Hello Fellow Reggae Lovers...

I trust you will grow to love this new and improved website I've created just for you. This one is dedicated to all the ardent fans out there that truly love reggae music. When I speak of fans of Reggae, I'm not talking about only the fans of cultral Reggae but dancehall also. This one is for you!!!

If any of you reading this is a second time visitor (i don't know why you would be because the first design was pretty crappy). you will be verry pleased with the new ideas that are being implemented.

This new site is being geared towards die-hard Dancehall fans, more specifically, DJs. A new section inplemented for DJs is the remix section. This section will feature remixes of popular Hip Hop songs on Reggae beats or popular Reggae songs on Hip Hop or Dance beats.

There will also be the other traditional sections. These consist of a Pictures page, a New release samples page, and, of course, a Reggae news page.

As soon as I get new ideas I will be sure to implement them. As for now, look to the right and click on a link.

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