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Menus for a Wheat-Free Diet

for Pamela Joy

NotesAlways read labels for hidden wheat ingredients.

Week 1:  The central food of week one is Ham. I buy and cook a ham at the beginning of the week and then I can use it in more than one lunch and dinner.  I chose some of my favorite foods this week.  I'll make a grocery list and see if I can afford to eat this well.

Figuring out a breakfast for each day is problematic for me.  I never know if I'm going to feel like eating when I wake up.  At this point I don't have any favorite muffin recipes, but I'll try out some as they come up in the menu.  If you want to see how I do, you can follow along in the Wheat-free Diary.

oat and rye - not for celiac or gluten-free diets

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