Reggae News

Tanya Launches her own label

Danehall's bad girl Tanya Stephens has launhed her brand new record label with some very ' up-to-the minute' tracks on her 'Hurricane' rhythm. The label, Insomnia Records, is the brainchild of the VP recording artiste and according to her "the idea was born on a sleepless night", thus the name Insomnia. Along with the help of her road manager, Andrew Henton and renowned engineer Barry O'Hare, Tanya has released eleven tracks on the label which include works from some of her established contemporaries such as Lady Saw, Spragga Benz, Harry Toddler, Silver Cat, and Captain Barkey. The pulsating staccato rhythm, Hurricane, was created by Barry O'Hare and the songs were recorded and mixed at Anchor Recording Studio by Dr. Marshall and also at Grove Music Studio by O'Hare. Songs to listen out for on the rhythm are 'I Want You Back' (Ghost); 'Buck dem Up' (Lady Saw/Tanya Stephens); 'Naked Gal' (Silver Cat); 'Seed a Gal' (Spragga Benz); 'Sorry' (Harry Toddler); 'Reach the Moon' (Bobby Grystal); 'New Millennium Gal' (Gringo); 'Going Down' (Zeno) and 'Love See The Girls' (Natty Chris).

Tanya is especially excited about her combination with fellow controversial female DJ Lady Saw on the 'no holds barred' delivery of 'Buck Dem Up'. However, she will be prducing a video to include all the artiste who have recorded on the rhythm.
Unpretentious, and unapologetic about her ideals, the dancehall diva gets in gear to do a makeover of the face of dancehall music and she expects to forge ahead with her new label. Her objective, she says, "is to shorten the distance in quality between Dancehall and Reggae music." She reports a strong initial feedback for the label's first project in music-friendly centres overseas like Miami, New York and the Bahamas, and she has practically just begun her marketing thrust. (Xnews)

The Kid - was hot at the Pub

Two Saturday's ago, Ocho Rios' Little Pub continued its command of night time entertainment in that tourist resort, when they presented deejay Frisco Kid in a concert that was tailor-made for the ladies. Since it was ladies Ladies Night, ladies were allowed free entry and they made good use of this opportunity, filling up the Pub long before showtime. The man of the moment, who late last year finally launched his debut album,'Finally'. Frisco was on a mission to promote his album and also to keep the vibes high with his fans. It was minutes to one when the deejay with excess amount of hits and a bag full of lyrics jumped on stage. reeling off a medley, he had the ladies screaming passionately at both his explicit lyrics: di gal pon di side jook di best....and his former dancehall anthem which cautions safe sex, Mi want a jook offa Jacqueline, but mi haffi draw for my rubbers/Sex nice but di AIDS ting, will mek you die like flowas.... Frisco came prepared to deliver and this he did in fine style. Dressed in brown Calvin Klein jeans and matching vest, he had the girls weak as he drew for all his tough tunes, many of which had enjoyed long life on various charts. Among them were Been There Done That, Think We Nice, Bashment Time, Calico and Rubbers. In closing, Frisco launched into his popular but banned, Juvenile Run Downtown and the all-time favourite, Living in Style. (EXS)


"Ridin West" for Montego Bay

All roads lead to the Western Municipal City of Montego Bay on April 10, 1999, when Prime Time Entertainment presents "Ridin West". Peir One on the Waterfront is to be the venue for "Ridin West", a live show featuring Bounty Killer. A spokesperson for Prime Time Entertainment has promised that this prestigious event will expose patrons to the very best of Bounty Killer. Other artistes booked to perform are Richie Stephens, Lady G, shalom, George Nooks, Copper Cat, Major Christie, Ricky Chaplain, Cement Kid, Ghandi, and M.C. Banking, as well as Montego Bay's very own Jaggi D and Black Lion. The show is slated to begin at 8:00 p.m. with gates opening at 7:00 pm. The admission is $500 and refreshments will be on sale. Bounty Killer hasn't performed in Montego Bay in approximately a year and with his latest hits, "Can't Believe my Eyes", "Fed Up", and "Anytime", western Jamaica is yearning for a live show with the Killa DJ. (XNews)


