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         E L E C T R I C     D R E A M S 

                Volume 3  Issue #10
                 24 November 1996

                  ISSN# 1089 4284


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C O N T E N T S 

Editors Notes
Be an Electric Dreamer- Join today!
Mentoring:  A Helping Hand with Dream Interpretation - Earl
Slow Wave this Week - Jesse Reklaw
Question Airing Forum - Victoria Quinton
Column: Dream Psi -  with Linda Magallon
   This Month: The Holiday Ornament -A Telepathic Dream
Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams,  Part I -  by  Charles
DREAMLIFE:  Alissa's Dream Art & Creativity Column
Dream Incubation, My Own Way - a Dream of Eugene Marks
Guidelines for ASD Regional Meetings and Co-Sponsored Events
Proposal: A History of Dreams in Cyberspace - Richard

G L O B A L   D R E A M I N G   N E W S   

> Telepathic Dream Experiment, December 7
> Meditation, Dreams and Reflection
> Metaphysical Book Stores in North America
> Dream Sharing Bulletin Board
> Oneiro-Network elects board and opens doors
> Dreamgate's Dream Class Online: From Ancient Thrace to
> Tommy  a New Dream Comic by Jay Martin
> Dream Workshop in Acapulco
> ASD 1997 14th Annual Conference

> Help Name, Shape and Test New Dreamworking Software
> Flying and Lucid-Psychic Dreams Sought
> Unexpected Happy Returns
> Animal Dreams Needed
> Dreamers Sought to Start AOL Chat Room
> Call for Precognitive Dreams
> Announcement: a Special Issue on the Psychobiology of
> Dream Bibs Update 
>Using Lucid Dreams to Rid of Fears- Subjects Wanted

> Jungian Dream Weavers 
> Dreams and Nightmares at DreamScape
> Castaneda Resource Page
> Jungian Archetypes and Astrology
> Psychology and Self-Help on Dreams
> Jung Index Updated
> Artists Groups on DreamLink
> Dream Harrowing Address Changes


> Dream Wheel 14
> IRC Get togethers!!!
> About Online Events

>November, December and 1997

==  D R E A M S  ==


People, Places and Things


***Commentary and Dream - DREAM INCUBATION, MY OWN WAY,

[No submissions this month]


[Stories from past experiences, or send them in before it
happens, if you can]
[Significant by nature]
[Your stumpers may not be so mysterious to others]

               LINKS TO STAGES OF LIFE
BIRTH [Starts]
CHILDHOOD [Early development]
ADOLESCENCE [Maturing, testing]

ADULTHOOD [The main event for most]
***Dream:  THE BAY, A DREAM OF ADRIANA MARKS  (961112)***
===Commentary by Dreamer on  The Bay-A Dream Of Adriana
Marks ===

OLD AGE [Wisdom, Approaching the Journeys end] 
===Commentary by Eugene Marks on  The Old Sage ===

DEATH [Endings]
COMMUNICATION WITH THE DEAD [Beyond our terrestrial limits]


This month brings us a Coyote, a giant Turkey, a butterfly
and a roomful of roaches:

===Commentary by Eugene Marks on  COYOTE ===
***Dream:  Jump  by Nutcracker(960823)***(A giant Turkey!)
***Dream:'Shades of the X-Files' by Nutcracker (960901)***



BRIDGES [How we get across an obstacle or go from here to

***Dream:'Deja Vu' by Nutcracker (960824)***

***Dream:'John-John' by Nutcracker(960903)***

***Dream:  Honey In The Rocks,  A DREAM OF ASPEN
===Commentary by Aspen Marks on  Honey In The Rocks ===
***Dream : "Tessalated King"  by Tim Drage (961123)***
***Dream: 'Please Follow Me' by Nutcracker(960823) ***

===Commentary by Eugene Marks ===

EATING [Getting nourishment for maintenance, growth and

FOOD [The source of our physical nourishment]
for uplifting Spiritual Honey see the DISCOVERY section 

Dream:"Getting Whacked in Cement"  by Shercatz (961107)

Dream:  A Gift of Pot and Acid  by Facts (961121) 

