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This is part B, which includes Dreams and Comments on Dreams

that were not sent in February.

To retrieve a copy of part A sent the last of February,

go to http://www.dreamgate.com/dreams/ed-ackissues



Volume 4 Issue #2 Part B

26 February 1997

ISSN# 1089 4284


Electric Dreams - on the World Wide Web



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Cover by Jesse Reklaw


== D R E A M S ==

Hi there! Thanks so much for your patience this month. This month

we have lots of interesting contributions including some great

feedback on remembering dreams and on mirrors in dreams. The

Dream Series section includes a unique contribution of a dreamers

dreams over a month called The ROB Series. The Editorial Section

this month includes some new features: A section on Dream

Software including interviews and software reviews, and Linkwatch

- a more in depth review of dream related Web Sites. Wherever you

are, thanks for reading, and come on join in the fun. Send us a

dream or commentary.


This Month (February 1996)

Dream Software - Dream Up and DreamScape

Interview re DreamScape

Interview re Dream Up

Linkwatch - Feb 1996


= From Bob C. =

= From Conan =


= Commentary by Bob C. On "Crazy ..." =

* Dream: Harvesting Granny's Garden - Again by Nancy B*

= Commentary by Conan on Harvesting Granny Garden =

= Commentary by Mark on Harvesting Granny Garden =

= Commentary by Nutcracker on Harvesting Granny Garden =


- by Jim B (of 960915) =



[Stories from past experiences, or send them in before it

happens, if you can]


[Significant by nature]

* Dream: Spiderman's Enemy King Pin by Ann (970221)*

= Comments by Ann on her "Spiderman's Enemy King Pin" =

= Commentary from on "Spiderman" From Heratheta (970222)=

See "Shoe Store of Childhood" by Sharon under FEAR


[The effects of external stimuli on our dreams or is it the

other way around - our dreams leaving a trace on our

physical reality?]

* Dream: Line on my Face by Dallas (9702XX)*

= Comments by Jay on 'drawing a line' dream or, 'me and my

shadow...' =


[Your stumpers may not be so mysterious to others]


under the Commentary on dreams from Previous Issues.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


BIRTH [Starts]

CHILDHOOD [Early development]

ADOLESCENCE [Maturing, testing]

ADULTHOOD [The main event for most]

* Dream: The Fire Horse Dream by Rebeccah (90XXXX)*

= Interpretation by the dreamer, Rebeccah =

OLD AGE [Wisdom, Approaching the Journeys end]

DEATH [Endings]

COMMUNICATION WITH THE DEAD [Beyond our terrestrial limits]

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

ANIMALS [Basic Instincts]

See the Fire Horse Dream under ADULTHOOD for horses

* Dream "Groundhog Dream" by Nina (961002)*

= Commentary by Conan on Nina's Groundhog Dream =

* Dream: Another Dreamscape by Nutcracker (970219)*

* Deer in Dreams Question by Shahla *

= Commentary on Deer Question =

= Commentary on Deer in Dreams Question by Conan =

AGGRESSION [By us or against us- crossing others paths]

BATHROOMS [Maintenance, Cleansing and Elimination]

BELONGING [What we are associated with or wish we were]

BRIDGES [How we get across an obstacle or go from here to


CELEBRITIES [The well known - famous and infamous]

CLOTHING [What we wear tells us about ourselves and the events we

participate in]

** Dream: "All Dressed Up And No Place To Go" by Nutcracker

(970216) **

= Commentary by Mark on All Dressed Up..=

COMPUTERS [Extensions of our minds, mind tools,


DIRECTIONS [Ever stop and ask for directions? North, South,

East, West, up, down, ahead, behind, straight, turn, right, left,

make a circle, cross, go through, open, close, mix, add, boil,

cook, simmer, but most of all - follow these instructions

carefully...and don't be shy about asking someone else down the

path, except, of course, for the Big Bad Wolf!!!]

* Dream: Spirits ... *

= Commentary from Heratheta (970221)=

= Commentary from Heratheta (970225)=

= Commentary by Heratheta "Perpendicular Avoidance" =

= Commentary by Cathy on Perpendicularity =

= Commentary on "90 Degrees away from.." by jrl =

= Commentary by Judeace on Directions (970226) =

DISCOVERY [New insights and unexpected developments]

DRUGS [Healing or Hurting?]

EATING [Getting nourishment for maintenance, growth and


ELEVATORS [Going UP or DOWN - Push the right button or


ESCAPE [Get me outta here!!!]

* Dream: "Escape" by Nutcracker (970214) *

= Commentary by Cathy on Escape by Nutcracker =

FEAR [What scares us]

* Dream: "Shoe Store of Childhood" by Sharon (Recurring)*

= questions about Sharon's shoe store dream by Jay =

= Answers to questions about Sharon's Shoe Store dream by Sharon=

= Commentary by Jay on Shoe Store Dream =

* Dream: Black Attack by Rebeccah *

= Commentary on Black Attack by Rebeccah =

* Dream: Crushed Car Sandwich by Rebeccah *

= Commentary on Crushed Car Sandwich by Rebeccah =

FOOD [The source of our physical nourishment]

FLYING [Confidence, Power, Freedom & Perspective]

GIFTS [Offerings to or from others]

HOBBIES [Our interests and desires]- COLLECTING THINGS


*Dream: Christmas 1995 Dream by (951225)*

HOSPITAL [A place for treatment, healing and repair]

HOUSE [Where our lives take place]

* Dream: The Haunting by Nutcracker (970221) *

HOTELS [Temporary Dwelling or Special Event location]

JOURNEYS [Missions away from our home base -explorations]

Check out Our Hero & Kat Hart in the RELATIONSHIPS section

* Dream: "The Pedantic" by Brett tentatively titled "This is How

We Do It" (970208) *

= Commentary on the Pedantic =

* Dream: Little Titanic Dream by Cathy (97XXXX)*

= Commentary by Conan on The Little Titanic Dream by Cathy =

= Commentary by Bob C on The Little Titanic Dream by Cathy =

= Commentary from Cathy on her Little Titanic Dream =

LOST [Disorientation or abandonment]

LOTTERY DREAMS [Sudden Wealth - Randomness favors the


LOVE [All around us, yet so hard to find and keep]

MEMORY [Remembering ...In dreams we often struggle with the issue

of memories and remembering a dream by definition involves the

process of recollection. This month some pointers on remembering


* Corey's Dream Memory Question (970211) *

= Commentary by Pat on Corey's Memory Question =

= Commentary by Richard on Memory (5 Steps & Bibliography!) =

= Commentary by Bob K on Corey's Memory Question =

= Commentary by Earl on Corey's Memory Question =

= Commentary by Heratheta on Corey's Dream Memory Question =

= Commentary by Anonymous (Food) on Corey's Memory Question =

= Commentary by Richard on recall/food=

= Commentary by a Smoker on Corey's Memory Question =

= Reply by Corey to Comments =

MIRRORS [Reflection of Self]

* Question on Mirrors in Dreams by Conan (9702XX) *

= Commentary by Bob K. On Conan's Mirror Question (9702XX) =

= Commentary by Richard on Conan's Dream Mirror Question =

= Commentary by Cathy on Conan's Dream Mirror Question =

= Commentary by Bob C. On Conan's Dream Mirror Question =

NUDITY [What you see is what you get]

PERFORMERS [Entertainers]

See the Phys. Assistant woman from ER (the one with HIV) and

Rhea Pearlman in Feminist Brigade under POLITICAL SCENE.

PROBLEMS [Situations or difficulties sometimes present


POLITICAL SCENE [Public issues through positions of power]

* Dream: "Feminist Brigade" by MadGrl (970225) *

[Featuring Ann Richards of Texas]

RELATIONSHIPS [Other parts of ourselves]

* Dream: Family Dream" by Bonnie (9702XX)*

* Dream: Relatives & Relatives by Anna *

* Dream: Our Hero and Kat Hart by Jessel (9702XX) *

RELIGIOUS RELATED [The Ritual and the Spiritual]

ROMANCE [Thrills and Chills, lost in another]

..or something else - see Our Hero & Kat Hart in the section on


* Dream: Return to the Country Club by Jessel *

SCHOOL THEMES [Learning and learnings trials]

SOLUTIONS [The answers to problems or quandaries]

TEETH [Ok, losing teeth is one of the top ten dreams people have

questions on. Theories on what they mean range all over the

spectrum of possibilities.]

= Following is not a dream, but where to get help on this type of

dream or others, just in case you missed the concise Top Ten by

Richard elsewhere in Electric Dreams or cyberspace.=

TORNADOS [Pretty well defined destructive power of nature]

TRAPPED [Temporarily helpless- Sometimes we are paralyzed or

imprisoned by jobs, relationships or expectations]

*Dream: "Abduction by Raincoat" A DREAM VORTEX SLICE by Nicole*

VEHICLES [Means of transportation, reflection of lifestyle]

See the Little Titanic Dream with boats & Jet Ski's under

JOURNEY, as well as Nicole's Commentary on Raincoat's Abduction

Dream under TRAPPED

* Dreams: The Multicolored Bus Double Feature by Dallas *

= Commentary by Dallas on Multicolored Bus Double Feature =

= Commentary by Jay on Cars =

WORKPLACE [Where we make a living]

WRITING & WRITERS [Communication and creativity]

= = = = = = = = = = = =


= The ROB series by Island (970107 -970207)

* Dreams:

* January 7, 1997 - * The Apartment, three hole punch paper, an

expensive restaurant, the bag and a little girl singing * in a

skyscraper * a longstanding indebtedness * New York City streets

- Dreaming vs. Drugs.

* January 9, 1997 - * Some photos * T'ai Chi steps on Potholed


* January 10, 1997 - * Apartment rental * A huge truck a dog and


* January 11, 1977 - * Another child & Rob's oil spill

* January 12, 1997 - * A class

* January 14, 1997 - * Marty * The missed meeting * In an office


* January 14, 1997 - * Wealth, Success, and the rescue disk * Bar

scene &

* January 17, 1997 - * Three scenarios

* January 23, 1997 - * Princeton University

* January 28, 1997 - * Escape from behind the iron curtain. * The

Bicycle project * The Lost Wallet *The Theatre.

* January 31, 1997 - *Loving Rob * A Class * Jane's Objects *

Murder and a Group of Gay men

* February 1, 1997 - *Spirits of the Dead

* February 2, 1997 - *Rising Too High

* February 7, 1997 - *When the phone rings...

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **



Hi there! This month we have a get deal of interesting

contributions including some great feedback on remembering dreams

and on mirrors in dreams. The Dream Series section includes a

unique contribution of a dreamers dreams over a month called The

ROB Series. The Editorial Section this month includes some new

features: A section on Dream Software including interviews

and software reviews and Linkwatch- a more in depth review of

dream related Web Sites. Wherever you are, thanks for reading,

and come on join in the fun. Send us a dream or commentary.


Wouldn't it be great to have a tool to help one record and work

with our dreams beyond the pen and paper. I have seen some

magnificently decorated and scripted dream journals in my time.

Amazing how they reflect an aspect of the dreamers serious or

flippant attitude toward dreams. In this day of automation

though, it would be great to have them in electronic format to

the degree possible to assist in having your dream opus available

in one location, and capable of being searched and linked.

We have come a long way baby. I will be commenting on two

recently available Dream Software programs DREAMUP V1.0 and

DreamScape V3.0.

The first dream software program I ever experienced was a basic

program that Henry Reed had worked on available on a Bulletin

Board in Denver. Basically you typed in your dream first. It

then asked you what certain elements of the dream meant to you.

It then rewrote your dream with the information you supplied.

Much like the interviewing of dream characters and elements from

a Gestalt perspective, this approach was very revealing. With

advance Word Processors, the use of the search and replace

function serves a similar purpose. You identify values or

concerns the people or objects of your dream represent to you at

that time, and come up with another version of your dream. You

can then comment on your dreams making associations and

connections to waking reality issues. You can save the text

files and save them for consolidation at some future point in


The software programs I experimented with this month take the

simple approach a giant step further. The provide different tools

to help motivate, organize, and stimulate your interest in


DREAMUP V1.0 (for Windows) from Dreamsoft, Inc. is really two

programs. It is a journal program, and it is a Symbol Dictionary

program. It also has a very basic and helpful windows "help" file

on dreams and dreaming. It is not only useful for using the

program but for reviewing some dream related principles.

The journal section is organized in four clear cut sections:

Dream, Interpretation, Analysis, Conclusions. They are presented

in a tabbed folder format with each following the other. Each has

a few blocks of space for addressing key elements of a dream or

associations to the phases of working with a dream. When you

print out your dream however, all four sections are included in

your printout. This gives you a written black and white

incarnation of your dream which you can work with further or file

away in a binder. The dreams need to be given a title but the

program will add the date and time. You may search through the

listing of titles for previous dreams. It offers password

protection and can be used by multiple users (or you can keep

different journals under different names for instance - sleep

dreams and "waking reality" incidents to be interpreted as

dreams). Though you can search through dream titles, there is no

integrated "keyword" search function. The program has a stunning

mirror image at start-up, and colorful icons.

The neatest feature is the symbol dictionary. Some symbols have

"wizards" available which help to further refine the universal

meanings associated with the symbols. The authors researched

much dream literature to come up with their version of a "base

line" symbology. It's great to have a varied field of symbols

and concepts to draw on rather than having to start from scratch.

They recognize that even though there appears to be an

undercurrent of universal cultural symbols in the dreams of

humankind, most dream symbols take on quite personal meanings.

Water to someone who associates it with vacations & summertime,

will have a very different feel than to one who can't swim or

lost a loved one in a drowning accident. The symbol dictionary

can be edited, but not "on-the-fly." You have to go into the

symbol dictionary itself to add categories or subjects and to

expand on definitions. It would be nice to be able to directly

edit the dictionary as you are reviewing your dream in the

journal section. I found the symbols to be somewhat heavily

Freudian/sexual connotation oriented. Since much of the

traditional "modern" literature on dreams comes from the

psychiatric world that Freud founded, it is not surprising.

However, each dreamers with their environment & personal issues

are the ultimate determiner of what makes sense to him or her.

To use the program you need to run the install module, name your

"journal," assign your password if you so choose, and start using

the program. You fill in your dream in the dream section,

associations in the corresponding blocks. We you analyze the

dream, the symbol dictionary opens up and picks out recognized

symbols. My use of one and two for a half generated references

to the numbers one and two. Not all definitions of a word are

included in all symbol associations so some suggested

associations are really associated with an alternate meaning. As

you refine your dictionary, these issues will become less


As Victoria Quinton of our ED staff mentioned to me, there still

is no way other than personal effort to discipline yourself to

add your recalled dreams. No software program can supply the

internal motivation to use available tools.

DreamScape V3.0 (for Windows) is also two programs (plus it comes

bundled with a book by its author). It provides a journal (only

one per software program allowed) and an "Analyzer" program which

is somewhat along the lines of an intelligent interviewer.

(Anyone remember ELIZA the basic program?) The background uses

subdued colors, but has as a backdrop a starscape giving the

impression that you are traveling out into the farther reaches of

the universe.

You can write the dreams in your journal, stored by date & title,

and import them into the "analyzer" program or you can write a

dream directly into the analyzer. The focus of this author is to

help apply the wisdom of your dreams to your waking reality

concerns. To this end, he de-emphasizes the who, what, where,

how, and why of dreams in favor of uncovering the emotional

feeling ties that our dreams are linked to. The analyzer program

is seeded with associations to some actions or feelings, and will

ask questions to help determine what may be on our mind. It then

gives a summary interpretation based on the responses. My first

impression was that I found it quite amazing. Clearly focusing

only on the feelings and emotions uncovers a whole new world of

meaning in dreams. I have always tended to be more people or

event or location oriented in my dream reporting. However,

similar type of concerns will generate similar types of

responses. It was a little disappointing, but the truth is that

the issues still remained unresolved and this probably led to a

repetition of the theme and feelings in a whole new setting. The

program uncovers underlying issues in our dreams and helps us to

clarify them and move to doing something about them. Dreams saved

in the Journal are keyword searchable. An icon menu bar provides

the navigation system for this program.

The accompanying book provides lots of details on themes in our

dreams and what issues they tend to be associated with. It was a

refreshing new perspective on dreams for me, though many of the

categories had obvious common sense associations. You may be

better qualified to be able to figure out what areas of your

waking life your dreams are touching by reading the book

DreamScape and working with this software.

All these tools (relatively inexpensive) would be helpful to a

serious dreamer who has a windows computer readily available.

You can read more about these programs in the interviews with

their creators.

From: "Nicholas Heyneman, Ph.D." <neh@srv.net>

To: "'Bob Krumhansl'" <bobkrum@erols.com>

Subject: RE: DreamScape

Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 19:01:19 -0700

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the email and your interest in DreamScape. I would

love for you to review my book & software and would be happy to

answer any questions. I wrote in answers to ones you posed


Warm regards,



From: Bob Krumhansl[SMTP:bobkrum@erols.com]

Sent: Thursday, February 20, 1997 7:19 PM

To: neh@srv.net

Cc: rcwilk@aol.com

Subject: DreamScape

Hi Mr. Heyneman:

I am a co-editor of the e-zine ELECTRIC DREAMS. I am planning on

reviewing your book and software program in an upcoming issue of

ELECTRIC DREAMS. I bought a copy at a B.Dalton's here in

Columbia,MD about a month ago. I would also like to include an

"interview" with background information - if you would be

interested. These are the questions I came up with. I'm still

putting the review together. I am impressed by your approach.

1) Who is Nicholas E. Heyneman?

I am a psychologist, author, and university professor. My Ph.D.

is in clinical psychology and I am former professor at Penn State

Univ School of Medicine and Idaho State Univ. I now teach

part-time at ISU. My academic research was in the area of

computer-assisted therapy, a fledgling but exciting field where

computers are used as an adjunct to psychotherapy. I left the

University to pursue this work full-time in the private sector

(scary, but a lot more fun!).

2) How long has DreamScape been in development? What was your


Some 5-6 years in the making and very much still evolving. I

wanted to create a system that would allow "nondreamers" easy

access to begin understanding and utilizing their dreams.

Something more sophisticated and useful than a dream dictionary

yet could still be done privately. I also hoped that DreamScape

would provide more advanced dreamers with perhaps new

perspectives that, again, could be done privately.

3) How did you get involved in this project?

It grew out of my belief that we now have a technology that

allows us to develop new and better tools for enhancing

self-understanding, or what could be called inter- and


4) What is the recommended system configuration? The minimum?

Minimum: Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, 8MB RAM, 4MB hard disk space,

CD-ROM, 386 or better. Recommend a 486 or better. If Windows

runs, so will DreamScape. I originally wrote the program on a

Mac and am hoping to upgrade the Mac version soon.

5) How much space does the program take up?

Initially, 3-4MB and will grow as more dreams are entered.

6) How big can the journal grow?

I think it is only limited by disk space.

7) How does one get DreamScape? How much does it cost? Can you

just buy the software in disk format anywhere (for those that

don't have a CD-ROM)? Any discount available to Electric Dreams


DreamScape is published by Simon& Schuster, one of the largest

publishers in the world so is available anywhere books are sold

(in English only so far). There is no formal disk version of

DreamScape but I have received email from individuals requesting

disks and I have just copied some myself and mailed them. I'm

glad to do this. As far as price goes, I have no control over

what the publisher charges. You may, however, be able to arrange

a deal directly with them.