Buccaneer makes history on MTV

Once again reggae music is enjoying another breakthrough. Mainstreet's artiste buccaneer with the remix of Bruck Out. Bruck Out has enjoyed what no other Jamaican reggae artist has. MTV's 120 Minute will add the Bruck Out video to their programme putting Buccaneer in the company of rock greats such as Kid Rock, Orgy, Lenny Kravitz, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and Vanilla Ice. We are talking exciting stuff here. Unlike other reggae videos that are shown "once in a while" on MTV, Bruck Out remix will be airing on the hottest programme and in the company of impressive names. No reggae video has ever managed to enjoy that kind of success. The video will aslo be shown on M2 and MTV-X. Bruck Out, since its recording, one could say was destined to enjoy success. Since its release in 1998 the song sat cojmfortably at the number one spot on at least 5 top ten charts including in Jamaica, Washington, Miami, New York and England. It all started when Rancid, a top heavy metal group out of theUnited States came to Jamaica to do some recording with Buju Banton. While in Jamaica they got a taste of the music and were fascinated by it. When they heard Buccaneer's song it caught their attention. Their creative juices started flowing and right away they set the wheels in motion to do a combination. "Rancid decided to remix the song. They got the multi-track from Danny with my voice on it without the heavy metal rhythm and took it to LA and remix it in their studio where they made their own rhythm and gave it a 100% rock vibes". According to the DJ, it's all about the music. The song was released in November 98 and Buccaneer flew to Los Angeles to shoot the video at Rancid's house. Rancid presented the video to MTV's execs. They loved it. while the group may have brought the video to their attention, it was the quality and unusual combination that pushed the video unto the 120-minute program. Word out of the camp is that MTV thought the combination was "a new and exciting thing". (XNews)

Beenie to Tour Africa

Beenie Man left the island for a two-month tour of Africa and Europe which begins March 9 and ends on April 19. It will be the first time that the Doctor will be visiting the African continent and Italy. The tour, dubbed "The Doctor", will cover some 30 cities including Kampala, Uganda, Nairobi and Daar Es Salaam in Kenya. He is sladed to go on a tour of the United States this summer, followed by a foray into Asia and Japan. Beenie Man is currently recording his first commitment album for Virgin Records which is expected to be released in the fall. Moses will be accompanied by stable mates Snagga Puss and Little Kirk, tour managers Dexton and Kevin McKenzie and his backing band Blaze. Beenie Man's Shocking Vibes Manager Patrick Roberts told XNews that, "For the past three years, Beenie Man has been touring and that is one of the things that helps to boost his career. This tour will certainly be beneficial to Beenie Man has he will be trodding into virgin territories, putting his talent on display for all the world to see." As for the Doctor Beenie Man, since he has scaled down his appearance on the local scene, all his concentration will certainly be centred around his tour. (XNews)


Deejays reject porno

Some major players in the reggae music business are now seeking an injuction to stop US-based Pay-Per-View network, Avalon productions, from using portions of an aborted film showing local dancehall stars being interviewed against a backdrop of pornography. According to Nancy Davis, publicist and road manager at Main Street Records, Avalon Productions, which airs its programmes on the popular BET network, lured the artistes, including Beenie Man, Red Rat, Goofy, Spragga Benz and US singer Jon B, to Hedonism II in Negril last week Tuesday on what they said was a mission to promote reggae. However, it turned out that Avalon had plans of trapping the artistes into posing for a porno shot. Davis said the entertainers realised that something was amiss when the focus seemed to be on any and everthing to do with sex and little or nothing to do with music Upon advice from Beenie Man's road manager, Kevin McKenzie, I asked the Avalon crew what exactly the filming would be about and the type of questions that would be asked. It was then that one member informed me that while there would be a lot of questions about sex in general, there would be no questions exploring homosexuality," said Davis, whose company handles the careers of deejays Red Rat and Goofy. Davis said that the sample questions were quite bold and straightforward. "They even asked questions like 'do you suck p.....', and all kinds of things pertaining to oral sex," she disclosed. It was at that point that Main Street took the decision to tear up the contract rather than participate in the hoax. Davis said the organisers then informed her that Main Street CEO, Danny Browne, had been sent a fax apprising him of the details of the shoot, but, Browne, however, maintains that he received no such missive. Clyde McKenzie, publicist for Shocking Vibes Productions, which directs the career of Beenie Man, said that it was while at Hedonism II that the artistes' management teams realised that "things were getting a bit too erotic". He said that on the scene of the actual filming there was an abundance of nudity; women licking women and other pornographic stuff.