***Dream:'Pez Hunting' by Nutcracker (960907)***

HOSPITAL [A place for treatment, healing and repair]

***Dream:'Hospital Stay' by Nutcracker (960823)***

***Dream:'At The Fair' by Nutcracker (960826)***



***Dream:'Let's Go For A Drive' by Nutcracker (960902)***
***Dream:'Welcome Home' by Nutcracker (960903)***



***Dream:  Naked Jogger from Another Planet  by Willa

See the Dream Series on Bono of U2 (Bruce Willis joins in

[No election dreams were submitted to us this month, though
Bill and Hillary dreams are common enough for books to be
written about them. Elections captured much of the media
attention early in the month so maybe there was no need to
supplement them in dreams or perhaps the politicians have no
time for nocturnal dreams. Maybe this was an omen that this
election there would be little change in the state of
political affairs.]


***Dream:'Is This Necessary?' by Nutcracker (960903)***


The Spiritual is addressed in many ways in both Dreams and
Waking Reality - see  Rebirth  and  Honey In The
Rocks dreams

***Dream:  The Lecture  by Willa (961110) ***


For an example of a dream generated potential solution to a
dilemma/problem see  Getting Whacked In Cement  under FEAR 


***Dream:'The New Boss' by Nutcracker (960827)***

***Dream:'Talk About Animation!' by Nutcracker (960904)***



DREAM SERIES -You too can read this U2 Trio by Nutcracker

***Dream:'Fancy Meeting You Here' by Nutcracker (960906)***
***Dream: 'You Too?' by Nutcracker (960907)***
***Dream: 'Bono, Again' by Nutcracker (960909)***


December 11, WED  deadline for submission  FOR ED 3-10

                  Editor's Notes
Dream Groups - sign up!
New subscription at electric-dreams
Oneiro-Network and
Editors Notes
Be an Electric Dreamer- Join today!
Mentoring:  A Helping Hand with Dream Interpretation - Earl
Slow Wave this Week - Jesse Reklaw
Question Airing Forum - Victoria Quinton
Column: Dream Psi -  with Linda Magallon
   This Month: The Holiday Ornament 
   -A Telepathic Dream Experiment
Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams,  Part I -  by  Charles
DREAMLIFE:  Alissa's Dream Art & Creativity Column
Guidelines for ASD Regional Meetings and Co-Sponsored Events
Proposal: A History of Dreams in Cyberspace - Richard

As the holidays approach, the cyber dreaming network seems
to have warmed up and offered us a variety of new presents
as well as the continuation of some older traditions.
  Linda Magallon offers another telepathic dream experiment
in keeping with the season. Test out your skills and send in
your guesses! She will be sending the psi object out Dec
7th. See her article for more.

     Alissa Goldring, whose popular Life Art and Dreams
mixed media article played last month is back with a regular
column featuring creativity  and dream examples from her
life. Learn how she works with some of the most difficult
and darkest of dream imagery.  If all works right
technically, you can view her art at the Electric Dreams Web
site version of the E-zine. If not, you can go directly to
her site and see the rest of her work as well. 

    Eugene Mark also has some thoughts and life examples in
his Dream Incubation wonderful essay. Take a journey that is
both soulful and spiritual, guided by a lifetime of
attention to dreams. Then join Eugene as a wanderer in this
great journey of life. See the Dream section for this
article and his dreams.

    Jesse Reklaw continues to be a creative fountain and has
a whole new collection of illustrated dreams, now with
summaries on Electric Dreams. Look for the Slow Wave column
and think about dreams you might want to submit for

 Earl Koteen is keeping his offer open to those who would
like some guidance with dream interpretation.   While
everyone has to finally be his or her own authority in
issues of value and meaning, its great to get help along the

   Don't miss the Charles McPhee opening! Charles' new book,
Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams is out on lucid dreaming
and he is now available online to talk about lucid and other
kinds of dreaming. Charles also will be with us on Electric
Dreams for a few months sharing some goodies and idea from
his research. Stop by the site, ask him some questions and
hey, buy his book!

  Be sure to stop by the Oneiro-Network and see what's going
on with this online lucid dream club. The founder, Rob
Childress will be the Electric Dreams correspondent to the
Network and keep us up about Online Events which will be
published in the Global Dreaming News.