9) Do you have a web page?

No. I don't publish DreamScape. I'm just the author.

10) Is there a version upgrade in the works? Any price break for

registered users?

Yes! I'm working a child's version of DreamScape as well as some

interesting new features such as the ability to add one's own

personal interpretive information into the program. I am almost

finished with a "professional" version designed for helping

professionals to use with their clients, although I'm not sure

exactly what to do with this. Any suggestions?

11) Any other versions planned? (ie. Mac, Win95, Spanish, French,


Mac, I hope. As far as other languages, that is up to S&S.

12) Where can users submit recommendations for improvements?

I would love to hear from users! I get fantastic suggestions

whenever I lecture or do demos & book signings as well as some

wonderful email. I have included my address, phone, and email in

the back of the book and I encourage readers to contact me.

13) How has the program helped you?

As you might guess, DreamScape is a part of me. I use the program

to help me break out of my sometimes myopic thinking and look at

a dream from a fresh perspective. I love it when it surprises


14) Did you know about Electric Dreams?

Not until I received an email from Peggy Coats a few months ago.

I would love to get on your list. How do I do this?

Thanks for your time and interest.

Thank you!

= = = = = =

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 11:28:44 -0600

From: Sergio Ferragut <snovo@mail.mx.ges.com>

Reply-To: snovo@mail.mx.ges.com

To: bobkrum@erols.com

Subject: DreamUp Interview

Hi Bob,

Here are the answers to your questions, if you need any

additional information please email me. Sorry for the delay but I

had to get together with the rest of the team.

1) Who is DreamSoft?

3) How did DreamSoft get involved in this project?

DreamUp and DreamSoft were born from an idea that Sergio Ferragut


one of the company's owners, had after some time of interest and

development of his own dreamwork. He thought that dreams and

dreamworking was a field that could attract a great deal of

interest and so DreamSoft and DreamUp were created.

DreamSoft is young software company that was created specifically

for the development and marketing of DreamUp. The company is

incorporated as DreamSoft, Inc. in the state of Delaware in the


Our mailing address is :

9051-C Siempre Viva Rd.

Suite MX-037-070

San Diego, CA 92173

Our email address is support@dreamup.com

DreamSoft's people:

Sergio Ferragut, Sr. Founder and Co-Owner

Sergio Ferragut, Jr. Research & Development, Co-Owner

Xavier Ferragut Marketing & Sales

(As you can see, it's a family project.)

2) How long has DreamUp been in development? What is your


DreamUp has been in development for over a year now. This has

involved a great deal of research on the unconscious mind and how

dreams relate to our everyday waking life. Our research was based

on many books which we considered to be serious and professional

work on dreams. We also received support and feedback from

psychologists that helped in developing the format for an

organized dream analysis.

Our objective is to provide a self-help tool so that individuals

could better understand their unconscious mind and how it

interacts with the conscious mind. DreamUp is an ongoing project,

we are always building on new ideas of how to make it a better

tool and we are open to any suggestions that the public may have.

4)What is the recommended system configuration? Minimum?





10MB Disk Space

Windows 3.1 or Higher





5MB Disk Space

Windows 3.1 or Higher

5) How much space does the program take up?

The program installation needs 7MB. Once installed the program

uses 4MB and about 1MB for each user's journal.

6) How big can the journal grow?

The journal has no limitation except for hard disk space.

Average dreams take up about 3K meaning that you can have about

330 dreams per MB.

7) How big can the dictionary grow?

The dictionary has over 65000 slots. A slot is what a symbol,

symbol group or a meaning occupies. Under 2000 slots are used up

with the basic dictionary so there's a lot of space to grow.

8) How does one order DreamUp? How much does it cost? Any

discount to Electric Dreams subscribers?

We are currently working on the ordering process. This will be

directly on-line using the services of Pik-A-Program which will

be accessed directly from DreamUp's website. We are near the end

of the setup process and we hope that we'll be up by the first

week of March.

Our introductory download price is $19.95. We'd be glad to give a

10% discount to Electric Dreams subscribers but we'd need to know

who are the subscribers. One possibility is that we manage a

special download of DreamUp through Pik-A-Program that would be

accessed only through the Electric Dreams E-mail Publication and

wouldn't appear on Pik-A-Program's regular list.

9) How long does the download of DreamUp take?

14.4 Modem 30 min

28.8 Modem 15 min

10) Is there a version upgrade in the works?

Yes, it should be ready by Summer 97 with a greatly enhanced

dictionary, general text search through the whole dream journal,

and we are open to any suggestions for improvements. Registered

users will be able to upgrade for $5.95. The new version will

contain a merging procedure to maintain old dream journals and

personal symbol dictionary.

11) Any other versions planned?


The current version is in English and runs under Windows 3.1

or Windows95.

English 32 bit Windows95 Summer 97

Spanish Windows 3.1 Fall 97

Spanish 32 bit Windows95 Fall 97

French version 1998

12) How can users submit recommendations for improvements?

We are working on a suggestion submission form, but for now any

suggestions can be emailed directly to support@dreamup.com.

13) How has the program helped you?

Keeping a manual journal can be a time consuming task, specially

when trying to build a personal symbol dictionary. The dictionary

has made the process of learning my personal symbols much easier

since DreamUp looks them up for me. Also DreamUp has showed me

symbols which at first I hadn't recognized in certain dreams,

that's the advantage of having an automated lookup of the

dictionary. Having a quick and organized way of keeping and

consulting my dream journal has certainly made me a constant


14) How did you find out about Electric Dreams?

Surfing the Internet to contact the dream community.


Xavier Ferragut

DreamSoft, Inc.

= = = = = = = = = =


By Bob Krumhansl

Well, all the world is at your fingertips now through the magic

of the Internet. But there is so much out there you can't

possibly check everything out, even everything you are interested

in. Therefore, the premise of this column is to bring some

insight and recommendations on what some of the dream sites out

there focus on or specialize in. The dreamlinks page on our

Electric Dreams Bulletin Board it is meant to supplement the web

page listings we have been providing. We started out trying to

put together a complete listing of dreams sites available on the

Web. The problem is that so many areas overlap the subject of

dreams that it becomes a huge undertaking. As if that were not

enough, the site are not all static. They are very dynamic,

evolving and changing over time.

This month I'll focus on four unique sites: DREAMLYNX, DAYBYDAY,


One outstanding resource is the DREAMLYNX site managed by the

Hutchinson's - Linton and Becky at:


DREAM WHEELS: Those of you who have participated in some of our

Dream Wheels know the place. What a terrific dream resource! It

keeps expanding and improving. It sponsors a monthly LISTING OF

DREAMS AND COMMENTARY in the JOURNAL section- organized in

alphabetical order - and started anew every month. It has two

(!) updated LISTINGS OF DREAM RELATED WEB SITES. It features a

column focusing on Dream Subjects called TECHNIQUE A WEEK though

it isn't revised every week nowadays. You can submit dreams -

and the ONLINE DREAM SUBMISSION FORM will help you identify the

areas and characteristics of your dream. It has a resources

section with references to DREAM BOOKS, ARTICLES, and

PERSONALITIES. Ever wonder what some of these dream people look

like? Check out the PHOTOS in the BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH AREA. You

may submit "STUMPERS" to a panel of dream experts - just click on

their name and an e-mail form will be activated. Clearly a lot

of work has gone into developing this site. The current menu has

a rectangle with 21 clickable areas to explore. What are you

waiting for? I was visitor 80,200 according to their counter

recently. Anyone with an interest in dreams will find something

to like in a visit to this site.

The DAYBYDAY site is quite interesting as it focuses on the

RECOVERY from ADDICTIONS area, both from the perspective of the

person who has or is recovering from some kind of addictive

behavior as well as from the perspective of the affected and

supporting family members. Shelly Marshall, author of the best

selling collection of meditations book called DAY BY DAY has also

written a book on dreams called: YOUR DREAM OF RECOVERY

(A.R.E.Press). The focus of this Dream Book is how to use your

dreams to help you in dealing with ongoing issues and to help

support the changes in your waking reality. Shelly has done much

work with recovering Alcoholics, but her books address other

types of addictive behavior such as with drugs, sex or abusive

relationships. Shelly offers an ongoing monthly Question &

Answer column online. Check out her site at:


One of the links I followed this month took me to a unique Dream

Web Page offered by Niki LeBoef. You can find it at:


Niki interacts with her visitors in a number of ways. She has

suggested monthly dream topics and offers to give a dream

submitter free feedback from her honest-to-the-core perspective.

See the dream Section under TRAPPED for a slice (or chunk) of

Niki's latest column for your enjoyment.

Harry Bosma has another information rich site at:


He uses the netscape "frames" approach similar to our ELECTRIC

DREAMS Web Site to allow the visitor to keep multiple navigation

options open at all times.

Harry has done a lot of work in organizing and annotating dream

resources. I still haven't finished exploring all the paths he

presents. The main focus is on the Healing Power of dreams and

how to help us get in touch with them. You can find his review

of the software program DREAMUP at his site. The site is very

visual oriented and uses lots of colorful graphics. Please you

sight and mind at this dream site.

An annotated list of his favorite dream books can be found at:


Bob Krumhansl



= From Bob C.

Bob, Thanks for your recent e-mail. I never worry about

getting credit. If one person is helped in cyberspace

through my thoughts that is reward enough. But it was kind

of you to write. - Bob C. [ Aka - "Only the dreamers knows"]

= From Conan:

Hi Cathy and Everyone, This is certainly the nicest email I've

received in several days. Thanks for the feedback. I hope more

dreams are sent in. The interesting thing about this whole

process is it opens my eyes to the symbology of everyday life;

the things people say and do, the way they decorate their homes

and work space -- cars, clothes, gestures, hobbies ... it all

adds up to a subtle message about the individual behind the

image, myself included. Thanks again, and I hope someone

dreams a doozy tonight! -- Conan



= Commentary by Bob C. On "Crazy ..." =

INTERPRETATION OF "CRAZY" DREAM: The dream appears to concern a

need for help. It is dark (late) as the dream begins. Is time

growing short in the dreamer's conscious life to resolve a

particular problem. The dreamer is desperately seeking a

pharmacy. Drugstores supply medicines -- or drugs. The driver

at first has a modicum of control. she is in the driver's seat

but can't find the way to the drugstore which she had been to

once before.. The name of the street is something Logan. (Could

this be a subliminal pun on net terminology, i.e. "log on"?

Possibly the dream mind is telling the dreamer she needs to

"network.") As the dream progresses the dreamer is no longer in

the "driver's seat." She is on foot, and the time shifts to day.

She realizes in the light of day that she doesn't belong where

she is (apparently a typical suburban neighborhood), but she

can't get to where she wants to go. She is feeling vulnerable

(clothing connotes protection or covering for the body and the

dreamer's dress is tattered). She also feels unknown "people"

are chasing her. Possibly these "people" may represents parts of

the dreamer's self that she has disowned or repressed. The

dreamer's ego defenses may be crumbling ("they're closing in on

me, they'll hurt me) and she subconsciously fears that the

repressed aspects of her self may force there way back into her

consciousness. The shopping cart may also indicate the dreamer

is getting weary of expending the energy necessary to continue

the process of repressing or disowning parts of her self. To

"cart" something around often means transporting something

laboriously from place to place. As the dream ends the dreamer

realizes the woman in the dream (herself) is "homeless and

insane." This may indicate that the dreamer feels she doesn't

emotionally "fit in" anywhere, and at some level she realizes she

is not perceiving her problems or addressing them rationally.

If the dreamer disagrees with the above interpretation it is

wrong. Only the dreamer knows.

Bob C.

'What we do in dreams we also do when we are awake: we invent

and fabricate the person with whom we associate - and immediately

forget we have done so.'


* Dream: Granny's Garden - Again by Nancy ( )*

I've submitted this dream before, but I wanted to send it in

again and encourage comments on the pictures that it inspired.


The Granny Gallery is at:


Harvesting Granny's Garden

I was sitting outdoors in a little garden. Granny's Garden.

Vegetables, fruits, flowers. I was sitting at a little table,

typing something which I had written. A story? Many pages.

When I finished typing, I got the idea to weed the garden, which

I did. It was muddy. I think I was barefoot and didn't mind the


There was a huge eggplant growing there. I thought, "Since I'm

weeding this garden, I might as well pick the eggplant and the

other ripe vegetables." It was my garden. I was about to do that

when I woke up.

= Commentary by Conan on HARVESTING GRANNY'S GARDEN =

This was a fun dream, with a very upbeat feel to it.

In my humble opinion:

Garden: a garden generally represents a place of sowing seeds,

cultivation, growth and reaping what you have sown. The soil

itself is where you plant your hopes and dreams. It is also the

source of your ideas.

Granny: any older person may represent wisdom, knowledge you

have gained, or even your higher self (God). What a delight it

would be if you were working in God's garden, and reaping what

you've sown, but I prefer not to go with religious suppositions.

I'm just tossing that out in case it hits home.

Writing: this represents a process of getting your thoughts

organized, and putting it into words; clarifying what you've been

thinking about. You are expressing your ideas, hopes, dreams and

thoughts - expressing yourself.

Weeding: probably represents a certain vigilance on your part in

nurturing your ideas or dreams, and "weeding out" all

unproductive tendencies in an effort to keep the garden vibrant

and productive.

Mud: it's interesting that the garden was muddy, because mud

would represent a certain unpleasantness; a dirty process;

getting bogged down - that sort of thing, but you do say that you

"didn't mind the mud," so like weeding, although it can be a

messy process, it is also rewarding in its own way.

Harvesting: pretty obvious here that you are reaping what you

(or Granny) has sown. As the dream progresses the garden ceases

to be Granny's, and becomes your own, so I'd say you are reaping

the rewards of a long effort which has sprung from a source of

wisdom, either external or internal. Eggplant: a special idea

or dream becoming fruitful. This is your reward for all your

hard work. Eggs represent a certain completion or sense of


Putting it all together: The garden, that is all the

ideas/dreams you've tended to become yours, and the harvest is

bountiful. A delightful dream! Thanks for sharing, and take

care -- Conan

= Commentary by Mark on Harvesting Granny's Garden =

Granny's Garden is obviously the fruit of her loins -- you

and your family. The story you typed was your life in progress.

You reveled in the mud of the primordial garden. The eggplant

and the fruits were ... you guessed it ... the fruit of your


I wouldn't be surprised if you are pregnant or if you are about

to be pregnant or at least really desire to bear children. I do

not know if you are past child-bearing age, but I would be very

surprised. Alternatively, you already may have children.


= Commentary by Nutcracker on Harvesting Grannys Garden =

While I agree with Mark on certain aspects (your life in

progress, you bearing fruit), I take it to represent the fruit of

your imagination, with your 'writings' as your children.

So you stop to 'weed' the garden, this could represent editing

said writings. Picking (or harvesting) the eggplant, could be

'picking your brain' for more ideas.

Just a thought......thanks for sharing.


= Commentary by Brett on ARMREST CAT AND HIGH SPEED LANES - by

Jim B (of 960915) =

First, the Dream:

1996 September 15 7:53am after 7:44 of sleep (960915)

I am at a house and need to go somewhere else to copy something

at a copy machine. I also want to go to an exhibit next door. The

house I am at is moderate size and fairly old, on a street where

the houses are close together.

I am part of some group that is having exercises or games in the

building down the street or next door. I get there from the

second floor of my building to the second floor of the building

next door which is larger and has white colored walls. I look

down and see some more stuff.

Apparently this is some sort of science exhibit and there is a

picture of some animals on the wall, but I mainly see one big

animal that is the background for them all, rather vaguely. I sit

down on a nearby chair and wait for my wife Anne to come with me.

I look at the arm rest and find it is in the shape of a cat head,

a cat such as a small leopard of genus Felis or an ocelot. It is

whitish with blue or brown washed-out looking spots, I put my

hand on it and it feels nice. I continue to pet it and find that

I can move it around as though it were real. I stick my hand in

its mouth. Anne enters the room. At about this time I find that

this thing may be a real person underneath with a cat mask on,

masquerading as the couch arm rest. I get a little surprised by

this especially since the cathead seemed to enjoy it too.

I still need to go to the copy machine. I could go to the south

and then west through the main street, but I wonder why no one is

taking the highway to the north that would get me there sooner as

it is out more into the country. I go there that way. It seems I

am walking or driving indoors rather than driving. I hit a pair

of locked dark wood doors. I saw the sign above. "HIGH SPEED


Then I remember. This was some sort of project to convert these

roads into some kind of high speed electric or other highway that

was designed for really high speeds. I look through a small

window and see cars whizzing past. I expected a lower speed limit

sign, something like 60. I saw a sign saying 80 and think this

must be the expected speed. I figure that they must keep the

highway locked so that people can go at these high speeds. I stop

and wonder if I should go through the process required (tickets,

etc) to get on the road.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The major theme I see in this dream is "Scientific". There are

copy machines, "new" projects for high speed lanes, a science

exhibit, even the cat arm rest could be a "museum" piece. That

people are not there--waited for, hidden, taking the other roads,

locked out of the high speed lanes--implies a de-humanizing

aspect as well. Also, most of this takes place "indoors" and

perhaps even "upstairs". This all adds to a feeling of


The hidden person under the cat skin is me. I seem to enjoy

being hidden, to stroke myself, to show my teeth at my wife. On

the other hand, associations of "warm fuzzies" usually say to me

that I am not getting enough strokes from other people...that I

need reassuring. When my expectations are not met by myself

(not going where I intended, the speed limits are unexpected,

there are inconsistencies--plenty of examples) people are not

doing I think they should (taking the long way around), and my

reason lets me down...I like to head toward the simpler things

represented by "country".

Seems to be an anxiety producing dream...kind of a "rush-hour

traffic" of unexpected occurrences. The flip side of this is

that maybe we need this kind of stimulation. There is some hope

throughout this dream that expectations will be met; that even in

the country, there will be copy machines.



PRECOGNITIVE/FUTURE DREAMS [Stories from past experiences, or

send them in before it happens, if you can]

REPETITIVE DREAMS [Significant by nature]

* Dream: Spiderman's enemy King Pin by Ann (970221)*

I dreamt this nightmare for the first time when I was twelve

years old. It seemed then, as it does now to be disconnected

from my waking life. I have dreamt the following nightmare about

5 or 6 times, sometimes missing 5 years at a time. Thankfully, I

do not wake up in a cold sweat with my heart pounding. I simply

wake up with the alarm and realize: "I dreamt that dream again."

Here it is:

Bad Guy:Spiderman's enemy King Pin (fat, bald and


Weapon: Boomerang

Participants:about 20 faceless adults (male & female)

Setting: We are in a cottage, locked in one room. The

room has large windows. The day is sunny and

the view is of the middle section of pine trees.

(The cottage must be elevated.)

Events: The King Pin opens the locked door and

throws the boomerang. The extremely sharp

boomerang flies about the room for an interminably

long time until it chooses its victim and

cuts their head off. (Nice eh?!)

This is my dream. It repeats again and again. There is no ending.

= Comments by dreamer on "Spiderman & King Pin" =

I never die. (Thank God!) The strongest sensation I experience is

the WAITING/ANXIETY/SUSPENSE while the boomerang/King Pin

chooses its victim. The only hint of recognition is the setting,

as I have an aunt with a cottage that overlooks the middle

section of pine trees. I read the comic "Spiderman" as a child

and teenager, but never was addicted to it (i.e., never purchased

a comic book). I dream in colour.

