word ironic contains the words nor i. This is like a reflection of the mind's will MOVING to another point of view? THE LORD'S PRAYER It is here that the human will is asked by the Lord to MOVE and return to be As ONE with the Father. "Our Father...Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven" Matthew 6:10 CONCLUSION The human mind has been veiled or blocked from returning home by Spiritual Letters it has been using as its own. When the human mind decides to return His Spiritual Letters, the human mind will, in deed, have found its pathway home by following His Letters instead of its own.