  Speaking of the News, Peggy Coats has again put together a
collection of what's new and happening in Dreams, both
online and offline. You can help her out in this enormous
task by dropping by and joining her this
effort to build a dream network that is really humming!
   I've included a proposal to create a cyber-dreaming
history web page, a kind of extension from the ASD
conference last July. I'd like to have the site available
for the next conference in Asheville in June and hope that
it will be something that all you pioneers in cyberspace
will contribute to. Maybe a story about your online dream
experiences, the clubs, networks, research and other
antidotes that can make up the site. 

   Speaking of ASD. While the Links have been approved, the
disclaimer statement is bogging down forward movement.
Hopefully this will be resolved soon. If you are planning to
go to Asheville and do some Mountain Dreamin', be sure to
send in your registration and if you have a presentation,
the deadline is DECEMBER 1st for mailing your material.
Contact the main office for more information.

   Also, if you are interested in having a regional ASD
meeting, I've included some guidelines from the ASD
homepage.  If you have questions, contact the main office.

Reminder to Dream Information Providers: You can use the ASD
bulletin board for all projects and news items even if they
aren't specifically ASD related. If they are inappropriate
for the board, the Web manager will remove them.

    Chris Hicks continues to moderate and motivate us all
with the ED DreamWheel dreamgroups. This is really a fun way
to share dreams and you can join the groups by simply
sending Chris a note that says, "Hey Chris, put me on the
list for the next DreamWheel and send me instructions on how
to participate!"  send to:

    Have you seen out Web site recently? Its really nice and
the current issue in the frames that Matthew Parry has added 
look fabulous. Put it on your list of site to roam this

   Bob Krumhansl has some reflections in his Dream Section
Editorial on how the new AOL unlimited time policy may open
the possibility of spending more time on the newsgroups,
such as alt.dreams and alt.dreams.lucid  Bob has also put
the dreams in a new categorical format. Take a look at these
delightful dreams and then tell Bob how you like it. And
while you are at it, send in a few dreams of your own at:

    Virtually Dreaming, 


                Be an Electric Dreamer

Electric Dreams continues to offer a wide variety of free
dreamsharing venues and this means we log a lot of online
time. It is fun and we do this because we love it!  But
sometimes we can't keep up with all the networking tasks and
then the quality is diminished in our programs. 
    And not everyone has the time to be a staff member
(though if you *do* have the time and desire, drop me a

 And so we would like to ask for ELECTRIC DREAMERS -
volunteers who can give just a few minutes every week or
even once a month.   Here are some of the ED areas that
Electric Dreamers might help in:

- Co-Moderate a dream group.
- Post a few dreams to a few Newsgroups or Mail lists.
- Post an ad regularly to a Newsgroup you will "sponsor".
- Post an ad to a mail list you will "sponsor". 
- Post an ad to a SIG at your commercial online carrier.
- Surf the net for new dream web sites.
- Surf Educational college sites for dream bibliographies
- Send in addresses of magazine departments that might like
to carry a story about dream sharing in cyberspace
- Send in local resources on dreams - groups, schools,
lectures, library resources, newsletters and new age papers.
- Check you Yellow Pages for schools and ask what programs
or classes on dreams and dreaming dreams are available.
- Many other projects available!  

    Because these tasks are a little tedious at times
(though usually fun) we are offering a FREE HOME PAGE  for
anyone who participates!!      Be and Electric Dreamer, sign
up today...

contact Richard Wilkerson


 Mentoring:  A Helping Hand with Dream Interpretation


Hi, this is Earl Koteen, AKA Narcissus.  You may have seen
some of my interpretations in 
ED.  I also teach dream interpretation here in the
Washington, DC, area.

When I first started interpreting dreams on the net, I found
the process rather strange because it lacked the immediacy
and feedback of face-to-face communication.  I frequently
had to guess whether I was on the right track.  However, I
was blessed with a mentor who helped me sharpen my skills by
critiquing my interpretations.  Now I'd like to return the
favor by helping others.