Comments are welcome as I am curious to what others may think.

Thanks! p.s. hope this gets to someone as I'm a bit new at


= Commentary from on "Spiderman" From Heratheta (970222)=

it sounds as if there are some extreme things in your life not

necessarily you but certainly compounding those extremes with an

extreme response on your part would not alleviate the pressure of

the dream

DREAM TRACES IN WAKING LIFE [The effects of external stimuli on

our dreams or is it the other way around - our dreams leaving a

trace on our physical reality?]

* Dream: Line on my Face by Dallas (9702XX) *

I had a dream in which my body was flat on its back when a

demon jumped down from a nearby window and began drawing a line

on my face, and, while he was drawing the line it appeared on a

canvas standing on an easel. I heard my voice say "he's drawing

the life out of me" and struggled up and into awakefullness. I

then, awake, went to the bathroom mirror and lo and behold there

it was, a line on my face. it was not like a wrinkle and I was

about 35 at the time with no wrinkles elsewhere. I knew this was

from the dream.

= comments by Jay on 'drawing a line' dream or, 'me and my

shadow...' =

if this is my dream...

it is about the struggle within me between me and my shadow.

the conflict and repression is very draining on me and is

'drawing the life out of me'.

in my waking life, when I am feeling anxious and stressed, if I

look in the mirror, my left eyebrow is more raised and my

forehead above it is more wrinkled, than on the right, which

indicates to me an imbalance within myself as I struggle to

maintain control of my emotions and reactions.


= Commentary by Heratheta on Dream Lines =

thanks to judeace for a sympathetic comment on dream pressure

manifestation. on a radio show interview I did some time ago the

host told me how she had shapeshifted in her dream into a wolf

and how a hunter in the dream shot her. when she awoke she bore

the wounds mark and still does she told me. I believe day dreams

can have as much pressure and can say I was tempted to go with a

daydream once and having caught myself reoriented my

consciousness only to have a two and a half foot bolt of

lightening strike near me indoors on a cloudless sunny day. that

kind of pressure for most is unbelievable. I take heart in the

story Carl Jung told of how he was glad to be a doctor for he

knew he could not give up that day job to live on his dream

interpretations. my wife always tells me I don't market myself

properly. I tell her my truth does not sell. warner books told me

that my views make to much sense and that a gimmick and a

reputation make money.

DEFYING CLASSIFICATION [Your stumpers may not be so mysterious to


If you skipped it, see = Commentary by Brett on ARMREST CAT AND

HIGH SPEED LANES - by Jim B (of 960915). Here is a response to

one of our STUMPERS several issues back. It all seems so obvious

when you hear an explanation... the answer was right there

staring us in the eye!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


BIRTH [Starts]

CHILDHOOD [Early development]

ADOLESCENCE [Maturing, testing]

ADULTHOOD [The main event for most]

The most powerful and vivid dream I ever had is still having an

impact in my life, over 7 years after I had it. I remember every

detail of it, as if I just woke up from it this minute. Here are

those vivid details, followed by the interpretation:

* Dream: The Fire Horse Dream by Rebeccah (90XXXX)*

I was walking on a high mountain ridge, on what looked like a

path, but with the tall grass, it was barely visible, more like a

deer-track. The land sloped away on both sides. The grass was

about hip-deep, and there were tall pine trees and redwoods on

both sides. I saw a huge ball of light, perhaps 20 feet across,

coming down out of the sky. As it settled on the path in front of

me, the light dimmed, and I saw a huge black stallion with an

Indian man sitting on his back. There were no white markings on

the horse, at all.

The man had shoulder-length black hair, black eyes, dark skin,

and wore only a breech-clout and moccasins, with buckskin bands

tied around each upper arm, and a beaded buckskin band around his

head. No jewelry, no shirt.

I walked up to him, and asked if I would ever be able to ride a

horse like that, and he said, "Yes, but you'll have to have some

training first." I said, "Okay," and he reached down to take my

hand, pulling me onto the horse behind him. As we took off into

the sky, we became the ball of light again, and the scene


I was in the Teaching Place, and the man was my teacher. The

Teaching Place looked like a mountain which had been swept by a

forest-fire. The ground was black, the trees were black,

everything was black, and the air was the color of sunset, in

oranges, pinks, blues, and purples, all the way to the ground. It

also had a texture to it, a thickness, sort of like partially set


My teacher called me to him, and asked if I would mind going out

to greet and bring home a young couple who were returning from a

completed mission. He explained that everyone else was either

busy or gone, and he couldn't leave. I said I'd be happy to do

it, but that I didn't have my own Fire Horse, yet. He told me to

take his, and the thought passed through my mind that I must've

graduated, because you don't get to ride a Fire Horse alone,

until you graduate.

I agreed, and called the horse to me. He came, and I mounted. We

took off into the sky, becoming the ball of light, and as I saw

the ground receding, I got scared, but I knew the horse wouldn't

let me fall, so my excitement took over, and the fear went away.

The scene changed again...

I was in a small oval clearing that looked like it had a dirt

track around the perimeter, with freshly mown grass in the

center. There was a young Indian girl and boy with me. She was

about 19, and he looked like he was about 20. She rode a Pinto,

and was very cool and aloof toward me, but he road a Bay, and was

very warm and friendly. He thanked me for coming to get them, and

I smiled, and took the horses toward the barn.

End of dream.

= Interpretation by the dreamer, Rebeccah =

This dream had 2 levels, one literal, and one symbolic.

The literal is that this was my introduction to the

Guide/Teacher I've worked with ever since, on a very close and

personal level. I call him Danny, and channel him, in trance. I

can feel his presence, and know he's near when I hear myself

using his phraseology in my conversations with others. He's

half-Sioux, and half Blackfeet and Shoshone, and I can see him as

clearly as I see any physical person. Sometimes, I can even smell


The symbolic level was the introduction of my inner male, which

I had stuffed and stifled all my life, trying to be what others

wanted me to be, trying to fit into the typical societal role

dictated for women. I carry a predominant masculine energy, even

though I'm fully hetero-sexual, by conscious choice. In this

dream, I was told it was time to stop trying to be something I'm

not, and allow the fullness of my true identity and personal

strength to come forward.

Being outdoors represents openness, opening up, connecting with

a greater reality. Structures, in dreams, represent the nature of

our consciousness, and the type of structure gives clues to the

focus of our awareness, such as home, work, etc. This structure

was natural, the earthly environment of a mountain ridge, high

up, but not above the tree-line, still grounded, but also

connected with Spirit.

The Fire Horse is a Being of Light, also masculine, strong,

capable, powerful, and action-oriented. I needed to learn to ride

that energy within myself, and let it take me where I was

supposed to be. The ball of light being 20 feet across gets into

Numerology, the 2 being relationships with others, work with

others, and is connected to my relationship with Danny,

primarily. The 0 is the all and the nothing, the infinite

possibility, the dream or potential within any given thing.

When the man said I would be able to ride a horse like that,

with training, I reached for his hand, and went with him. I made

a choice to accept the training, learning, healing, and testing I

would need to experience, before I could live my full truth, know

who I am and why I'm here. I could've just as easily said no, and

the dream would've ended at that point.

The Teaching Place looking like a mountain-side where a forest

fire had swept through represents the burning away of all old

growth, clearing of old patterns, old life habits, everything

that's always been there, which must go for the new growth to

begin. It was a huge clue to the depth and degree of clearing my

life needed to undergo, so that I could get to the core of

myself. The colors of sunset represent the end of a day, or

chapter, in life. The density of the air suggested how difficult

it was going to be to walk through the healing process, to live

and breathe while it was happening.

When my Teacher called me to him, and asked if I was willing to

accept an assignment, he indicated that I was ready for it, and I

accepted it. Again, I made a conscious choice to keep going, to

follow through, and again, I could've just as easily said no, and

the dream would've ended. The assignment I accepted was to find a

young couple returning from a completed mission, and bring them


The male/female balance is what I went to retrieve. Finding the

balance is the completion of the mission. It's the objective, the

goal of healing.

The girl treated me coolly, almost warily, indicating that my

inner female wasn't too sure of this plan for the process of

finding balance. The boy was warm and friendly, open, ready to

get started. The girl's horse was a Pinto mare, dark brown and

white, also indicating a mixture of feelings. The boy's horse was

a solid dark brown stallion, representing the solidity and

certainty of the readiness of my inner male to come forward and

be counted.

I took all 3 horses to the barn, my inner female, my inner male,

and my Higher Self, represented by the Fire Horse. Riding the

Fire Horse alone represents the full integration of the Higher

Self to reside completely in the physical body, so that guidance

from others, while it may still be sought on occasion, is no

longer a desperate necessity. Riding the Fire Horse requires

Balance, and Balance is the sole focus of Healing.

OLD AGE [Wisdom, Approaching the Journeys end]

DEATH [Endings]

COMMUNICATION WITH THE DEAD [Beyond our terrestrial limits]



ANIMALS [Basic Instincts]

[This month brings us: Groundhogs, a magical animal dreamscape,

and if you missed it - the powerful dream shared by Rebeccah

featuring horses in the Significant Dream section]

* Dream "Groundhog Dream" by Nina (961002)*

Standing at the kitchen sink, I stooped over, pulled open the

lower left cabinet door to get potatoes to wash and peel for

supper. I lifted out a furry, brown animal and was now sitting

legs crossed Indian style on the kitchen floor with it in my lap.

This action was nothing out of the ordinary, I had done this

regularly as a housewife. In all my years living with my parents

before I was married, almost all suppers were meat accompanied

with potatoes of some sort--mashed, French fried,

scalloped--always a sidekick to beef, pork, chicken or fish.

This was such an old routine, I thought, as I prepared to force

my hand into the mouth of the animal in order to pull out the

potatoes from inside him. But now, all of a sudden, right

before I stuck my hand in, I actually looked at the animal's

face. He looked what I thought might be something like a

groundhog, even though I had never seen one up close, or for that

matter, in my lap. I had seen groundhogs a farm field away,

eating soybeans on my dad's land and, of course, dead ones laying

bloated on their sides hit by cars along the edges of country

roads. But now this one, held close in my lap, turned his head

slightly to the side and up, looked into my eyes silently

communicating "I know you're going to stick your hand all the way

down in me again, because you do this all the time to get the

potatoes--and that's okay, I can endure it. I guess I'm used to

it because I'm stored down here in your kitchen cabinet and

that's what I'm here for--to be your loyal potato container.

Just try not to hurt me, please do it gently." Looking down into

his wet little eyes and "hearing" this hurt me. It was one of

those pains-in-the-middle-of-your-heart-that-you-feel-when-a-



it-turns-out-okay-in-the-end-and-everyone-is-happy-and-you- know-

you'll-never-watch-that-movie-or-one- like-it-ever- again

feelings. I hesitated, but I had to get those potatoes out and

ready for supper, and out of habit I went ahead with this

routine. But this time I slowly, carefully, gently pulled his

mouth open with both hands and--this time hating the act of doing

it--stuck my right hand in his mouth, down to his stomach and one

by one slowly--in order to not hurt him as much as

possible--pulled out large brown-skinned baking potatoes until I

had enough for the whole family's supper. Each time I went in, I

felt so bad for this poor animal. It had to hurt even though I

knew he was resigned to it--maybe even callused. So that made me

decide to try, once again, to be a vegetarian.

= Commentary by Conan on Nina's Groundhog Dream =

Hello everyone, Sorry it took me so long to get back with the

dream run down. Weekends are a bear - hey, more symbolic

potential there! Anyway ... THE GROUNDHOG DREAM This was a

powerful dream, filled with a lot of hidden emotion, but tough to

draw any conclusions from. This is what I came up with:

Potatoes: Potatoes, as such, don't have a lot of inherent

symbology, except perhaps as a form of sustenance. However, you

were kind enough to explain what associations spuds hold for you,

making my job a lot easier:

"I had done this regularly as a housewife. In all my years

living with my parents before I was married, almost all suppers

were meat, accompanied with potatoes of some sort ..."

>From this we can surmise that potatoes are associated with your

childhood; being dependent on your parents, chores and routine

service. Potatoes are bland but satisfying, which is the

sensation I got from your description - certain aspects of your

life or sense of self are bland but satisfying.

Kitchen sink: no wonder you were at the kitchen sink when dealing

with potatoes. Kitchen sinks are also associated with bland yet

satisfying chores of preparing, mixing and cooking. The stove

may be the heart of the kitchen, but the sink is where a great

deal of sorting, cleaning and processing is done. If I may be

so bold: when you are at the sink as a housewife, it takes you

back to your childhood.

Kitchen: The kitchen is the heart of the house; the center,

associated with a sense of security and belonging. It is also

associated with family related issues, especially those passed

from generation to generation. The groundhog: Well, the

groundhog is most likely you. I think it would be helpful to

break down the various associations we have with the groundhog;

to stop looking at the whole animal, and instead look at its

components: captivity, the mouth and the potential for pain.

Captivity: This would represent your own sense of being captive.

It may also represent emotions or memories which you keep tucked

away. It may also represent feelings of resignation; seeing

yourself as being docile and long-suffering for the sake of the

family. Perhaps even a lack of ambition to escape.

Mouth: the mouth usually represents a need to say something, or

how our words affect others.

Putting it all together: In this case, "pulling potatoes out of

the mouth" may represent your need to say something, but a fear

that it will be painful. You act with great caution, trying not

to cause the groundhog (yourself) pain, but feeling compelled to

pull out the potatoes (the necessary words). The potatoes

represent memories of your childhood, so perhaps you feel a need

to express something about your childhood that has been tucked

away, but which still troubles you. The very act of being the

groundhog, that is, being loyal and dependable is inherently

painful due to suppressed childhood associations.

Hope this was of some use. Take care and thanks for sharing.

- Conan

* Dream: Another Dreamscape by Nutcracker (970219)*

(In a hypnogogic state): I had another `dreamscape' shortly

after going to bed at 2:30 a.m. It was like one of those kids

puzzles, "Find the animals hidden in this picture". Everything

looked like a jungle; all patterned in leopard type spots and

snake skin patterns (diamonds) in colors of olive, tan, black and

brown. It reminded me of a full body tattoo. One by one the

animals would come alive and follow one another, crawling out of

the dreamscape. Then the dreamscape went black with only

haunting, gargoyle like faces (the devil). Even though in this

state between being awake and asleep, I could hear myself saying

aloud, "show me the mirror, I want to fly," which I kept

repeating over and over. But, all I got was birds.

Hummingbirds, owls and hawks, all in luminescent shades of deep

pink and blue. They kept appearing and disappearing. (2/19/97)

#111 Dreamscape

* Deer in Dreams Question by Shahla *

It was set on some exotic beach, there was panic as everybody

was viewing the horizon and in the distance was a huge black

cloud heading towards the beach. At this point I heard the word

'Pacific' mentioned.

I just took that to mean the area I was in, didn't understand

why it was said in that way though. I was rushing around trying

to get a lot of children together and to take cover as if

something dire was about to happen. There were very few adults

around, other than my own parents, who strangely enough were the

only two members of my family in the dream. My father is an

invalid, but in the dream he was ok. The dream switch to my

parents and I in an underground cave, and that's where the deer

was. It's head resting on my lap and I am nurturing and

protecting it. The whole dream felt more like a premonition

rather than symbolic. What do you make of the deer in this

context and the dream?

Regards, Shahla

What is the meaning of a deer in a dream?

In this case I was nurturing and protecting it, overall the dream

was a premonition, but what I didn't understand was the meaning

of the deer which had some significance to the whole dream.? It

has bugged me since I had the dream a couple of weeks ago.

= Commentary on Deer Question =

The fact that the dream has haunted you for more than a few hours

may mean it holds some emotional significance for you that is so

subconscious that it has been buried in the emotional symbolism

of protecting a deer.

= Commentary on Deer in Dreams Question by Conan =

A deer can mean a lot of things, depending on how you see these

animals. You have to ask yourself, "What do I think of when I

picture a deer?" a very graceful and gentle creature, a garden

invading pest, or a target to be killed -- it depends on your

point of view.

There's the obvious pun of the word "deer," with the word "dear."

The deer could represent something dear to you that you want to

"nurture and protect," like some long term goal, or even a friend

or relative. Are you working on a project that means a lot to


A deer is also a wild animal, and may represent some "wild"

aspect within yourself that you cherish and don't want to let go;

perhaps something as obvious as your love of being in the

wilderness, or your desire to be free of societal constraints.

What were you protecting the deer from? Death? Leaving you?

Harm? It's an interesting opportunity for you to examine whether

you've overlooked some event in your life that is more important

to you than you might have thought. Best of luck.

-- Conan

AGGRESSION [By us or against us- crossing others paths]

BATHROOMS [Maintenance, Cleansing and Elimination]

BELONGING [What we are associated with or wish we were]

BRIDGES [How we get across an obstacle or go from here to there]

CELEBRITIES [The well known - famous and infamous]

See Spiderman in the Recurring Dreams section

CLOTHING [What we wear tells us about ourselves and the events we

participate in]

** Dream: "All Dressed Up And No Place To Go" by Nutcracker

(970216) **

I was with my friend Nancy. We had gone to this office

building to see some guy. Nancy's wearing a short (knee length

dress/white) and I'm wearing a long evening gown, straight,

strapless, body hugging in orange moire. It has a six inch piece

of lace tatting across the top, the same color, and we're both

barefoot. After speaking with this man, we leave through

revolving doors. Just as we get outside, he calls out to us,

"Wait a minute." We go back inside to talk to him again. We

leave the second time and again, after we get outside he calls to

us again. "Wait a minute." We go back inside for a third time.

This time I actually see the guy; he's tall, dark, wearing a

suit. I sense that he's more interested in me than my friend (I

don't know if it's business or pleasure). My dress keeps sliding

down and I keep grabbing it at the top and pulling it back up.

We leave again and just as we get outside, I *think* I hear him

call out, "Wait a minute." I turn to see if he's in the revolving

door, but I don't see him. Did I imagine it?

The office building is about fifty feet from the ocean. The

ocean floor is covered with rocks (the smallest, just a little

bigger than your hand). Nancy removes her long black evening

gloves and throws them away. I think to myself, not too far away

there's a bridge we could go to that's over a river where she

could throw them in and we could watch them float downstream, or,

she could throw them here, into the ocean, but then I imagined

them in the ocean, just floating for eternity, ruining it's

unpolluted beauty.

On our way to the car we walk along the ocean and as we're

barefoot, I walk in the water. It's unexpectedly and delightedly

warm. Just as I'm about to exclaim this to Nancy, I slip on a

stone and fall backwards. I manage to hold my head up so as not

to get my hair wet. Nancy extends her arm and I grab her hand

and she pulls me out of the water. My dress isn't too wet (just

my butt) and I worry about getting her car wet on the drive home.

Now we're back at Nancy's, outside in the backyard. It's night

and we're excited because we're working on (writing) something

together. I can see the neighbor who lives behind her, upstairs

on her porch. She's in her flannel pajamas and is sitting down

to read in her lounge chair (by porch light). She's slim and has

short blonde hair. She turns off the light (like maybe she

doesn't want us to see her), but then turns it on again (like she

doesn't care after all). Nancy grabs a journal off the patio

table to begin writing (we've got a ton of ideas). She pages

through, but there's something already written on every page.

