Adrian's Reggae Page

Adrian's Reggae Page


Hello!!! Welcome to Adrian's Reggae page. This page was made by me...not for profit...not for praise...but for my tremendous love of reggae music. This page was up and running once before. Because this page was given to me for free by angelfire, it was thrown of for no apparent reason. Anyway, I will try to reconstruct it to the best of my ability. I have a few pictures
and sound clips
for you to take a look at. Please bear with me and come back to see the improvments I will be making in the future.

Now...for Reggae stuff -->Bounty Killer's new album is about to drop. It will be in stores by the end of October. The doctor's album did drop and it truly is da bomb! I am sure the Killers album will also be a big hit. Now let me tell you some good stuff. Many people have abandoned this site because of lack of substance and updates. I must tell you that I upgraded my computer and got a scanner and alot of stuff. I also got mad space from angelfire for my webpage now. It will truly be the bomd if I can find the time to run it the way I want to. I am so excited! I also want to tell you that I just came back from jamaica and I got some new ill cuts. I have put them on the sit for you to listen to if you want. New tracks like "Deadly Zone"-by Bounty Killer. Check them out.

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