If you'd like some assistance w/ dream interpretation or
just a second opinion, just drop me a line at

  Please include a dream from ED, your interpretation, and
any questions you may have about either.  I'll respond

                        Slow Wave

Slow Wave is a collective dream diary authored by
unconscious minds from around the world, and illustrated by
Jesse Reklaw. A new strip is uploaded every week on the
first minute of Saturday, EST. That's 9 PM
Friday in California, 6 AM Saturday in France, and 3 PM
Saturday in Sydney, Australia.

Jesse describes this month's dream comics:

There were five Slow Waves for the month of November, 1996.
They can be viewed together on the

nov96 page.

November 2, 1996. "George Bush Drives the Bus" by Scott
Bartell. I found this strip somewhat timely--with the
elections that week. Dreams about celebrities always
fascinate me, as they hint at what the collective
unconscious is mulling over.

November 9,.1996. "Love Letter Fax From Mandy" by Uncle 
Aussie, who writes a popular column on the Web. This dream
crystallized for me the absurdity and sometimes frustration
that can result from using machines to transmit emotions and
ideas that don't want to be bound by baud and bytes.

November 16,1996. "Escape the Oafy Guy" by Corinne Lucas.
To be honest, I just liked some of the images in this dream
and wanted to draw them. But I think the events described
are typical of many "dream parables" where there is a
reversal of intentions.

November 23, 1996. "Soft Energy in the Red Igloo" by
Giovanni De Caro, sent to me via email from Italy. This
dream intrigued me--I couldn't quite make out what it was
trying to say, but the events were compelling
nonetheless. A man flies through a hole in the roof, and
finds his upper half in what looks like a red igloo, while
his lower half is caressed by 'soft energy.' Linda Lane
Magallon gave me an interesting interpretation
of this.

November 30, 1996. "No Trespassing" by Dave Rosen. Dave is a
friend of mine from college and I found his dream to be
quirky and humorous.
His actions in the dream struck me as somewhat callous, but
then I guess we can do no wrong in our own dream world
(unless we want to).

        Question Airing Forum - Victoria Quinton

College Dream Classes?

Could you give me a list of college's that teach dream
therapy, and such? I'd appreciate a great deal. If not,
could you let me know of someplace online which list's them?
Kendrick A. Sims

Ken - 
I think this would be a great project - let's all call
around in our own areas and begin developing a list of
schools where class in dreams and dreaming are offered. I
have a start on this at

Looking for a dream journal program
   Hi, if anyone knows about a computer program that will
keep track of my dreams, could you post that here?

 Hi Looker - look no further. Bjo Ashwill is about to begin
beta testing here wonderful new program and is looking for
testers!  See the info in Global Dreaming News. Other
programs are available. See dream resources at


       Dream Psi Column  - Linda Magallon

             The Holiday Ornament 
          A Telepathic Dream Experiment


Last month: the Dream Psi Bib & Dream Target
This month:  The Holiday Ornament Telepathic Dream

The Holiday Ornament
A Telepathic Dream Experiment
Saturday night, December 7th, 1996

Presented by the Fly-By-Night Club

Stretch your psychic mind muscles. Dream a little dream of a
secret target. Submit a dream and get feedback on how well
you did.

How to participate: 

* Just before sleep on Saturday, Dec. 7th, take time to
settle your mind and clear it of daily concerns.

* Concentrate on the target phrase: "I dream of the Holiday

* Fall asleep, confident that the Ornament will attract the
attention of your dreaming mind.

* Wake, record your dream.

* E-mail to Subject: Holiday Ornament.

* If successful, your dream will be posted on the
Fly-By-Night Club web site! Please indicate if you will
allow use of your full name, e-mail name or pseudonym.

About the target:

The holiday ornament already resides in a gift box at the
home of CaseyFlyer (Linda Lane Magallon). On Saturday,
December 7th, Linda will concentrate on the target and
"send" it out into the dream airwaves. 

About the sender:

Linda Lane Magallon has been holding dream telepathy
experiments and mutual dreaming projects since 1984. A dream
researcher in extraordinary dreams, she is the author of the
forthcoming book, "Mutual Dreams" (Simon & Schuster.)