It's one of my journals she's grabbed. I hand her one of my more

empty' ones to use. (2/16/97) #106 NES/Three

= Commentary by Mark on All Dressed Up..=

You wrote: "I was with my friend Nancy. We had gone to this

office building to see some guy. Nancy's wearing a short (knee

>length dress/white) and I'm wearing a long evening gown,

straight, strapless, body hugging in orange moire. It has a six

inch piece of lace tatting across the top, the same color, and

we're both barefoot. After speaking with this man, we leave

through revolving doors. Just as we get outside, he calls out to

us, "Wait a minute." We go back inside to talk etc."

I found this dream erotic, made more so by the fact that you

talk about clothing and the man who may have desired you, but the

dream never becomes overtly sexual.


COMPUTERS [Extensions of our minds, mind tools, communication]

DIRECTIONS [Ever stop and ask for directions? North, South,

East, West, up, down, ahead, behind, straight, turn, right, left,

make a circle, cross, go through, open, close, mix, add, boil,

cook, simmer, but most of all - follow these instructions

carefully...and don't be shy about asking someone else down the

path, except, of course, for the Big Bad Wolf!!!]

* Dream: Spirits ... *

in my dream there was a spirit to my right and a darker spirit

approaching from the left. i heard myself saying,"it's still

coming" and then moved perpendicularly out of the way whereupon

the spirit continued through my former position and collided with

the spirit on my right. i awake at this point and getting out of

bed i looked through the bedroom door only to see in the next

room at a geographical point equal to that in my dream a spirit

all white and glistening sitting in a chair i approached it

cautiously and it got up out of its chair. i asked, "Ma, are you

still up?". i was at the time but then i realized that i must

perpendicularly transcend this spirit and moved to that position.

as i did the spirit moved away a few feet and disappeared into

nothingness. it moved toward my mother i saw who was sleeping on

a nearby coach. i wondered if it could have been her spirit but i

also knew it had the character of my dream and was satisfied i

had moved perpendicularly to it in my awakefulness as i had done

in my dream.

=Commentary from Heratheta (970221)=

if possible, transcend "fancy" & thoughts thereof especially

until your next dream .. 90 degrees away from the geographical

location of the dream is likely to be less stressful to

transcendence. in haunting: transcend being "forgotten" and

thoughts thereof if possible, in dreamscape: transcend being

"all" and thoughts thereof in yourself and others if possible

transcendence is more likely to occur 90 degrees away from the

geographical sites in these dreams. mirrors are a good example

of deja vu . we see the mirror as one perspective of deja vu and

it sees us as the other perspective. when we know that dreams are

mirrors we can experience the deja vu in one way by being what I

recommend be transcended, that is the ghost of our experience or

we can transcend the ghost and experience the deja vu as the soul

seeing the ghost. personally, i've found the former to be

dangerous, disrespectful, and perverted.

=Commentary from Heratheta (970225)=

transcend "expected" in yourself and others if possible 90

degrees away from the dreams geographical location until the next


hippy bus 1* "maddening" hippy bus 2* "just pretending" ground

hog* "hurting" garden* "might as well" *I would transcend

perpendicularly situations within the above quotations and

thoughts thereof until my next dream. the transcendent function

is neither acquiring nor destroying the character of the dream &

to me that means stepping out of its way at a right angle if

possible. Jung defines the transcendent function and Freud gives

us a reason to transcend in his paper, Beyond the Pleasure

Principle, while Janet Lee Mitchell in Out of Body Experiences

talks about thoughts being perceived as micro dreams.

= Commentary by Heratheta "Perpendicular Avoidance" =

if this were my dream, "as if " situations and thoughts

thereof would be transcended perpendicularly. perpendicularly

avoid " being nurtured" situations , and thoughts which don't

help that avoidance, until your next dream.

if you consider thoughts which don't help you transcend the

dream to be part of the dream itself you answer your own

question. there is a technique called raja yoga which is a

candle meditation. I do a variation on it in which I meditate on

the personality or character of my dream. I meditate on that

character as if it were a mantra and I keep it in the corner of

my vision rather than straight ahead as a candle would be. and I

keep it there throughout my day verbally as a mantra and visually

as the candle. I do not have to be sitting or lying down but

keeping it aside as it were in the corner of my eye I find myself

headed in the direction of the peaceful state meditation is

supposed to be (previously noted as the transcendental state or

function, also as perpendicular stress avoidance).

it is said that the cosmological dream comes from the great

attractor which is supposed to be out there in the cosmos

southwest. perpendicular to that direction would be southeast.

this gives the dreamer a wider band of light to view and a

transcendent position. the motion picture predator 2 recently on

tv showed at the end of the story aliens turning at right angles

into invisibility. it was a wonderful confirmation for me to see

the transcendent function dramatized. i've also heard psychics

say auras are easiest seen from receptors at the sides of our

eyes. some say these receptors can pick up some ultra violet.

sleeping headed northwest seems to me a left handed approach to

transcendence but transcendently postured nevertheless. where

you're headed after you awake, that's something else.

= Commentary by Cathy on Perpendicularity =

Could you give an example of a situation with no relationship to

reality for me? Also was do you mean by "perpendicularly"?--I'm

confused, Cathy.

= Commentary on "90 Degrees away from.." by jrl =

I have seen several references to "90 degrees away from ..." and

always tried to glean meaning from the context. I've never

really understood what you meant.

If you can determine a line within a 2 dimensional coordinate

system, then you can rotate it through 90 degrees. However, with

a point (or geographical location), transforming by 90 degrees

has no meaning for me.

Do you mean moving the point? If you are using 90 degrees as a

direction of movement, then what is this direction in relation

to ? A vertical or horizontal reference for example? jrl

= Commentary by Judeace on Directions (970226) =


DISCOVERY [New insights and unexpected developments]

DRUGS [Healing or Hurting?]

EATING [Getting nourishment for maintenance, growth and pleasure]

[Ever been to Gaylord at Giardelli Square in San Francisco? See

the Christmas Dream under HOLIDAYS]

ELEVATORS [Going UP or DOWN - Push the right button or else...]

ESCAPE [Get me outta here!!!]

* Dream: "Escape" by Nutcracker (970214) *

It was dusk. I was walking along outside some apartment

buildings (rows of townhouses like in Washington, DC). There

were some black wrought iron gates in front of them (to my

right) as I walked. Up ahead I saw someone (male) I knew going

into one of the homes. As I called out to say hello, two guys

led me away. It was as if they were very large and I was much

smaller and had walked head first into them (their legs


They were killers. I had a consciousness of them from two

previous killings. They were going to kill me now. We move to

the left, out to the curb. There are people and cars going by.

I hear the familiar sound I know to come right before they kill

their victims. It's the sound of bones breaking, though that's

not actually what the sound is. It means my time is up. I

can't believe that I'm just going to let them kill me like this,

without a fight. Why don't I do something? "Jab him in the leg

with your pen (the one lying beside me on the bed I use to write

my dreams down with), I think to myself. [I guess I was too

afraid to move or to find out what happened as I went

immediately into another dreamscape. It was like watching a


Before me a woman cloaked in a brown hooded cape stood in a

wooded setting. One minute she was there, then she began

disappearing before my eyes. Poof, she was gone. Next I saw

the white opaque face of a man with dark eyes . He was scary

and I tried to avoid looking at him. Next I saw a barn, dark in

color, red or turned gray by the weather. It was in the middle

of a snowy field. I don't want to go inside because there is

only evil there. I then see more people who turn invisible like

the first woman. I now see a caricature of Frankenstein (in

shades of blue). And lastly I see a sheet of white, like a

blank canvas or perhaps a mirror with light reflecting from it.

I hear myself say, "Don't go in there." I'm not ready to go

flying in my dreams (lucid). I want to, but am more afraid to

than not. Maybe later. (2/14/97) #100 Misc

(comments by Nutcracker: Well, I've never written down the

*time* of my dreams before, but this particular night I went to

bed at 4:11 am and woke up from this dream at 4:15 am. I'm

inclined to believe I got the 'mirror' image from all the talk

of mirrors in the group lately).

= Commentary by Bob K. on Escape by Nutcracker (970216) =

Hi Nutcracker!

As I'm starting to prepare for the next ED, I got your "escape"

dream (#100 of '97??) through the ed-core. What an action packed

4 seconds( I mean minutes) worth! Lot's of "second" guessing

going on here! You must have really been tired - well at 4:11AM,

er... I guess it's natural. Your deeper "self" sure wasn't

relaxing. Proves what I've known all along, that the 1 1/2 hr to

REM or Deep Sleep or dream sleep may be a general guideline, but

we dream & can recall at any time! Also, this dream demonstrates

the well known concept that time and space can compress or expand

immensely out of proportion to waking reality in our dreams.

LaBerge's correlation between dream seconds and waking seconds

may apply to many dreams, but certainly not all. So in my

opinion, this whole sequence is more significant by its

circumstances than by its content. We all have the potential for

"dreams on demand" if we chose to let them through. We are all

participating in a larger drama than is apparent to our waking

selves. I have had similar experiences to yours.

I'm testing out a software program I picked up with a book at

B.Daltons for $20.00 called Dreamscape. It's a quite interesting

approach to dreams de-emphasizing the content and focusing on the

emotions and feelings involved. It is oriented toward linking the

dream feelings or emotions with waking reality concerns. Your

dreams in particular might have more meaning to you in this

context, as you are so prolific in your volume and detail. I

think you are very much mirroring current "Americana" as I stated

in the last ED. Your imagery though dealing with personal issues

surely, has a clear and distinctive "cultural" (ie. media & real

life values) look and feel, "above and beyond" the universal

aspects and symbols. This dream in particular seems to be a good

fit for the "Dreamscape" approach. Dreamscape has an interactive

type of approach that varies with responses to a programmed

"neural net" type intelligent Q&A engine, and is tailored to the

individual responses; otherwise, I would send you a sample

analysis. I plan on writing about it this next ED.

Clearly though, the themes of DANGER, FEAR and ENTRAPMENT are

speaking loudly in your dream. However, it also drags in the

daily dream writing "process" and identifies an attitude of the

dreaming consciousness toward "lucid dreaming." (Regarding Lucid

Dreaming, my waking attitude reflects your dreaming attitude -

one I personally agree with very much. If it comes it comes, and

it does come naturally to many. But its end result tends to be

the intrusion of the "waking" mind into the "dream" mind, and we

al l know how the observer changes the reality by the mere act of

observation. I've had a few "naturally" but no success at

inducing or forcing them.) As you are about to use your powerful

ally and resource, the "pen" (for registering thoughts, for

communicating ideas) as waking and dreaming selves overlap, you

suddenly shift off into a sequence of visual movie-like,

disconnected except by "contiguity" & viewer, "similar type

"scenes" like a collage of memory or precognition or multiple

perspective. I can almost see a "Thomas Crown Affair" split

screen with "Windmills of Your Mind" playing in the background!

Planning and execution, attention to detail, hunting and

overcoming impossible obstacles, motivations and trust - can it

be done again? Why??

KILLING usually correlates to forcible "endings" mostly from

external resources, or forces, but sometimes well disguised inner

resources & forces. This can be of ideas, relationships,

attachments, memories, projects, feelings. This sequence

reflects concern about an "ending." What of though? Certainly

not of dreams. Usually the setting or event or time will

illuminate the fundamental environment the dream is addressing.

The day of the dream is early on Valentine's Day - love, romance,

flowers, and chocolates should be in the air, but instead "evil"

lurks around the bend. This being "sweeps" week, many TV shows

are facing make or break. The "Star Wars" epic of the battle

between good and evil is raking in the bucks in theaters all over

the country. Good and Evil are central issues we deal with every

day - specially on the news broadcasts. The dream locales are (1)

a "political/capitol center" attached "yet independent"

(townhouse) type of living complex area, (2) a remote undeveloped

natural area when a "hooded" woman appears and disappears - is

the "staying problem hers or the dreamers?, (3) a look into the

scary eyes of an opaque white man nowhere and anywhere, (4) a

"farm" or "harvesting center" setting in the winter colder

climate area season (where "evil" people lurk and also

disappear), (5) A "Frankenstein" caricature in blue (life out of

the lifeless, a created creature outside of the natural methods

and procedures, an adult infant with physical skills even though

awkward but almost blank development on all other planes of our

existence specially social skills), and (6) finally the

confrontation with the "blank" mirror-like sheet (is that as in

bed sheets or as in paper?) The dreamer would like to

immerse/plunge/merge in/with the sheet, but has reservations and

does not think the timing is quite right yet. Maybe later ...

the time, skills and preparation will be better to survive the


The THREAT is not only for one "complex" or "character" but from

many. No harm is done even though there seems to be a close call

initially. DANGER is out there somewhere - just like the truth

(X-Files) ;).

In the first section, you are being forcibly separated from

someone (male) you know (or aspect of self), who is entering a

well protected (wrought iron gate) living complex. You are out of

touch with this person as he apparently doesn't hear your

greeting. The verbal "hello" turns into a physical "goodbye."

The forces taking you away are "male" related and outsized - much

larger than reality - overwhelming the dreamer. The dreamers

consciousness of them from previous killings within the dream

indicates that this scenario has occurred before somehow - and

note that the dreamer survived those assaults somehow to remember

them today. The sound of "bones-breaking" may be a key symbol.

What are "broken bones?" "Sticks and stones may break my bones,

but names will never hurt me" comes to mind. Has there been a

name breaking or bone-breaking "attack" or imminent concern about

one - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual recently?

The variety of images and interconnections common theme of mature

yet somewhat undefined characters that are currently being

perceived as "dangerous" may be a "WARNING" type of dream that

the dreamer is headed into an arena that the dreamer is not quite

ready to handle, and it would be in everyones best interest to go

slower or re-examine where it is the dreamers energy and effort

are taking you. There is hope, and there is the need for more

understanding and development somehow tied to the communication


Having read so many of your dreams with very clear cut and

specific characteristic & detailed dream locations, actions and

events, this dream strikes me as a-typical and important. Even

though it was 4 seconds long and may be "hypnagogic" in nature, I

believe it merits special examination and reflection. I'll share

this response with the ed-core if you don't have an objection,

but I thought you were entitled to a first look since the dream

is clearly one of concern or greater curiosity to you.

Thanks for sharing this and all your dreams so freely and

uninhibitedly. Dream on "Dream Queen." I hope all is going well

with your family after the pressures of the Christmas/New Year

season, and the family "adjustment" to the loss of a loved one.

Hasta La Vista Amiga, Bob K.

= Commentary by Cathy on Escape by Nutcracker =

The theme of the series of small dreams in "Escape" seems to be

death/vanishing/fear of hell. The dreamer cannot escape from

death--first killers, then less menacing images that occur in the

forest/barn that are still haunting and frightening images. This

is a really fascinating dream sequence to me, but I have minimal

help to offer. I think the dream must be a very personal one, a

series of glimpses into things that are frightening/making the

dreamer worry or be nervous. The desire to use the pen, seems to

be a desire to wake up to analyze or rationalize away some harsh

physical reality that cannot be accepted. Perhaps the dreamer is

struggling with illness in him or herself or a close person. The

haunting fear of pain and loss might be touching on this.


FEAR [What scares us]

* Dream: "Shoe Store of Childhood" by Sharon (Recurring)*

First off, hello to all! I am new to this list and looking

forward to some interesting thoughts and conversation about


When I was a child, I had a recurrent nightmare. I'd like to ask

the group what they think it might have meant:

I am with my sister, who is older than I, and we are on the

sidewalk in front of a shoe store. She is holding my hand. My

sister sees a pair of shoes in the window and tells me to wait

while she goes inside the store. It is a sunny, summery day.

While I wait the sun moves like a disk through the sky until it

is a huge circle of orange where the entry door to the store had

been. It is as if the dream is happening in a frame and the sun

covers all the edges. The sidewalk, too, has lost its connection

with the rest of the world -- I seem to be left standing on an

island surrounded by vapor facing the sun. The shoes are still in

the windows, which remain on either side of me, and I can still

touch the window glass. I awaken very frightened.

Thanks in advance, Sharon

= questions about Sharon's shoe store dream by Jay =

hello Sharon,

I would like to ask you some questions about your dream if you

would like.

reading over your text, here is how I understand your dream to

have appeared. please correct any misimpressions or add any

other details you think of.

it sounds as if this is the kind of store front where there are

windows on each side of the entry door and, perhaps, the door is

recessed so that one walks in between the windows to reach the


what kind of shoes were they? how did you feel about them?

which of the two windows were they in, left or right? then it

seems that the sun moves as though it were setting and blocks out

the entry door, but not the windows. it sounds a little

confusing though, because you also say the sun blocks out the

whole dream frame which would leave nothing visible.

what shade of orange was the sun? light pumpkin orange or dark

red orange? how bright was it? blinding? where was the vapor,

just at ground level, separating you from the store?

what was the frightening part?

=Answers to questions about Sharon's Shoe Store dream by Sharon=

Hello Jay, I'll try to answer your questions.

> it sounds as if this is the kind of store front where there are

windows on each side of the entry door and, perhaps, the door is

recessed so that one walks in between the windows to reach the

door? > > Yes, that is correct.

> what kind of shoes were they? how did you feel about them?

which of the two windows were they in, left or right? > As I

remember, they were all women's shoes. Perhaps, girl's shoes. I

think I liked the shoes, or at least felt neutral about them.

They were on display in both windows, I picture myself standing

by the window on the left.

>then it seems that the sun moves as though it were setting and

blocks out the entry door, but not the windows. it sounds a

little confusing though, because you also say the sun blocks out

the whole dream frame which would leave nothing visible. > > The

sun settles parallel to the door, thereby blocking the door but

not the windows. What I meant by suggesting that it blocked the

dream frame is that it extended horizontally in all directions.

The windows would have been at right angles and not blocked from


> what shade of orange was the sun? light pumpkin orange or dark

red orange? how bright was it? blinding? > > It was a bright

orange, more pumpkin than dark red. Very, very bright, but not

blinding, hot, fiery, a definite barrier. I couldn't touch it

and my sister was on the other side.

>where was the vapor, just at ground level, separating you from

the store? > > Yes, the vapor surrounded the windows and the

concrete on which I stood. It more or less isolated the scene.

> what was the frightening part? > > The frightening part was the

sun situating itself in front of the doorway. As I noted this

was a recurrent childhood nightmare. I always awoke feeling very

scared. I have not had this dream since I was a small child, but

I still remember it quite vividly.

>(and when was the last time you had this dream?) > > Hi, Jay!

This dream started when I was about 4 or 5 years old. The last

time I had it was when I was still a small child. I don't

remember exacted how> long it recurred, but it probably lasted

for at least a year. (This was so long ago. I may be off on the

dates and duration; it's the dream itself I remember.)

Cheers, Sharon

= Commentary by Jay on Shoe Store Dream =

if the 'shoe store' dream were my dream... the significance of

the various symbols in the 'shoe store' dream will differ

somewhat for each dreamer of the 'shoe store' dream, but if it

were my dream...