Check out the Fly-By-Night Club web site:

Last Month: A Dream Psi Archive dedicated to extraordinary
dedicated to extraordinary dreams.  It features information
on mutual, lucid, psychic, creative, psionic and flying
dreams as well as related phenonmena. It supports the dream
projects and activities of the Fly-By-Night Club.
/Linda Lane Magallon


             Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams
                       Part I 
                 by  Charles McPhee


In his enlightening, entertaining book, Charles McPhee
assists anyone interested in finding out how to become a
conscious participant in our dreams by offering a
step-by-step guide to mastering the techniques of lucid
dreaming. Charles has also offered us a Web site through
which we can discuss the issues of consciousness and dreams
with him directly. He will be visiting with us here for the
next few months at Electric Dreams, answering questions and
giving us peeks into his work, Stop Sleeping Through Your
Dreams.  - Richard

From Chapter 1 - Human Sleep

The great mystery of sleep in human experience is that we
can know so little about an activity so intimate to us all. 
To put our familiarity with sleep into perspective, consider
that we spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping - about
eight hours' sleep in every twenty-four-hour period. 

 Sleep's familiarity, however, paradoxically seems to blind
us to its comprehensiveness.  Many of us will be surprised,
for example, to reflect that we spend as much time asleep
each week as we do at our jobs. Similarly, when we view
sleep in cumulative perspective, the lengths of time we log
unconscious rapidly grow striking.  Adult humans sleep
between three and four months a year, while children and
adolescents devote close to half of their young years to
sleep.  Over the course of a lifetime, by the time we have
reached seventy years of age, each of us will have spent
well over twenty years asleep.  And curiously, five of those
years will be spent dreaming.

Because dream sleep is the most unstable stage of sleep, due
to all of the hallucinated activity that attends it, it is
the time when we are most likely to spontaneously, or
naturally, awaken.  In fact, every morning, prior to our
real or final awakening, we all awaken momentarily several
times.  Typically in a morning dream sleep period there are
five or six of these tendencies toward waking.  The dreamer
may not even open his or her eyes, but on an EEG these
"micro awakenings" are readily apparent.  This is why when
we awaken in the morning, we frequently are able to recall
having just been dreaming.  Our dreaming literally wakes us
up.  Because of this propensity to awaken from dream sleep,
and because dream sleep always comes at the end of a ninety
minute cycle, we tend to sleep in periods that are rough
multiples of ninety minutes - most commonly four cycles, or
360 minutes (six hours), or five cycles, which is 450
minutes, or seven and a half hours.  If you should awaken
during the night and look at your clock, you will see that
these ninety-minute cycles do indeed define our sleep
periods; our awakenings from sleep are almost always in
multiples of ninety minutes.

While there is a propensity for us to sleep in ninety-minute
cycles, that is, to awaken at their completion and thus from
dream sleep, there are many variables - alarm clocks,
children, roommates, dogs, cats, street noises, needing to
go to the bathroom - that cause us to awaken from all of the
various stages of sleep.  What has been demonstrated is that
if we awaken from dream sleep, we most likely will recall
having been dreaming, whereas if we awaken from any stage
other than dream sleep, we most likely will not  recall
having been dreaming or, for that matter, having had any
dreams during the night.  Even when we do awaken directly
from a dream, it can still be difficult to recall the dream
in detail.  Most dreams are lost by the time we get to the

From CHAPTER 2: " Dream Sleep"

As mentioned earlier, it is conceivable that desynchronized
neural activity in the brain is necessary to support an
awake consciousness.  This observation, coupled with the
observation that desynchronized activity also characterizes
neurons during dream sleep, raises an interesting question. 
From a subjective point of view, aren't we conscious in our
dreams? Aren't we "awake" in them?  If we reflect upon our
own dream experiences, we find that while dreaming, we
always *believe* we are awake.  We describe our dreams as,
"*I* was walking down this long and winding road, then *I*
came to a bridge, which stretched out over an ocean, and
then *I* saw a rainbow," or something like that.  The point
is that we almost always recount our dream experiences in
the first person, and we also feel awake during our dreams. 
Accordingly, it seems possible that this "awakeness" during
our dreams, though we are not fully awake, as we are when we
are *really* awake, is responsible for the desynchronized
waveform that appears on the graph.....  Here the paradox of
dream sleep rears its head once again.  We do exist in our
dreams.  Our "presence" in dreams is responsible for their
being any retrospective experience of dreaming at all.  But
we have already observed that one of the defining features
of sleep is the absence of consciousness.  So which is it? 
Are we conscious during our dreams, or not?  And if we are
conscious in our dreams, then how is this consciousness
different from an awake consciousness?