I am with my older sister or with whatever she may represent for

me, security, the older wiser more grown up part of myself, etc.

then she leaves me for the shoe store, whatever that represents

for me. a shoe store has a feeling for me of grown up ness,

outer verses inner world, social structure and conformity verses

running barefoot in the wet woods and fields, shoes are

supportive and protective.

then this very abstract primitive fiery (angry?) symbol or force

descends from above (and behind?) me and comes between me and my

'sister'. this sun image is very powerful, and I feel it is so

abstract because it represents something I have great difficulty

in recognizing consciously. but the more I can recognize about

it, the more I will learn from this dream. does it represent a

feeling or force within me, or from outside of me? or perhaps

some searing truth or knowledge?

this being cut off from my 'sister' leaves me feeling quite

isolated and frightened.

if this were my dream.


* Dream: Black Attack by Rebeccah *

Dream: I had several to choose from for this one, but with the

Fire Horse Dream, there simply wasn't a choice. It's the most

prominent dream, so full of information, and the only really GOOD

example I could think of from my own dream-experiences.

The nightmare I chose is another about balance, and especially

about searching for and facing our own individual dark-sides.

Here we go...

NIGHTMARE -- by Rebeccah

I lived in a small house with dark red carpet on the floors, a

very small kitchen, narrow hallway, and a very small bedroom. The

walls were done in a dark walnut-stained pine paneling, and the

curtains were made of white eyelet fabric. Sunlight came in

through the small windows. I was walking up the hallway into the

living room, when I heard a knock at the door, and went to answer


When I opened the door, the doorway was completely filled by the

largest Black man I'd ever seen. He had a wild afro hairstyle,

and his face was painted, split down the middle, stark white on

one side, and deepest black on the other. And he looked mean and


I was terrified, and ran screaming down the hall, toward the

bedroom. I bounced across the bed, and tried to hide between the

bed and the wall, away from the doorway. He found me, pulled me

up onto the bed, and landed on top of me. I knew he was going to

rape me and kill me. Just as he began to rip off my clothes, I

woke up.

End of dream.

= Commentary on Black Attack by Rebeccah =

Home represents where you live, the present state of your

consciousness. In this case, the house was very small, and very

dark, but with light coming in through the windows, filtered by

light colored curtains. Small windows present a narrow view, and

very little light is allowed in. The white eyelet curtains

represent shields or personal barriers, and an attempt to cover

up the light source, but the attempt is only half-hearted, and

the shields aren't very strong.

The red carpeted floor represents first chakra foundation,

survival energy, life force energy, and suppressed feelings and

emotions. Dark paneling represents the darkness of deeper reaches

of the self where light doesn't normally shine, and acceptance

for self isn't often found.

So, in this home, we're finding a place within, which hasn't

been allowed expression, hasn't been allowed to grow, hasn't been

nurtured and loved and accepted as part of the whole Self. It's

very small, crowded, cramped, and dark.

The knock at the door is an event that brings awareness of

arriving change. The fearsome being at the door, when it is

opened represents long-suppressed energies, exploding in their

release, as the door is opened. The man being Black, or

Afro-American, represents the darkness of unacceptable feelings,

feelings we don't dare express for fear of abandonment, loss of

love, or even incarceration, in short, everything we are ever

taught about ourselves which is deemed to be unacceptable to

society. And the fact that this is a man, not a woman, indicates

that action on these feelings has become a necessity.

In this dream, the man is in a rage, bent on violence, and

unconcerned with my terror. The desperation of the need for

expression of these unacceptable feelings often gets into the

range of violence. The wildness of his hair represents the

uncontrollable and uncontrolled, single-minded focus on the need

to express.

His face is painted in both black and white, but the way it's

painted is terrifying... a single, straight-lined split down the

middle. This represents the Balance to be found through the

allowing of expression, but it also highlights the stark boundary

between light and dark.

I run, because I don't really want to face this 'beast', but he

follows, and there's no escape from the inevitable. I can't even

hide from it anymore. It pulls me out of hiding, and engages me

in a full-frontal assault, venting all of the pent-up rage in the

violent act of rape.

The rape itself deals with the lower chakras, where the female

energy originates in the feeling centers. The masculine mental

centers are the upper chakras. And the heart is where the two

must meet to find balance.

The rape represents the violence involved in the suppression of

feelings and emotions, and the reciprocal violence of their

determination to express. This man wanted me to know how badly I

had hurt him, by hurting me in return. In symbology, as we apply

all aspects of the dream to the self, this means that I

perpetrated violence on myself by forcing myself to control and

suppress what I really felt, in order to keep peace and make

others happy, and the feelings themselves were fighting back

against me.

The violence of this dream was a few more years in manifesting

in my life, but it did occur. Not as an actual rape, but through

my experiences with deeply buried terror and rage, as they came

to the surface to be healed.

This dream was about facing my dark-side, healing all of the

parts of myself which had been shoved aside, denied and neglected

through my belief that there was something wrong with me, to feel

this way, and that I had to control it and cover it up, or other

people would hate me and run from me.

In a related dream:

* Dream: Crushed Car Sandwich (NIGHTMARES RELATIVE) by Rebeccah *

I saw my dead body, wearing a red wool dress my mom had made for

me when I was 15 years old, and I was sandwiched in between

crushed cars, which were being hauled to a junkyard in huge

garbage trucks. The junkyard was wet, like it had been raining,

and it was night-time. Instead of tilting back to dump their

cargo, the truck had a hydraulic platform in the bottom, which

pushed the stacked crushed cars out through an opening in the


The truck pulled around to the loading dock, parked parallel to

it, and began pushing up the load of crushed cars with my dead

body forming one of the layers in the stack. The stack was pushed

straight up into a gigantic lampshade, where the light was turned

on... I could even see the switch for turning it on and off. End

of dream.

= Commentary on Crushed Car Sandwich by Rebeccah =

The red wool dress represented first chakra issues of survival

and emotions. The age I was when I wore the dress gave a clue to

the time period covered by the issues to be handled in this

particular phase of my healing process: I was 15.

Cars represent one of two things: Belief systems which move us

through life, or the physical body, as a manifested means of

operating in this reality. The stacked crushed cars were the

remains of old belief systems I held, and lived by, which no

longer worked, and which were now useless. They also represented

the condition of my body, which wasn't good, and needed

attention, but I didn't know it at the time.

The darkness of night-time represents the darkness of the

feminine principle of emotions, as does the water in the

junkyard, left over from the rain. The junkyard also represents a

repository for all of the unacceptable debris of our Selves,

judgments we've made against ourselves, guilt, shame, regret,

rage, fear, and all the other forms of pain we carry. It's all

stashed somewhere.

In this junkyard, though, the crushed and destroyed parts of me

were being lifted up into the light.

The dream was about death, and I even saw my dead body, but it

wasn't about a physical death... it was about the death of old

beliefs I held about myself, which had held strong controlling

influence over the choices I had made for most of my life.

Four days later, I woke up with my mother's words ringing in my

ears: "Rebeccah, you can't DO things like that!!! You can't SAY

things like that!!! No one will want you, or want to be NEAR

you!!!" She began saying that to me when I was about 5, and the

last time I remember hearing those words... I was 15.

Beliefs about my un-acceptability had ruled my choices in life

with an iron fist, preventing me from expressing my true nature,

and preventing others from knowing who I really am, accepting me

on that basis.

Emotional healing is painful, because the only way OUT is

THROUGH, but dreams and nightmares hold valuable clues to the

direction we're taking with our processes, and sometimes, they

even hand us unarguable pointers to exactly what the problem or

trigger is, like this dream, with the red wool dress I'd worn

when I was 15. It just doesn't get much clearer than that, for

someone who never has literal dreams.

If possible, Richard, I'd appreciate it if you could use both

of these, because nightmares so frequently point to the need for

emotional healing in specific areas of the Self. Emotions have

such a hard time getting the attention of those who habitually

ignore themselves, and nightmares are like a non-physical cosmic

two-by-four, shocking us into the awareness that something needs

to change.

Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

Rebeccah *.*

FOOD [The source of our physical nourishment]

FLYING [Confidence, Power, Freedom & Perspective]

GIFTS [Offerings to or from others]

HOBBIES [Our interests and desires]- COLLECTING THINGS


*Dream: Christmas 1995 Dream by Nancy B(951225)*

Last Christmas (1995), I had an important dream. There was a lot

of bright Christmas red in it. (It is unusual for me to see color

in my dreams.) One of the settings was a fancy Indian restaurant

which my mother, grandmother and I wanted to enter. I recognized

it as Gaylord's at Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco, a place

where we often took our children on special occasions; a place we

all liked.

This dream eventually became a collage I put up on my dream

inspired art gallery (thanks Richard) and I've written a short

article on this for the next ED - but I'd also like some comments

on the dream. And of course, you are invited to stop by the

gallery and see the collage and talk to me about this as well!

Nancy B

HOSPITAL [A place for treatment, healing and repair]

HOUSE [Where our lives take place]

* Dream: The Haunting by Nutcracker (970221) *

I'm at home. B. and his friend Jamie are there as well. We're

all out in the backyard. We decide to go inside the house. B.

and Jamie both fall asleep on the couch. I go into the den to

read and watch TV. A short while later, Jamie comes through on

his way to the bathroom. He goes in, but doesn't close the door

behind him. I can see him standing at the toilet.

I get up and wander into the next room, which I know is there,

but we never use or think about. The room is like an alcove, but

larger. (at this point in the dream, it's a dream I've had

before, but not one I've written down before now....one of those

elusive ones) There's another door to the left (inside this

alcove). It's ajar, which I find peculiar. I had completely

forgotten about this part of the house until now. At this point

in the dream, the house is one story.

I see Jamie come out of the bathroom and call to him to come see

this part of the house. We go through the door and enter a room

that seems to only have a fireplace in it. It appears to be new

and never used. The fireplace is built into one wall (to my

left) and extends from floor to ceiling. It's bulbous and

reminds me of adobe (it has two bulbous areas, a smaller one at

the top extending halfway down with the bottom half even more

bulbous). It looks like something the Mayan Indians might have

built centuries ago. Jamie found a hammer and picked it up and

then began hitting the fireplace with it, cracking it open. Now

it reminds me of being at an archaeological dig. Inside the

fireplace appeared to be a statue (red in color). Jamie hit that

as well and from inside it, out crawled a man. The man walked

out and said something about having been trapped inside there for

seven years, and then he left.

We wandered into the adjoining room (to our left) and it appeared

to be a greenhouse type structure, only through the window you

could see shelf upon shelf of handmade pottery, unkilned. This

structure itself was unfinished and looked like it too needed to

be put in the kiln to dry. It was of clay/cement at the top,

then there was a multi-paned picture window, followed by more

clay/cement at the bottom. The door was on the side of it.

There were hash marks made in the clay to give it decoration.

The next room we entered was a large living room area. There is

bright light coming in from the windows on either end of the

room. The walls are paneled and painted white. It's in the

decor of Colonial Williamsburg. This room is at the front

(street) side of the house. I forgot all about these `extra'

rooms and why we don't use them (I know why, but don't *want* to


Now there's an upstairs to the house and we go up there. There

are also more people with us. B. has joined us as well as about

six others. Jamie has gone back (or chosen to remain) downstairs.

Once upstairs we find a whole other `house' (apartment). Whoever

lived here must have left in a hurry. All of their belongings

were still here. I opened the refrigerator (seems to be one of

those stainless steel restaurant types). It was full of spoiled

food. There was stuff scattered all over the house. There was a

small alcove (like for a telephone) in the wall near the kitchen.

I noticed some jewelry lying there. There were some earrings and

what appeared to be a brooch. I picked up the pin, but it wasn't

a pin at all. It was about the size of the palm of my hand and

looked art deco. It was deep pink and purple in color, made of

cloth and plastic cut in abstract shapes. It was some kind of

message holder. There was writing on it. I put it back, even

though technically, all of this stuff was mine. We owned the

house. The apartment appears decades old.

It suddenly dawns on me why I didn't want to remember this part

of the house. Someone had been killed here (which we didn't find

out until after we had moved in). I bring up this subject and

someone starts to tell the story of the murder. We all then

begin to look for clues.

I wander into another room (alone). I see a woman there, slight

of build with reddish blonde hair. Her name's Sara. She's

wearing a long blue dress, buttoned to the neck. She looks like

she's from the 1800's. I know her to be the murder victim, yet

I'm not afraid. She looks real, not transparent as you think a

ghost should look. She walks past me and takes me by the hand.

"Come with me," she says (I can't remember if it's verbally or

ESP). Through the window, we can see across the street into the

next building. We see Judge (whatever his name is). Now she's

turned into a child of seven. Her hair is long and blonde. She

crawls underneath an old sewing machine to hide, sitting on the

treadle. She wants me to hide with her, but I'm too large. "Who

killed you?" I ask her. "You have to go. NOW," she says


I gather the others and we start down the stairs. I'm trying to

think, "Who should go down first,", though I don't know why it's

important, whoever it is, but it is. I decide that Princess

Diana should be the first to descend the stairs. The others

follow her. There is a small landing or alcove right above the

stairs as you go down. In it are some antique wooden boxes, some

with drawers, some not. Some are wood stained and some are

painted with milk paint, deep blue. I would like to take them

downstairs to decorate with, but know they belong *here*. As we

reach the bottom of the stairs, who should be on his way up but

the Judge. Aha, I suspect he's the killer. That's why I thought

Princess Di should go first. He'd be less likely to suspect her

of trying to trap him.

Now it's like the group of us are on a tour together in town and

we're all standing in front of a bin full of tourist brochures.

I grab a small paper back book. It's written and drawn like a

cartoon (black and red ink). It's the story of Sara's murder. I

page to the part where she tells who killed her. It WAS the

Judge. Now we all want to catch him and see justice done so she

can rest in peace. We all agree to gather at a place called the

PROFILE, which is where union members hold their meetings. It's

a large white building (reminds me of a gym). There is a huge

awning on the front of the building (3 stories). On the awning

the word Profile is printed in large green letters. The place

now looks like an outlet mall. I can see inside and see people

shopping. Joe (NewsRadio) and Tom (Matthew Ashford/GH) are

setting up a trap to catch the Judge. Tom goes off to get

something and Joe starts to drill a hole in the floor of the

second story. The hole is much bigger than needed. Tom comes

back and says, "Not that big!" Now Tom, who's at ground level,

has a fishing rod and is pulling out some excess fishing line.

He has to push the line through the hole, up to us. (2/21/97)

#115 Celebs/3

HOTELS [Temporary Dwelling or Special Event location]

JOURNEYS [Missions away from our home base -explorations]

Check out Our Hero & Kat Hart in the RELATIONSHIPS section

* Dream: "The Pedantic" by Brett tentatively titled "This is How

We Do It" (970208) *

There is a routinely paced feeling to the dream (like work, or

school). Everyone takes the stance of teaching my invisible

"sidekick"--who I don't really see till the end of the dream. We

are progressing down a river in a canoe apparently made from a

tree trunk, its dark brown rough-looking bark still attached at

the prow. I remember we passed a tent (IN the water), its flaps

open...a light shining from inside.

We came upon two people who were diving off a platform in middle

of the river. I recognized one as "Browner", the H. S.

most-likely-to-succeed. Posturing for the person with me, I

greeted them cordially. "You're supposed to speak politely", he

said to me--but subtly directed the statement to my quiet

partner. "I always do, don't I?", I answered back pedantically.

We then met "Bhutros"--a young man who excitedly, without

restraint, and in an affected manner told us "This is where I

left these (wooden club-like objects...which he also apparently

made)", demonstratively shelving what now appeared to be a peace

pipe on a shoulder high ledge behind the counter of a

concession-like window. "I kept mine 'here'" he said as if to a

child. His face changed expressions as if with remembered shame.

"I used to be drunk, but everyone knew that I ALWAYS kept it

'here'." Bored, I let my mind wander and the object became an ax

handle and then an ax flying toward me through the air. "Just

like the one you have there," he said--and I did have an ornate

wooden tube about 4 inches in diameter, two to three feet long,

colored "war-paint" red and angled on the end so that it could be

braced above the left knee and struck with a slicing motion by a

tool held in the right hand (a percussion instrument, I think).

"And we do it like this," said another who had a conspicuously

large plastic simulated bone handled hunting knife. He

interlaced a brace of wood over my thumb and through the fingers

of my hand which left a space between the brace and the web of

flesh between the thumb and first finger. He forcefully threw

the knife into this narrow space where the blade wedged. I

stoically endured this demonstration of manhood; though I

momentarily thought I'd been sliced.

My partner left and then came back. It was "Terrie Lavander".

She was dressed in a barely-matched purple blazer and pink

turtleneck, the colors of candy-coated marshmallow Easter eggs.

I didn't like the way she "smelled", her breath was soured with

excitement, over-breathed like morning breath. So, I gave her a

compulsory peck on the cheek and left.

Final Title: "The Pedantic"


= Commentary on the Pedantic =

The masculine teaches the feminine somewhat hesitantly what he

has "learned." She doesn't seem to catch on (nor do the others

for various reasons). There is a mocking tone to each of the

teachers...Browner is sharing a private joke at the expense of

the student; Bhutros is over-exuberant--only recently recovering

from a shameful past and filled with hopeful pride; The owner of

the bone-handled knife uses crude methods to teach which rely on

shock value; Lavander is tacky and over eager. I "remember" my

own studies, modestly I created a structured environment for

self-paced learning. Still, I can see how this can be

misinterpreted by observers of form rather than function as

"Pedantic", talking-down to others.

* Dream: Little Titanic Dream by Cathy (97XXXX)*

I dreamt my husband had enjoyed a long swim along a path of

water--a path like a bike path only about a few feet of water

that had no relationship to reality--it looked like a half inch

of water on the ground, but you could swim in it. So I was, upon

his advice, taking a long swim along this path. As I swam I had

a vision of watching a TV show featuring the amazing oldest

survivor of the Titanic, an old woman. She began to tell her

story--she and her daughter were traveling together and heard an

alarm. I was now her daughter. We went out of our cabin and

asked a little boy what was happening. He said the boat was

sinking. We decided to get off the boat right away and followed

two little boys to the deck. They were both black and dressed in

little white uniforms; I felt they were being racistly treated

and thought they were too young to work. It was a pleasant sunny

day, not night in the arctic.

Then I was swimming in a large river, as if I had not left

the path of water, watching the woman get out of a large boat

(but in no way an ocean linear) onto a jet ski. This was her

surviving the Titanic. There were two little boys who helped her

get off the boat, one on her jet ski, and another by himself.

After the woman got into a little motorized boat, the little boys

fell off of their jet skis and started to drown. The woman saved

the two of them. I kept swimming along the river, which turned

back to a path.


= Commentary by Conan on The Little Titanic Dream by Cathy =

Hello to everyone, Hello Cathy, This is an interesting dream

with a lot of heavy handed symbolism.

Of course, each person has their own inner code of symbols. So,

I'll just go with the usual stuff and take a shot at an

interpretation, with the obligatory disclaimer that nothing I say

is necessarily accurate. You have to ask yourself if it makes

sense, or not.

Ocean: usually this represents that which is unfathomable,

mysterious or "deep."

Rivers and Streams: water is usually seen as the source of life,

and a stream often represents our spiritual journey. In your

case, even when you were in the ocean, you still had a clear path

to follow.

Also the weather was clear, and it was a sunny day, implying

that the water was not to be feared, even though the boat was

sinking. If the weather was bad, then it might represent how you

are dealing with change, but in this case, it doesn't seem to be

a problem.