CHAPTER 3: "Consciousness During Dream Sleep"

Recall your own experience with dreams.  Generally you are
involved in whatever is occurring in your dreams, and all
the while you believe you are awake.  You navigate the
dreamscape with a familiar sense of self; you react and
respond to situations much as you do in daily life.  All of
your familiar sensory abilities are intact. You are present
in your dreams; you see in them, you feel in them, you
perceive in them.  You experience emotions, have thoughts,
and make decisions.  You see, hear, feel, smell, touch, and
taste. You are inquisitive.  You evaluate, analyze, and
investigate.  You feel the earth beneath your feet, you scan
the horizon with your eyes, and you feel the wind blowing
against your cheek.  Things happen to you in your dreams.

But before we proceed too far along in examining the
similarities between our dreams and our waking experience,
it would be prudent to remember that for all of the familiar
aspects of our self that we carry into the dreamscape, some
aspect of our self is glaringly absent.  The key evidence in
support of this statement is that while we are dreaming, we
almost never notice that we are dreaming.  And, stated
plainly, we *should* notice when we are dreaming.

During dreams, and in any dream sequence, there are
literally hundreds of clues that would tip off an awakened
consciousness that one* had* to be dreaming.  Violations of
physical laws - abrupt, impossible scene shifts and
connections of events - are not the exception in dream
experience; rather, they characterize dream experience. 
People and objects metamorphose as we watch, and
incongruities and absurdities are everywhere.  Most dream
scenarios do not correspond at all with our everyday waking
lives.  Suddenly we are back at school, a mixture of high
school and college, and we are writing a paper, making ink
marks with our fingertips as we pull our hands down the
page.  In dreams, clues abound, but for some reason, we
consistently fail to recognize the dreamscape.  What has
happened to our minds?  What should be an immediate and
facile reality discrimination task is suddenly next to
impossible.  Something, something very comprehensive, is

Next month I talk more about whether or not we actually
possess consciousness in dream and what this can mean to our
lives. If you can't wait, you can stop by my Web site for a
full chapter summary of  Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams.
If you would like more on this, my book  is published by
Henry Holt and Company, Inc.  Publication Date: December
27th, 1995. 0-8050-2500-6  $22.50, cloth.  Contact: Robin
Jones, (212) 886-9270

-Charles Mcphee





      Alissa's Dream Art & Creativity Column

                  November, 1996


It seems to me that I experience two forces at work, in
myself and life,and I wonder if you have noticed this too?
-- an expansive movement forward toward the new, toward
growth and wholeness, and a constricting pull backwards
towards habitual limitations.

What we're used to we equate with "right" and good and safe,
and even if we have a taste of something better, a part of
us says, 'stop! danger!' and we run for cover into the old
familiar habits. Anyone who has tried to stop smoking, ect,
knows that, and it is equally true of subtler addictions,
not to substances, but to attitudes and behaviors.

I believe that dreams offer us potent images and experiences
of these two forces at work within us. I've had some
horrific dreams that made it hard for me to see them as the
gifts I believe dreams are, until I recognized them as
warnings and reminders. (see below, for example, the "Man in
the Suitcase" dream).

And other dreams that encourage me, that bring healing and
help me to get used to the new more positive frame of mind,
so that it becomes familiar and eventually habitual.



              Dream of Man in Suitcase

An enraged man pursues me. I see that he is blind.
Terrified, I manage to catch him in a suitcase and lock it,
but his hands are not caught and still reach outside.


When I meditated on this dream three things struck me: (1)
the blindness of the angry part of me, (2) the fact that I'd
caught him in a suitcase, which showed me I was carrying my
anger around with me and (3) the helplessness of the hands,
which I write and paint, the instruments of my creativity.