Boats & ships: these usually represent the life path we have

embarked upon in our life's journey. They are the choices we

have made or not made, which now keep us afloat on the waters of


Generally, if you move from a little canoe, to a yacht to an

ocean liner, this represents a path of positive progress from one

spiritual state to the next, and if you meet the captain, you are

meeting God. However in your case, you were progressing from

a large ocean liner, and not just any ocean liner, but the

Titanic, that is, a doomed ship -- a doomed and sinking life's

journey. You progressed from a large ship to a smaller boat and

then to jet skis, represents a kind of collapse or regression -

but not necessarily a bad one. Remember that the water was not

to be feared.

Your path was clear. It was the Titanic that was the threat,

because it was on the wrong path.

A smaller boat may represent a new and less predictable journey,

perhaps with less company, perhaps on your own. Jet skis of

course, may only be occupied by one person, which may mean you

are facing a situation that will require some self-reliance on

your part.

The old woman: older people tend to represent either the

process of dying, or at other times they may represent wisdom or

knowledge. They can also symbolize a teacher of some kind.

In this case, I think the old lady represents your own inner

wisdom. That's why you're her daughter. Your following what

knowledge and wisdom you've gained in your life to save you from

your doomed path. More about that after we have a look at the

two kids.

Two kids, black dressed in white. Well, there's a myriad of

possible interpretations here. Youth represents your creative

self, and it can represent a new beginning. Your concern for

their being oppressed by the Titanic may represent your concern

for some oppression of your own freedom and creativity. Again the

Titanic is singled out as the source of unpleasantness, NOT the


Black and white represents duality; two sides to an issue such

as "right vs wrong," or "good vs bad." A dilemma of some sort -

balance in your life. It may also represent "truth." This is

interesting because it was the dilemma which came to you in the

form of what may be considered "twins."

Twins once again can represent duality. It is the dilemma

(balance in your life) that tells you that the "ship is sinking,"

and escorts you out to safety. You are being confronted by a

choice which may force you to "abandon ship," or discard some

choice in life you made previously. What is interesting here is

that once the old woman is helped off the boat by the dilemma

itself (the kids), the two kid fall in the water and begin to

drown, and she saves them. Then you are free to continue on your

path. This may mean that you are afraid that your choice will

destroy the balance in your life as well as your freedom, however

it appears that the balance of these opposing forces of right vs

wrong will be retrieved and protected by your own wisdom, and you

will be able to continue on your journey. You must trust that

you have enough wisdom to make the right choices. Your wisdom

will allow you to preserve balance in your life.

Thanks for your time, and take care -- Conan

= Commentary by Bob C on The Little Titanic Dream by Cathy =

The dreamer and her husband swim along the same shallow path,

but not together. This symbolism may represent the current state

of the marital relationship. Possibly the television show

featuring the oldest survivor of the Titanic represents the

dreamer's family of origin. Did the dreamer grow up in a

dysfunctional or divorced family situation? In that case the

survivor could represent the dreamer's mother, and if the dreamer

is considering separation or divorce the dream may be a message

from her subconscious that she, too, will survive a "sinking

ship;" (i.e. the dreamer's marriage). Racist treatment often

makes those so treated feel inferior. The two black boys in

white may possibly represent the dreamer's children. They are

white but because of the dysfunctional family situation they feel

(or at least the dreamer thinks they feel) inferior or have low

self-esteem. The pleasant sunny day in the artic may be another

symbol of the marital relationship. It's cold, but it may appear

pleasant to outsiders, and indeed, at times it may be pleasant

enough. The Titanic is now just a large boat. This may mean

that the dream mind is telling the dreamer that divorce is not

going to be a "titanic" tragedy, or possibly that the dreamer's

own divorce will not be as great a tragedy as was her mother's.

The dreamer is now an observer "in the water," that is, clear of

the sinking ship. The "survivor" has two little boys help her

get clear of the sinking ship, but as the woman leaves in a small

motorized boat (too small for the boys?) they fall off their jet

skis and the woman saves them. This may indicate the dreamer's

guilt of not only wanting to be clear of the sinking ship but

also of other responsibilities. The dream ends with two

solutions. The dreamer as survivor saves the boys and is the

"rescuer". The dreamer as observer in the water swims by herself

along the river which turns into a path (for the future)? If the

dreamer disagrees with this interpretation, then it is wrong.

Only the dreamer knows.

Bob C.

'What we do in dreams we also do when we are awake: we invent

and fabricate the person with whom we associate - and imediately

forget we have done so.'


= Commentary from Cathy on her Little Titanic Dream =

Dear Conan and the ed-core gang, I just want to say thanks for

Conan's beautiful interpretation. I think I can understand now a

little of what the dream was trying to tell me about my life. I

spent years of my life getting a ph.d. in 18th c. brit. lit., but

I don't have a job teaching that, and I'm accepting I likely

never will unless I make some really drastic life changes. I

think now that the part of me in the dream that kept saying "This

isn't the Titanic, it's day, it's not the cold artic" was telling

myself that my mistakes and wasted moves in life weren't so bad,

that my problems are pretty trivial compared to real world

issues. Thanks again! Cathy

LOST [Disorientation or abandonment]

LOTTERY DREAMS [Sudden Wealth - Randomness favors the


LOVE [All around us, yet so hard to find and keep]

MEMORY [Remembering ...In dreams we often struggle with the issue

of memories and remembering a dream by definition involves the

process of recollection. This month some pointers on remembering


* Corey's Dream Memory Question (970211) *

I was wondering if anyone on the list could help me? My problem

is that I have a very difficult time remembering my dreams. I

have read about several methods in books about lucid dreaming,

such as counting yourself to sleep, but they never work. I

generally remember less than 1 dream per month and it really just

irritates me to no end.

Thanks in advance,


= Commentary by Pat on Corey's Memory Question =

Hi Corey, Thanks for sharing your question with us. A couple

of things that help me to remember my dreams:

1) In the morning, even if I cannot remember any dreams, I take

time for meditation/prayer/reflection/dream work/focusing. I

will thank my body for both remembered and *unremembered dreams*.

I believe our bodies are constantly revealing much needed

information to us - I need to reverence that gift of

information/insight. It helps me be more conscious of what is

happening within me in dream life and waking life.

2) It may be you are trying *too hard* to remember and are

freezing up. Be gentle with yourself and invite your body to

help you to remember your dreams. It may also be, as Earl

suggests, that you are resisting what your dream/body want to

share with you. You may ask your body what that resistance is

all about.

Hope this helps, Pat

= Commentary by Richard on Memory (5 Steps & Bibliography!) =

Here are a few suggestions from my Q&A column -Richard

It can be very frustrating trying to recall dreams. Not only do

we never remember most of them, but the ones we do recall can

easily slip away and evaporate as well. But with a little

guidance and effort, you will soon have more dream recall than

you know what to do with!

Here is a quick Five Step process for dream recall:

1. Night Before: Keep a pad of paper and pen and a couple of

pencils by your bed. Date the paper the night before. When you

awake, in the night or in the morning, write something down.

Even "I recall nothing this morning" is good to write down. If

you are keeping a journal, read the last dream you had.

2. When you go to bed, relax your body and review the day in

reverse. How did I get ready for bed? What was I doing just

before going to bed? What did I do this evening? What was it like

coming home from work, what did I do at the office, what did I

have for lunch, and so on, all the way back to how you got up

and either recall your last dream or recall your writing down "I

recall nothing this morning". This exercise (From

Psychosynthesis) is very relaxing and helps us learn to reflect

back and focus the way we need to focus to recall dreams.

3. As you are getting close to falling asleep, repeat over and

over, "When I wake up, I will remember my dream." Jill Gregory of

the Novato Dream Library says that a physical "trigger" along

with the verbal suggestion often helps, i.e. pressing your thumb

against each finger as you say each word of the suggestion. 4.

When you wake up in the morning, don't move! Stay in your same

position, relax your body and let your mind drift closer to your

dream. Remind yourself that you want to remember your dream.

Shutting your eyes may help. Thinking about what you are going to

do in the future, like shower or at work or appointments is the

best way to miss a dream.

5. Once you begin to recall the dream, start writing! Write down

whatever you remember right away so you're not trying to remember

that material while trying to recall new material. If after a

minute you don't have any recall, write down "I don't recall

anything." or even better, write down a short made-up fantasy

about what you would have liked to have dreamed. If you have

other dreams in the journal, read one of them.

For more information on how to recall dreams:

Online resources: Information on Recall form the Lucidity

Institute: http://www.best.com:80/~lucidity/NL11.DreamRecall.html

DreamLink Recall help page


Dream Recall info by William Sharp and John Suler


Many of the popular and easily accessible books on dreams at

your bookstore or library have a section on dream recall. Here

are some classics:

Delaney, Gayle (1991). Breakthrough Dreaming: How to Tap the

Power of your 24-Hour Mind. New York, NY: Bantam Books.

Delaney, Gayle (1988). Living Your Dreams: Using Sleep to Solve

Problems and Enrich Your Life. Revised Ed. San Francisco: Harper

and Row.

Delaney, Gayle (1979). Living Your Dreams. San Francisco:

Harper & Row. Faraday, Ann (1974). The Dream Game. New

York: Harper & Row.

Gregory, Jill (1988). Developing Dream Recall. In Dream Tips .

Novato, CA: Novato Center for Dreams . Taylor, Jeremy

(1992). Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill: Using Dreams to

tap the Wisdom of the Unconscious. New York, NY: Warner Books,


Taylor, Jeremy (1983). Dream Work. New York: Paulist


= Commentary by Bob K on Memory =

Corey: There are all kinds of specific methods, sort of like for

stopping hiccups. They boil down to two principles in my


#1) INTENTION & EXPECTATION- You must really desire and intend

to remember your dreams - not just wishful thinking, but applied

effort. Like see yourself sharing the dream, or writing the

dream. In your case, you really want to so it's apparently

something else. Are you getting too little sleep? Pressured pace

of life? Lots of social interaction?

#2) MEMORY - The development of memory is essential for

remembering dreams. Try some exercises while you are awake.

Memorize a quotation or poem. Before going to sleep, remember

the events of the day - backwards and forwards! Picture places or

events in your waking life - visualize the details. Remember the

words to a song - the whole song! When you sleep your "memory"

skill will also work for you.

There are techniques which range from having a partner awaken you

from REM sleep (great for recall awful for restful sleep) to

sleep positions, but I think they can all be related to these two


I speak with people all the time who don't remember their dreams.

A common element is that they are mostly VERY involved with their

daily living challenges or don't see any value to remembering

dreams. This is specially true in our money focused Western

society where, if it's not adding a buck to your pocket, it's not

worth doing (except for romantic involvement or spiritual quests

as the journey is finishing). OK, that's a pretty harsh

generalization, but it drives a vast majority of humans at this

time. Regardless of if you remember them or not, dreams are

affecting your body chemistry and balance. If it were crucial to

survival for all of us to recall every dream vividly, there would

be lots more recall, so don't worry if you don't remember. If you

don't remember often, it's likely that when you do, there is a

real important message awaiting you.

If it's any consolation, remembering too many creates an

alternate problem of deciding which are more significant or worth

work/playing with in greater detail.

Hope your recalled dreams materialize & help.

Bob K.

= Commentary by Earl on Corey's Memory Question =

Corey, You've received a lot of good suggestions from this

group. I don't know whether I can add much, but somehow the

attitude of faithful intention seems to be of most help to me.

When I go to sleep, I keep in mind the intention to remember my

last dream of the night. I also have the intention to awaken at

the end of that dream.

Since I've begun using this technique, I rarely awaken to the

alarm. Usually I awaken on my own, w/in 15 mins of the alarm


As I write this, I know that my intentions to have more lucid

dreams have not manifest. I believe that they some how don't fit

into my world view. There are certain obstacles to achieve

lucidity (both awake and asleep). That's why I asked you about

your motives. Sometimes we have reasons beyond our reasons.

Try all the positive stuff first. If you still find yourself

having difficulty, consider what you fear might happen if you did

remember your dreams.

I hope these thoughts are of use to you. Keep in touch and let

us know your progress.


= Commentary by Heratheta on Corey's Memory Question =

As long as people are still talking about recall enhancement try

sleeping with you head toward the southeast. this can make dreams

more vivid.

= Commentary by Anonymous (FOOD) on Corey's Memory Question =

Of course you must be very low in tryptophane and therefore not a

good rememberer but an outstanding citizen, but seriously folks,

the best thing for remembering dreams or anything else is

mushrooms, then comes pork, then comes onions, asparagus, and

nappa cabbage. apples and pineapples in the fruits. the worst

foods for memory of course are beef, chicken, bread and cheese

and corn products and the corn syrup and the dried corn syrup

like white sugar. follow this advice and McDonalds will hate you

and wine and cheese parties and civilization in general will not

welcome you but you may save your soul. I would be remiss if I

didn't add this disclaimer. talk to your physician first before

trying any of the above. -by anonymous

= Commentary by Richard on food/recall =

comments on Heratheta's suggestions. Melatonin is a releaser

for me, but I fear its side effects. I had some skull cap tea

while visiting Glastonbury England (romantic home of king Arthur

and landing spot of Joseph of Arithema(sp). The grail guy. I did

have strong recall, but didn't really do enough tests to check

the placebo effect.

I don't have quite the subtle distinctions between foods yet

that Heratheta speaks of, but I would like to say that "A hungry

dreamer is a good dreamer" (quoting myself). This is also true

for lucid dreaming (and I think clarifies a bit why mystics

starve themselves to get visions). I like the vegetarian approach

of Heratheta, which to me suggests that we needn't starve

ourselves, just "Eat to dream." (Although, who can forget those

Pizza nightmares of adolescents?)


= Commentary by Smoker on Corey's Dream Question =

I have the same problem, I smoke marihuana now and then which

effects remembering dreams. I still dream but don't remember all

of them. In periods where I don't smoke I recall my dreams


Might not be of help to you but thought I would let you know.

-- Never trust someone who says "trust me".

= Reply by Corey to Memory Question Commentary =

I am currently averaging about 7 hours of sleep per night. The

main reason I want to remember my dreams is essentially envy. I

used to dream quite frequently, but for a while now I have had

trouble. I suppose what really piqued my interest in dreams is

dream analysis. I am reading about Jungian interpretation of

dreams, and I wanted to analyze a few of my own dreams.

Thanks everyone,


MIRRORS [Reflection of Self]

* Question on Mirrors in Dreams by Conan (9702XX) *

Does anyone else have trouble with mirrors? I know any time I

encounter a mirror in my dreams, I must avoid looking at it,

because what I see looking back is a deception and a possible

danger. Either I will see all of my flaws grossly exaggerated,

or I'll see myself far more beautiful than I am, or I'll see a

demon that threatens to leap out of the reflection and destroy

me, or I see Hell itself, and struggle not to be dragged in.

Sometimes I don't escape. Other times I wake up shaken and

tingling with adrenalin. Lots of ways to interpret mirrors, but

an interesting problem. What do mirrors represent for others on

the List? Thanks all -- Conan -- "Nostalgia isn't what it used

to be."

= Commentary by Bob K. On Conan's Mirror Question (9702XX) =

Hi Conan! Thanks for your Dream Commentary this month. It has

been very perceptive.

In thousands of my recorded dreams, I probably only have a

handful of dreams where there have been mirrors. Interesting when

Dreams are often compared to Mirrors. Elsie Sechrist with A.R.E.

[Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach,

VA, USA of Edgar Cayce fame] background has a very good book with

that concept in her title: Dreams: The Magic Mirror. I think the

majority of dreams for most people mirror our waking

preoccupations in a variety of ways (complementary vs.

supplementary content of dreams theory). In the few mirror

dreams I have had, they have been a jumping point for Lucid type

dreams or awareness of being dreaming. A couple of these were

not actually mirror dreams, but similar in function to mirrors

such as seeing my reflection in the still water of a lake or pond

or pool, in a contact lens, or in the glass of a storefront. The

reflection in the dreams has been of contemporary me, a confident

me, an older me, a female me, a strange looking me, a couple

times a balding me, and a few times a very elderly me. Once, I

was someone famous, and once someone I know. None were

frightening experiences, but actually highlighted - focused - my

awareness on myself or my perception of self. The image was a key

to the issue. Being scared of mirrors would be similar to

being scared of seeing yourself as you appear to others or scared

of having a picture taken and your essence captured. Might there

be some part of oneself that one is trying to avoid that is

surfacing in these mirror dreams? In my dreams, most mirror type

dreams had messages along those lines.

Thanks for bringing up this issue.

Bob K.

= Commentary by Richard on Conan's Dream Mirror Question =

Those dream mirrors!

I recall dream where I saw people go up to this mirror and

one by one they would scream and run away. I couldn't resist and

looked. Saw a young French woman with an exotic hat.

I guess my favorite way to see dream mirrors is a double

mirror, reflecting a part of us we don't normally see. But I feel

that at different times different - entities - have control over

the view. As Taylor suggests, most all of these views can be

converted into use for growth - the worse the better, so to


That reminds me of a mirror I walked through. I heard you

could do this and it was a big thing among lucid dreamers, and so

I tried it. Ended up walking down a cave towards a red light.

Chickened out and returned to my room (an old room I had as a

teenager - ho, ho).

Mirror , mirror in my hand , who the weirdest in the



= Commentary by Cathy on Conan's Dream Mirror Question =

Dear Conan and the list, Conan's series of mirror dreams seems

to me to be a series of fears--I'm no good, I think too much of

myself, I'm too vain, I'm going to be destroyed, I'm doomed, I'm

evil, I'm going to hell. Confronting your fears is very hard and

scary and could be why the dreams seem so terrifying. You

probably are fighting wrong self-images and trying not to

overwhelmed by them.


= Commentary by Bob C. On Conan's Dream Mirror Question =

The dream may symbolize that the dreamer both wants and fears to

examine his shadow self.

If the dreamer disagrees with the above interpretation then

it is wrong. Only the dreamer knows. Bob C.

NUDITY [What you see is what you get]

PERFORMERS [Entertainers]

PROBLEMS [Situations or difficulties sometimes present choices]

POLITICAL SCENE [Public issues through positions of power]

* Dream: "Feminist Brigade" by MadGrl (970225) *

I dreamt about Ann Richards (Gov. of TX), the Phys. Assistant

woman from ER (the one with HIV), Rhea Pearlman and her blind

son. These were some of the greatest feminists and they kept

shutting me out. They all decided to go to this camp to work on

feminist issues and invited the head of a radical abortion

clinic' (ann's words). Ann wouldn't invite me! Everyone ignored

me because I was expected to babysit. I was upset because I felt

I had a lot to offer. I looked at my watch, it was almost 4 pm.

HIV woman kept saying stuff like, "Don't you worry your head

about it, you're too young." I asked how old she was, she said

30. I said "I'm 34 so stop talking down to me Missy!" I

realized that I hadn't taken my Ritalin and it was 4 pm. I

remember thinking that I lost my temper with the HIV woman

because I hadn't taken my pills.

Everyone was rushing about (loading pick up trucks, riding

motorcycles, the details are sketchy but lots of transportation

was involved) getting ready for either bad weather or the camping

or duck shooting trip. I went outside and the blind kid (who was

something of a sensitivity barometer,' Ann et al tested people

by assessing the way people treat the boy) had trained two birds.

One was white the other dark. The white one caught my eye as it

flew into a tall Cedar tree. I decided to join the bird and

leave the situation behind. I remember flying and landing


Any comments or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

RELATIONSHIPS [Other parts of ourselves]

[Families constitute the first and earliest of our relationships,

often influencing how we relate to the outside world]

* Dream: Family Dream" by Bonnie (9702XX)*


I am with my family (my parents, my two brothers and their

families), at a get together at my brother's house. Nothing

about the house is familiar. I start to notice that all the

faucets are running and all the sinks, bathtubs, and toilets are

overflowing. I go over to a faucet and try to turn in off, but

it's broken. I turn to everyone when I suddenly realize I'm the

only one that cares about this. I notice that my two brothers

have grown heavy black beards. "It's that grunge style" I think.

Then I look closer and realize that one of them is actually my 15

year old nephew. My Dad, who would help if he wasn't starting to

feel ill, gives me two pliers. I start to try to fix faucets, but

stop when my Dad becomes violently ill. Somehow, he's only got

his underwear on, and he looks emaciated and puny. I half-carry,

half-help him to the car. I am slightly repulsed by the feel of

his cold clammy skin, and this makes me extremely sad. We decide

to go over to my other brother's house to talk about this. It,

too, is unfamiliar.

We somehow all know that my Dad is dying. I begin to cry; my

sister-in-law comforts me. I hear music coming from outside the

house and get up and look out the second story window. First, I

notice that the roof is made of netting and is torn and blowing

in the wind. Then I see that there is a Renaissance festival

going on. The scene is very beautiful - they are dancing in

costumes, it's night and there are campfires, etc.

I should mention that my parents already died a few years ago in

real life.

Thank you Bonnie

* Dream: Relatives & Relatives by Anna *

I once dreamt that I was on an island, there was only sand on

this island and I was there together with: My mother, my

grandmothers, my great grandmother (on my mother's side) and my

step-grandfather (married to my grandmother on my mother's side)

PUH! Hang in there!

My great grandmother; my grandmother (on my father's

side) and I sat in a triangle about 10 m from each other, both of

them were dead at the time a dreamt this.

Behind me sat my mother and her mother (alive today). My

step-grandfather was walking around within the triangle with a

gun. Somehow my grandmother was in danger and I had to help her.

My kins opposite me were only serving as silent spectators in

the whole drama, they saw but they were completely passive and

didn't show any feelings - UNAPPROACHABLE. My mother whispered

advice on what I should do but she bugged me and I wanted her to

be quiet so that I could think. I was in a hurry something

terrible was about to happen (although I didn't know what).

All of a sudden my grandmother smuggled a knife to my

mother and she passed it on to me, they were part of the drama

but they were passive - they themselves couldn't put an end to

the danger. For a while I gathered strength, trying to calculate

exactly when to strike, it had to be when he turned his back

towards me - then he did and I ran.

I never got to the point were I stabbed......then I

can't remember any more of the dream but I think I never got

further than running towards him, but I had a feeling that I was

going to make it.

(I want to stress that I respect my step-grandfather a lot and

he's been very good with my grand-mother).

Please comment// Anna

* Dream: Our Hero and Kat Hart by Jessel (9702XX) *

There is a "cold" meeting between Our Hero and Kat Hart (in the

back end of a station wagon). Then, for a moment, it seems that

there is a sexual interest (warmth). The next moment, the scene

is the same but the feeling has changed, the "magic" has worn


There is a publicized popularity contest. Our hero is in the

newspaper office looking at pictures of chosen contestants, all

around the age of 14-19. Kat Hart is not among them. The editor

points to one picture and announces that this would be the

winner. "Her father is someone important", he says. "Magically"

our hero adds a photo of Kat--though while seeing the image, he

notes a hard-edged lack of glamour...she doesn't LOOK so special

in the photos. Nonetheless, he chooses a photo (from his

memory...seems she chooses another, though not actually there,

and a compromise photo is entered in the contest which I notice

"doesn't look much like Kat".)

The research assistant of the editor (who looks like Jane

Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies--somewhat). Sneaks away

and goes into a hidden underground vault where she searches for

some "dirt" on Kat--"to make for an interesting scoop." I feel a

shift in the focus of historical importance and a corresponding

shift in the spirit of the moment as the researcher apparently

uncovers that Kat's ancestors were romantic historical figures


There is a parade led by Kat, a teenager, along a back street in

a small town with a small group of cheering fans chanting a

slogan. The neighborhood residents standing in their front yards

slowly take up the chant and begin clapping. Then, Our Hero is

in the back seat of a small car with Kat and a girlfriend in the

front. "Get down," Kat says as she cruises the streets. Our

hero lays flat in the back .

There is a view of the High School library...a focus on small

speakers and some "tinny" music. The speakers grow and change

becoming high tech...a shift in time is occurring. Our hero is

driving a pickup through the city park. There are lots of people

standing around in groups talking and laughing. He thinks he is

with Kat, but an overweight woman in her thirties gets out of the

pickup. I notice that the scene is--again--without that feeling

of deep spiritual involvement. It seems superficial, at first.

Then my own perspective shifts. I notice that the people are

genuinely content and are enjoying this public socialization.

RELIGIOUS RELATED [The Ritual and the Spiritual]

ROMANCE [Thrills and Chills, lost in another]

..or something else - see Our Hero & Kat Hart in the section on


* Dream: Return to the Country Club by Jessel *

"I came back from Boston to the Groton Country Club. I think

vacation from college lasted a couple months already. Strangely,

I encounter Rachel (short haired one that irritates me at times)

and Kathleen. Rachel lounges in a chair and Kathleen stands at

the far end of the pool near the buoys at the deep end. I walk

up to her and ask her about her vacation. She informs me that it

sucks. I grab and hold her for awhile. She asks, 'Aren't you

going to fuck me now?' "'No. I want to comfort you.' "Feeling

better about everything, she tells me about this guy she dated

that forced her to fuck him when she didn't want to. I hugged

her awhile as she complained about her whole vacation. When she

stops talking, I hold her awhile then let go.

Kathleen jumps into the water. She swims to just bout the

middle of the shallow end underwater. All the sudden, massive

amounts of white foam forms at the surface where she is. I jump

in to her location. I grab her from underneath the water, pull

her out, then hold her between my arms."

Until Next Time, Jesse

SCHOOL THEMES [Learning and learnings trials]

SOLUTIONS [The answers to problems or quandaries]

TEETH [Ok, losing teeth is one of the top ten dreams people have

questions on. Theories on what they mean range all over the

spectrum of possibilities. Following is not a dream, but where to

get help on this type of dream or others, just in case you missed

the concise Top Ten by Richard elsewhere in Electric Dreams or



You wrote: Hi Victoria, did you want suggestions to send back to

the toothless dreamer or are you >submitting this for ED?

Well, it looks like something suitable for ED, to be included in

the next Q&A forum, I think....

Here are my suggestions: There are several places on the Net to

explore this question. It must be in the "top 10 questions about

dreams" . So I'm offering a Top Ten ways to get information !

(all the below references can be linked to via the Electric

Dreams Resources Page www.dreamgate.com/dream/resources )

1. alt.dreams has a FAQ that includes loosing teeth. You can also

post your dream there for public comment.

2. Electric Dreams offers a column to communicate with others

about your favorite dream issues or

3. You can send the dream into ed-core for comment by a

wonderful group of concerned dreamers and netizens. Go to

www.dreamgate.com/dream/temple for more on sending dreams into

Electric Dreams

4. Electric Dreams also offers dream groups where you can join

about a dozen or so other dreamers and talk about your dream.

See DreamWheels at www.dreamgate.com/dream/temple/

5. DreamLink has a web bulletin board where you can put your

dream up for public comment. There are several of these dream

message boards around the Net.

6. Self Help and Psychology Magazine has an online Questions and

Answers Department and the issue of Teeth falling out has come up

for others there, stop by and see what the Dream Educator has to

say about it.

7. There are some dream analysis sites, see dream sharing section

in the ED resource online guide.

8. Look up the Global Dreaming News, and find a seminar in your

geographic area.


9. Look through backissue of Electric Dreams and see what other

dreamers with teeth issues have said, articles related and

comments from others.

10. Take my class, The History of Dream Sharing and you will know

just about every opinion about that dream you would ever want to

know. Fees for class still $10.00 www.dreamgate.com

Be sure to check out the other classes and education online,

again , see the ED resources page



TORNADOS [Pretty well defined destructive power of nature]

TRAPPED [Temporarily helpless- Sometimes we are paralyzed or

imprisoned by jobs, relationships or expectations]

[Heyo, Bob K. ... are you the same Bob K who's a repeat offender

this week on the Dream Wheel? I just realized that. Anyway,

here's the "slice" of the Dream Vortex. Actually, it's kinda

long. It's more like a whole column, and instead of my usual

preamble there's an introductory "this is who I am, what I do,

you e-mail me, I e-mail you" thing. I left in the entire dream

and interpretation from Feb. 11. PLEASE let me know whether you

want me to make it shorter! 'Cause I can do, and there's still a

few days before the 20th. Anyway, here's what I have. Cheers,



Hello, all. My name's Nicole and I'd like to offer y'all a

sample slice of the Dream Vortex. That's a thing I do every week

over at www.takeme.com, a.k.a The Gathering, home to student

writing from colleges all over. The Dream Vortex isn't the

strangest of its attractions, but I like to think it's in the top


The general idea is that you e-mail me a dream and I write

a possible interpretation of it. The whole shuhbop gets

published at http://www.takeme.com/student_features/vortex/ every

Monday or Tuesday. If you prefer a specific method of analysis,

I'm open to suggestions. Someone recently asked me if I would

retell his laundry dream from the point of view of the

water...this is the kind of brain-massage I thrive on! Look for

results in the next few weeks.

Links to sites relevant and not so relevant serve as a tip

of the hat to my favorite web writers. And sometimes I invite

e-mail on specific themes; for instance, I'm currently looking

for examples of dreamed jokes, what Carnival is like in Mobile,

Alabama, and what herb it is you stuff inside vampires' heads


You can also check out "Dreams Explored," a linked column

based on my own dreams. It's a mixture of fiction, HTML

experiments, and post-teenage angst. Readers' interpretations

are always welcome, so let me know what you think.


'raincoat' had a dream and said, 'People are not what they seem.'

My boyfriend and I are abducted by Dennis Leary, the actor, and

the three of us are hiding out in a shopping mall clothing store.

Actually, Dennis knows someone who works there, but he is hiding

my boyfriend and I. He takes the ring I'm wearing and acts like

he loves the ring (it's a plain gold ring with 3 small rubies).

I try telling him that I know he's just going to pawn it off, and

he won't get much money for it. But he insists on keeping it.

My boyfriend and I get away somehow, and end up in a hotel room

with the youth group from my church (which I haven't attended in

a year or so). We hide in the bathroom until my sister's

boyfriend tells us to take his truck and try to get away. We get

in the truck and try to pull out into traffic but it's like

maneuvering one of those hand truck things, we can't get it to go

in the right direction. So we get into the wrong lane and

traffic is coming toward us, but each car swerves and somehow

misses us. We are slowly rolling around and we roll into a ditch

and the truck just turns into mush. We see my sister's

boyfriend, who owns the truck and tell him what happened and how

sorry we are. He says "It's okay, the truck was a piece of crap


Dear raincoat,

The cheesy newspaper-<a href = "http://www.takeme.com/zodiac/">

horoscope</a> interpretation would probably run along these

lines: Watch out! A jealous rival has designs on your affections

and will stop at nothing to push his case. The generosity of

friends is not to be questioned. Do what you have to do. Then it

would probably throw in something about rubies linking you to

Mars ascendent, and tell you to avoid the influence of any Aries


I made most of that up off the cuff.

RING-THEFT: Dennis Leary's character, however, honestly does

strike me as a negative influence on your relationship. He steals

your ring, and rings make me think of engagements, weddings, and

bonds of love. Leary doesn't have to represent an actual human

being, though. He could be interpreted as a situation or set of

circumstances that brings out the worst in you or your boyfriend.

Influences come in all shapes and sizes.

Braindump regarding Leary: obnoxious, cynical, comedian. Joking,

not serious. Something not to be taken seriously. Someone who

will not take you seriously. Offensive, foul-mouthed. Funny as

hell if you like that sort of thing. Something to be "leery" of,

someone to beware. Someone who "leers," who makes you feel


Since he imprisons you in a clothing department store, the

threat he represents may have to do with appearances - vanity,

mirrors, fashion, styles, putting on false faces. As you say,

people are not always what they seem.

Braindump regarding your ring: Gold = Wealth. Maybe loyalty, a

heart of gold? Rubies = Red like passion or fire. Your love, your

affections, things you care about, the act of caring.

The Leary-character pretends to want your love. He'll do

anything to get it, it means a lot to him - but you know he's

only interested in using you to get what he wants. He won't get

much money for it, or anything else, because you're not going to

be a fool for him. His influence falls off you like water from a

raincoat...you are protected. Think about - feel about - your

relationship with your boyfriend. What influences could be

threatening it right now? They could be external, or they could

come from inside you. They could be both in combination, as when

a stray word draws your attention to some negligible flaw in your

boyfriend's personality and makes it begin to seem intolerable.

Something like this could create enough tension to destroy a


TRUCK-DRIVING: Dreams have a way of doubling and repeating

their major themes. The truck seems similar to the ring in that

it has little monetary value. It's "a piece of crap," impossible

to control, and it disintegrates under pressure. But crapola

though it may be, it's just enough to get you away from the

Leary-character's damaging influence. That truck, though

worthless to anyone else, means the world to you.

In my own dreams, the word "sister" often indicates that I

identify with the character it describes. I'm going to guess that

your sister represents yourself, and that her boyfriend

represents yours, but from a different angle. Maybe the dream is

presenting your situation in a more objective light, as if you

were an uninvolved spectator.

This equation would make the truck not only a means of escape,

but a gift from your boyfriend. If the ring represented your love

for him, the truck can be interpreted as his love for you. Use

that love as an anchor in times of trouble. It seems like too

slender a thread to take your weight, but it will hold you up

just long enough for you to find your own strength.

OTHER THINGS: The thing about newspaper horoscopes is there's

always a seed of truth in them. They're written to apply to most

of their readership in a vague, <a

href="http://www.takeme.com/fortune/"> fortune cookie</a> sort of

way. But fortune cookies often contain a kernel of good advice.

And the thing about making things up off the cuff is that it's

really all there is to free association - which is how I come up

with all this jazz. So read your "horoscope" and give it some

thought. See if it floats your boat. And eat it with as much salt

as you feel it needs.

No additives, preservatives, or artificial coloring, Nicole


VEHICLES [Means of transportation, reflection of lifestyle]

See the Little Titanic Dream with boats & Jet Ski's under

JOURNEY, as well as Nicole's Commentary on Raincoat's Abduction

Dream under TRAPPED

* Dreams: The Multicolored Bus Double Feature by Dallas *

I drive a handpainted, multicolored hippy bus, that makes up

an extreme part of my life. It is probably my most prized

material possession, which I spend hours discussing when only

someone comments, "hey, I like your bus". It is my bus which

seemed interesting when I had my first dream a while ago about

it. I figured that since I spend so much time talking about and

working on my bus, it would have come into my dreams a lot


Anyway, I have now had 2 dreams about my bus, both within

the same week, both in which my bus was being broken into and I

caught the person and scared them off. I interpreted them to

explain that I was somehow feeling intruded upon, because I take

my bus personally, too personally sometimes. I believe my bus is

a part of what makes me so when I hear negative comments about

VW's I occasionally become offended.

In the first dream, I walked out of a grocery store and in

the dark parking lot, sorta behind the store, I saw someone

trying to break into my bus. I walked up, unafraid, and feeling

the adrenalin rushing, (in reality, I would have been scared to

death), and just made a loud comment, like "hey get away from my

bus". I cannot remember too clearly, it was a while ago that I

had this dream. Anyway, the guy ran off, but when I got in my

bus, I was so mad that I sorta just slammed on the accelerator.

I don't remember now if I hit a wall or not, the rest is sorta

gone from my memory.

The other dream was really similar. The parking

lot was different, it was better lit, and it was a girl, and when

I walked up to her, I pretended like it wasn't my bus just to see

what reaction was. When I told her it was my bus, she denied

that she had been breaking in but instead was just admiring it.

I am having a hard time remembering the rest, but while I typed

this I started to wonder, maybe the girl could have represented

me, in a way that I was denying something at the time that I knew

was true. In the same dream, I was seen by an exboyfriend, with

my current boyfriend, which made me proud. I felt good to show

off that I was happy with my new guy.

= Commentary by Dallas on Multicolored Bus Double Feature =

I believe what these dreams were trying to get me to

understand, has been done, but I guess I just wanted to share my

thoughts. If anyone has anymore comments, feel free to make



= Commentary by Jay on Cars =

in dreams like this, I would feel that the car represents my life

and the conflict is between different parts of myself which want

to do the driving.


WORKPLACE [Where we make a living]

WRITING & WRITERS [Communication and creativity]

== == == == == == == == == == == ==


Following is a special contribution from Island allowing those

interested, a glimpse into the dream life of a dreamer and a

loved one. Can you see a consistent theme throughout? What

would these dreams be telling you if they were yours? Thanks

Island for another heartfelt contribution!

The ROB SERIES by Island & Rob

* January 7, 1997

Dreamed I am with Rob, living upstairs over a huge shopping

complex, similar to a hotel where many types of shops and

restaurants can be found, or in New York City, where apartments

are found above storefronts. The apartment is much like a loft.

There is a sense of space, although it is not modern. We are

planning some large party, with piano playing and I believe some

visuals. But this is a few weeks later. We leave the apartment. I

am looking for small, three hole punch paper and have been

looking for some time unsuccessfully. I find a notebook with

3-hole punch, actually 6-hole, but 2 holes are placed

horizontally on a vertical line. There are several useful items

in the used notebook, someone else's garbage, and I am

considering taking it. I ask some woman if she knows where I

might find this paper. She tells me. Rob and I walk into a shop,

and Rob asks one female employee about the paper and names the

store we were told about. I mentioned I had looked everywhere for

the paper. She says the store has since moved. So we leave the

store, and an expensive restaurant is next door, with the cooks

and owners visible from a storefront window. Rob enters and

places an order for food. I am suddenly upset as he hasn't said

anything to me, and we are now sidetracked. He changes the order

to one plate instead of two, while I take the bag I presently

have -- the big black bag with several large pockets and many

smaller ones -- and walk down the street with a little girl of

five until we run into a group of people. The little girl belts

out a song from her heart. She is really talented, and her

talents have been unused and suppressed. I decide to return to

the restaurant, but Rob has already left. I have no idea where he

might be. I look for him back at the apartment but do not have my

keys because I left my purse behind so buzz from downstairs. A

computerized voice announces that Rob has stepped out down the

hall but will return. I then try again a few minutes later but

Rob's phone is busy. So I suddenly become conflicted should I

walk upstairs and let Rob know (whose presence actually feels

more like Danny's) or should I return and get my purse? I wrench

myself away to get the purse. When I arrive upon the abandoned

scene where a group had been gathered before, it seemed as if a

light snow had fallen, and my purse was nowhere to be seen. Some

blankets are piled up, and underneath is my bag with everything

intact. I checked inside. I was relieved that people with little

means had not tried to steal from me. Rob (Danny) wondered why I

was so upset: he had only meant to take little time in eating and

had actually prepared a plate to be given to someone homeless --

a gourmet plate -- as an instruction to others.

Also dreamed that Rob and I are in a skyscraper, something

like the Empire State Building, with Steve I. and friends. We

have a panoramic view available, though I don't look, but the

ledge is narrow. So all activity and conversation occurs in a

cramped style. Steve has this long poem, or treatise, where Rob

is subtly ridiculed. Rob doesn't mind, but I do. I relate to them

in a way that I don't recall now, and more happens that I don't


Dreamed that I have written out several checks over several

months time to Shirley R., a longstanding indebtedness that I am

now paying, I think, in the five hundreds. I wonder if she will

ever acknowledge them and imagine how surprised she will be. I

think of how much I learned from her and how much she did for me

without any thanks from me through the years.

Dreamed I am in the New York City streets. Two young women

are in deep conversation. We are sitting down on the sidewalk, as

if we are homeless, and I am behind them, as if behind the screen

inside a cab. They are in deep conversation about lost loves, I

believe. The girl on my right took a huge dose of drugs earlier

in the year. The girl on my left talked about relationships. I

broke into their conversation and volunteered that I dreamed and

had been recording my dreams, and I believed that, if she did the

same, she would have no need of drugs.

* January 9, 1997

Dreamed a man who works with a famous actor takes pictures

of Lynn, Patricia and me. Some photos are singles, but primarily

they are of us in a group. After the photos are taken, we disband

and I am to see that we all see the finished and developed

product. Some argument with Patricia makes me extremely reluctant

to bring her the photos for I do not want her to misinterpret my

actions and assume I still want a continuing friendship, yet I

find her makeup in a little plastic bag and wallet with all her

ID in a bag. She's never mentioned that she had left this behind.

So I think, "well, she has plenty makeup anyway." But her ID? How

did she replace that without a call. I imagine dropping the bag

off on the front steps of her parents house where it can be

found. I'm looking at the photos one by one. I'm upset because in

the group shots, the camera has cropped off portions of us so

that we are not wholly present. There is one photo where we all

three stand together in various poses, like dance poses, with

dancer clothing on, similar to bikinis, and though quite

artistic, extremely stylized. He's to use these photos for his

own ends. I'm asking Rob what we can do about developing a

different lens for the camera so there will be no further

cropping. Somehow a wide angled lens won't do.

Rob takes me to a garage of some kind, where there's a huge

lot filled with potholes. A large house is also on the lot. I

struggle with T'ai Chi steps and, to my amazement, though I

thought I remembered each step well, I kept getting hung up on

the opening and am trying to find a space to work it out without

drawing attention to myself while others are milling about .

Finally the first step begins to sink in, and I remember, but I'm

going to struggle similarly with the steps to come. A little girl

standing next to me is trying to learn the dance from me, poor

thing. At some point she first says she has to go to the

bathroom. Then she asks, "Will you write something for me?" She's

so sad. I said, "Sure. Go into the house. There's a bathroom on

the first floor. Should be a pen in there. Bring me both pen and

paper." That's when Daddy woke me up.

* January 10, 1997

Dreamed that Rob and I have rented our apartment to a

woman in Manhattan and have moved to a smaller apartment down the

hall. Some time passes before the neighbors gather together to

protest our subletting the apartment. We claim we've never left,

and decide to return to our apartment, swapping apartments with

the woman and no one can protest since we are now living in the

apartment for which we have our original lease. Further she

acquires an apartment. I am overwhelmed by the desire of the

tenants to see that we lose our apartment and feel that they have

ganged up on us. I also need to propose the new arrangement to

the woman subletting and cannot imagine her agreeing to move into

the smaller space, except that it is actually a nicer space, and

she has no real choice if she wants an affordable Manhattan


Dreamed that I drive a huge truck, a long one that hauls

cargo of some kind. Daddy is also in the truck, along with other

passengers, perhaps two, I believe. Dogs keep jumping in the

truck and I tell Daddy he should stop and let them out;

otherwise, we will eventually wreck. He doesn't listen to me and,

before I know it, he is now driving the truck and there is a

wreck. The truck overturns. The others are dead. I feel Daddy is

trapped inside, dead, as well. He's not. I see him somehow climb

out of the truck, unharmed. I am amazed.

Note: The next morning I oversleep as I'm having this dream.

Daddy screams at me. I later tell him of the dream I was having

while we are on a trip to M's. He tells me that he had a dream

where he is on a highway and drives quickly upon a huge truck. It

is white. Apparently he dies from the impact.

January 11, 1977

Dreamed of another child around John David, Christina &

Diana. Rob pours/spills oil (anointing?) around camping equipment

(sleeping blankets; red/blue air mattress). Seems like they are

in the storage space above our car in the subterranean parking

lot. I'm to wipe up spills and am upset with Rob for spilling the

oil which is now beginning to ruin the air mattress and blankets;

I see patches of oil seeping into material.

January 12, 1997

Dreamed I am taking a class, whose location I am unsure of.

Before going, a friend of mine, not Tony, but someone like him,

gives me a script of some kind he wants mailed to him the next

day. I ask if it would be OK if I hand delivered it rather than

go to the post office to mail it, since it would probably not

arrive in time if I mailed it. That was fine with him. In the

meantime I have a test I would take in the next class, and I am

unprepared. I have index cards with me with a few vocabulary

words written on them, and facts I'm to learn. I pull the cards

out of my bag many times and read and reread them, never seeming

to understand fully or to retain the information. My friend has

offered me a cigarette which I have refused. I need some kind of

gum on me so no one can detect the odor, which is why I believe I

do refuse. Before actually entering class, I see several stacks

of different cartons of cigarettes piled up outside the door and

see there is all the cigarettes one can want, so not to worry.

Also it seems not so socially unacceptable, not even in class;

otherwise the cartons wouldn't be on display. I have gone down a

flight of stairs and around a corner to find the classroom. But

first, I need a bathroom. I go in. It's a large bathroom like

those found in movie houses or airports. Two cleaning men walk in

on me without notice. One is white, and the other black. I'm very

upset and tell the white man so. He responds by telling me how

much he either likes or admires me, but he is open and genuine

about it without any sexual overtones so I am no longer so

distressed. I enter the classroom, late. The teacher is

lecturing, and gives no sign of giving an exam. Now I am looking

at a wall, almost resembling vertical cliffs, with the drawings

of an artist on the side of the wall. I move from panel to panel

and observe that there isn't much there. However the artist is

famous, like a Picasso? Someone else has written impressions of

the art, like a critical evaluation, and I am asked to comment. I

do not agree with her impressions and am about to say so in

writing but I note that she received an A+ from the teacher on

her comments so am stymied. Daddy appears, wanting to help me

pass the exam by explaining what some of the words mean and even

the longer explanatory paragraphs. I have no fear of writing a

long essay, but I am not as secure when it comes to giving the

exact answer which will satisfy someone else enough to give me a

passing grade. So I take his offer of help. I see boulders I am

climbing down. My footing is unsure and I seem to choose the most

difficult, treacherous descent. At any time my footing could slip

and I could fall into the ocean below. At some point in class

Lucy Newman and I are sitting together and hugging one another as

if we are the closest of friends. It feels both natural and

wonderful. Daddy has brought Mother to the beach and, from a

distance, I can see her laying there with the sun warming her

skin. All I see is parts of her body as she turns.

January 14, 1997

Dreamed of Marty.

Dreamed of Rob. Meeting him at 7:30 in a bar; deciding to go

shopping first for some dish, store owner trying to talk me into

buying a large smoky plastic disk with two serving dishes that

sit on top. Not much choice in the store. Must be after Xmas.

Arrive the bar 25 minutes late. Rob came in once, asked where I

was, furious I wasn't there, and walked out, as I hear later from

the bartender. I go home, check all the messages on the machine,

yet Rob never phoned. There were a long string of old messages,

which I tried to hear to get the date, but I had a hard time with

it. I began to wonder if I would ever hear from him again or if

he would return to the bar. Realizing I had that one chance and

blew it. But it was my fault. I deliberately chose to go shopping

first instead. Woke up, thanking God that Rob isn't like that.

Dreamed of Rob. We work together in an office setting. Many

other people there. Some newspaper reporters and the like. Rob is

well known and considered important, and people really keep an

eye on him. We leave the office; Rob wants to go elsewhere for a

bit, like the park, even though work has piled up. He has a

number of people who must be called and appointments made, and he

wants me to make them. But he also needs background information

on each person, and how am I to obtain that? I agree to make the

appointments. I notice as we leave how everyone is making many

different kind of comments about Rob, what he needs -- whether

it's sex, sleep, or what. I tell him that people are talking

about him all the time. A flash of Steve I. above on a balcony

asking Rob questions. Rob reminds him that he's asked Steve for

all he knows on some sort of space or atomic program. Some report

that Steve has forgotten to give him. Rob enters a back alley of

sorts; nothing but dirt on the ground. A group of the homeless

are hoveled above on a cliff. Rob enters conversation with one

crazy, or rebellious, old man. As we leave, huge rats are running

around and wormlike snakes crawl through the dirt. It is

horrible. I see that these people must learn to sleep and live

among the vermin. We enter a restaurant, then enter a crawl

space. He's had a hard time making love, but gets hard and just

as we're making love, he suddenly remembers he's left his pants

somewhere. He rushes down, nude, in the streets, is stopped by

the police, enters the restaurant seeking his pants, woos the

crowd until the owner realizes he's been wooed. The owner turns

on Rob and tells him to get out and never come back. I hear the

words until the become hostile. At that point I see only mouths

moving. He somehow gets pants, I believe, but the details are

unclear and I wake up.

Note: I phone Rob and learn that at the same time I was having

this dream, he had overslept, highly unusual for him, and had

rushed out of bed, flinging his pants on, so as not to miss an

important meeting.

January 14, 1997

Dreamed Rob has been asked by a wealthy, successful man on

the scale of J. to spend considerable time with socially. He ends

up in our bed, which is larger and higher than the bed we have.

Rob leaves and as I approach the bed, I see that the man is

drinking and approaching getting drunk. We enter a conversation.

He is rather lively and full of good humor. Many of the things he

says brings out good humor in me. I ask in what year he was born,

and he tells me 1939 (the year John S. was born, the year before

Lou, and the year after Marty). Now I have him placed, and I also

realize that he is twisted. He's telling me he has a daughter

getting married soon and she is to realize many benefits from

that. Then he nearly rapes me in his efforts to get me in the bed

and make love to me as Rob walks in on us. I'm fighting the man

with all my being, but I do feel badly for Rob that he has to

witness this. I can tell immediately that Rob wishes he'd never

met the man. In my bedroom (not my bedroom) but with furniture

more like Mother's -- dark mahogany and attractive, we walk in to

find that my computer hard drive beeps consistently as if giving

a warning. Kenny & Bethany are there, and I want this man to meet

Bethany so he will leave me alone. Drawers are open, and I say

curtly, "Excuse the room." I go around closing drawers on one

side, then the other. He mimics me by doing the same when he sees

them open. When I exit Windows, I cannot reve up the computer

again. The message is there is no hard drive. How can it be, I

wonder? We just purchased the hard drive. I told Kenny that if he

would start it up, he could finish in an hour where I would take

all day. Besides I had recently created a rescue disk that would

make his job easier. I show him the package, and he jumps right

into to repairing the system. People I do not know are gathering

in our house. Rob is also milling about socially. Note: Just

last weekend, before Rob's birthday, his hard drive crashes at

work. He has just inherited this system in December when he

moved. Basically, he had phoned Kenny for instructions about how

to put in a second hard drive, and was in the process of making

the new drive the master, and the old drive a slave, when the

drive was no longer readable. Rob flounders for more than week

without getting the system connected to the network. Kenny was

still arguing about the fact that neither he nor Rob should have

been involved: J..[workplace] should have remedied the situation.

Dreamed of some bar scene; guy who wants to look at one of

my encyclopedias; I am sidetracked; I go to Dr. V.A. at 4pm

instead of for my 8pm appointment. I am happily cut off as a


January 17, 1997

Dreamed three scenarios: someone's beach house right on the

ocean and taking a very long walk to get there. Asking Tiny if

she wanted to walk down there with me. She said she didn't.

Later, she tells me she will walk it by herself because she wants

to go swimming. I think, "That's why I asked her to walk -- so we

could swim." Being on the premises of the house itself; somewhat


I am in a room with many other actors reading. One man reads

at length some piece that seems biblical. I am very moved by what

I hear and realize the words, and his reading of the words, have

tremendous power to move and transform lives. Someone comments to

me that I read well enough that I could be cast in some script

and names several entertainment companies, but I think to myself

that I don't want this. Then being in some mode of transportation

that is a cross between a bus and a subway. It is at least two

decks above the ground, and it moves like a train, but passengers

sit facing the buildings, or the sides of the street, rather than

a road or highway. This way they can see and hear everything.

When I get on, the car is empty. I see a square metal dish or

disk that opens and closes. This dish is used for urination and

defecation if a toilet isn't close at hand. I really need to both

urinate and defecate and do so. The car slowly fills up with

passengers and a loudspeaker broadcasts evangelical sermons going

on in a huge, modern building They put on a showy exterior and I

realize that this does not move me at all. In fact, one person is

reading from the scripture and the other person is telling him

he's reading the wrong scripture. I am walking across beautifully

landscaped grounds with every variety of flower and vegetation. I

feel so blessed to be here instead of New York City. I have a

vague worry of something happening to Rob and cannot imagine life

without him. I start to leave the defecation dish/disk on the top

of the front step stairway inside the huge building where the

broadcast originates but think better about it. I should clean

the dish out myself and go to the restroom to do so. I slowly

wash the dish and get my hands dirty with feces and urine, but I

know this is fine because I can wash my hands clean following.

Some young girl walks in and stands at the washbowl next to mine.

She complains of her gray hair that turned gray suddenly. She has

some sort of rinse or hairdye that she uses. I have my hands full

with washing out the metal spray and say to her, "Why don't you

pull my hair back on the left hand side?" When she does I tell

her my hair turned completely gray before I turned 30. At that

point she pours the rinse she has in her hands on my hair, and it

drips down a beautiful white dress I'm wearing. I see it slowly

being stained in the mirror and know I will have to rinse it out

immediately so the stains won't set in, which I am prepared to

do. At that point I am awakened by Daddy's wake up call.

Thursday, January 23, 1997

Rob dreams something about Princeton University -- Ivy

League school -- meeting various people there, and says it's like

what's happening at J[workplace].

January 28, 1997

Rob dreams of getting Rob, Aren, David and Kenny out of a

communist country behind the iron curtain. He passes car keys to

David and then they must be passed back to him again and the

guards must not discover what's happening. Very frightening for


Rob dreams of a project that must be accomplished on


Dreamed first of losing my wallet with all my ID and having

no idea when I did so nor where it could be now. My mind becomes

a blank when I think of where it might possibly be. I can't even

remember the last purchase I made -- or I do remember the last

purchase but I used cash that was laying around. Something about

preparing some gift for Barbara and the kids? But I keep thinking

of my wallet and all my ID -- driver's license, credit card, Cal

Tech ID, and so forth.

Dreamed of the theater. I think Tony is sick near to death,

but he's not. In fact, he's very well. Someone honors him with

wanting him to take over some Shakespearean direction the next

morning, and he first asks me if Tony will do so. I say, "You can

ask, but I think he will say, "no." Turns out he said, "yes."

They walk the stairs together, the man so pleased. It is as if

Tony is some great dignitary or grand master of the theater. I am

to give a performance in a huge stadium. There is some discussion

of a new theater that is being built. One lady comments she could

not even imagine that a theater would be possible, but it is

beautiful. I comment that I want to finish all the interviews I

have on hand, then if I have the guts, I would like to stop that

work altogether and find something in the theater that I can do.

January 31, 1997

Rob dreamed that everything he did, he must do with love.

Rob dreamed that he and I are going to a furniture show in

Connecticut. We ride up the freight elevator, and people with

horses are at hand. When we get to the top floor, it rains, and

the furniture show is canceled. Rob drives a car with me and

another woman in the front seat. I begin eating him, and he loses

control of the wheel.

Dreamed I am taking a class, and am about a third the way

through the semester. One of the classes, the teacher has

decided, will take place in North Carolina. We are to fly there.

I have my ticket bought, and am readying myself the morning of

the flight when Jane UU pops in suddenly, to fly herself. She

ostensibly indicates that we can fly together, but I cannot seem

to remember or to find in several possible write in books or

calendar books where I have recorded the flight times and

information, nor can I even find the number to call. Jane

eventually leaves, but it is her interfering, busybody self that

has created the situation whereby I am left behind because the

plane has already left, and I will not pass this course. In the

dream, I am very upset about the whole thing. I am going through

notebook after notebook to try and find the information. But at

the very last, I think to call because the plane may not have

taken off as scheduled, and I still might be able to fly.

Jane F. shows me various ornate objects throughout several


Dreamed something about mingling in various groups of gay

men and discussing how long people can live with the virus. Then

going to a group home where a number of gay men with the virus

lived. I am to kill one of the men. He is very handsome. So I

kill the man. Don't know how. The sense I have is that he wanted

to be killed and is fully privy to the fact? Chuck K. figures in.

Then someone with me, an accomplice to the fact, covers me over

with a shroud of some kind so that I blend in with the

surroundings and go unnoticed. People file in -- some gathering

-- and the lady who runs the place is looking for the murderer. I

do not want to be discovered. At some point, as everyone is

seated because all have now milled in to the room, I come from

under the shroud. No one as yet has suspected me for the murder.

February 1, 1997

Dreamed of spirits of the dead caught between rocks and

crying out. Also being surrounded by demons.

February 2, 1997

Dreamed about being with Rob, going up in the air too high

-- asking him to drop down a little bit so were we to crash to

the ground, we wouldn't break all our bones. Imagining what

damage is possible, depending on how close we fly to the ground.

Remembering when I actually flew without fears of any kind and

wishing I could do so again. Zooming in on Cole who has a room to

himself: seeing him take a mirror and spread white powder across

it, and knowing he's doing drugs. Being shocked, telling him I'm

telling Daddy. Trying to phone Cathy to relay the same. He and

friends leave in a hurry.

February 7, 1997

During a nap, caught the tail end of a dream when the phone

rang. I am with what feels like mother, only she's a man. We have

entered a house where I believe I once lived a long time ago. I

sensed a second story as well. A bed is the first thing to appear

in the house, on the right, against a wall, almost as if placed

in a narrow hall or corridor. The bed used to be larger, holding

two, but now there's one person. In the bed is a black man, and a

curtain of beads draped from ceiling to floor surrounds the bed.

He talks to us. At some point, mother senses he is slowly filling

up a cup with gasoline and intends to set us ablaze. She calls

his hand. His cold eyes stare forward without a trace of emotion,

though I sense he's angry to have been caught. He turns the cup

over to me, claiming he needs it to start the car. So I ask if I

can put the cup in the front seat of the car, and leave the house

to do so, when the phone rings...

= = = = = = = = = = = =

[As the phone rings now, it's already March 17, 1997 !!! Where

has time gone?? Our next issue is almost here. Yikes! Happy St.

Patrick's Day to all the Irish out there. May the Leprechauns

bring good fortune to all!!! Hasta la vista Amigos! Bob K.]





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