The image of this dream made vivid for me the pain and self
destructiveness of my former attempt to deny my anger. I
felt the enormous energy I'd put into locking up the angry
part of me, and how blind I was when angry. It was a
metaphor for how, unwittingly, I had imprisoned my
creativity, which kept on trying to get out, thus escalating
both my anger and panic.

Yet it also showed me that I had not hidden my anger away in
a closet or prison - I kept it with me... The dream called
me to explore the relations between my anger and my
creativity, and reminded to focus on freeing the
energy and power I'd locked away in this dream I saw that my
hands were still alive, that my creativity was still
powerful, despite many obstacles and detours.

Instead of trying to hid and forget all I had stuffed into
my shadow, I needed to use my energy to "open the suitcase".
I needed to develop sufficient self-confidence to look at
myself honestly, so that I could release and heal my anger,
and all that was under it. The dream led me way back to my
childhood, to fear and deep hunger and need. I had to begin
to feel compassion instead of anger, self-respect instead of
shame. I began to pay attention inwardly -- to stop being
blind, to see.


   Alissa Goldring
    Part of the Electric Dreams Significant Dreams Series


     Guidelines for ASD Regional Meetings
            and Co-Sponsored Events

               From the ASD Web site

The ASD encourages its members to host regional meetings and
co-sponsored events, and the ASD will provide logistical and
financial support to promote such events.

The benefits of regional meetings and co-sponsored events
are twofold. First, they help ASD members in a particular
geographical region to meet each other, socialize, network,
and share their different approaches to dreams. Second, they
help to advance the basic mission of the ASD, which is to
broaden public awareness and appreciation of dreams.

Although these are the primary goals, another aim is to
generate new funds for the ASD's educational and outreach

Different Models

An ASD regional meeting is a gathering managed solely by ASD
members. A co- sponsored event is managed jointly by the ASD
and another group, association, or institution. Both are
open to participation by non-ASD members.

Within these two basic models, many different kinds of
events can be organized. For example, a number of regional
meetings have been held in people's homes, and have simply
involved dream-sharing, informal discussion, and a group
meal. Another regional meeting involved an all-day workshop
presented by a prominent dream therapist. A co- sponsored
event was held in
conjunction with a graduate school and offered 8 different
workshops and lectures for the almost 100 attendees.

Gatherings of various sizes and levels of complexity are
possible--the ASD encourages members to use whatever format
they think will work best in their particular area. 

Basic Guidelines:

If you are interested in organizing a regional meeting or
co-sponsored event, the ASD is eager to help you make it
happen. The following are some basic guidelines:

     Contact the ASD board as soon as possible with a
proposal (including information on dates, location, format, 
registration fees, anticipated size, etc.). The ASD
executive officer and/or her designee will be assigned to
work with you on strategy, logistics, and finances. All
publicity, pamphlets, other printed matter, and financial
arrangements will be  reviewed by this liason.

     On a case-by-case basis, the ASD will provide financial
support for printing, postage, and publicity. With regional 
meetings, any profits will go to the ASD's educational and
outreach programs. With co-sponsored events, an agreement 
must be made with the other group, association, or
institution prior to the event regarding any profits.

     Policies regarding ASD member discounts, ethics, and
product sales are the same at regional meetings and
co-sponsored events as they are at ASD annual conferences.

     Whatever format you use, the meeting or event should
give attendees a sense of the broad diversity of approaches
used by people who study dreams.

     In organizing the activity you should communicate with
other local dream-related groups and organizations, to
promote networking and mutual assistance.

     Regional meetings and co-sponsored events should not be
scheduled so as to compete with the ASD's annual conference.
However, the ASD encourages people to organize activities
right before the annual conference (to build up local
interest) and right afterwards (to carry forward the
interest from the conference).

These guidelines are intended to be as flexible as possible,
to allow for maximal innovation and creativity in organizing
these activities. People who have organized regional
meetings and co-sponsored events have found them to be very
enjoyable and rewarding experiences. We welcome your

For further information, contact the ASD central office.


        The History of Dreams in Cyberspace:
                  A Proposal by
                Richard Wilkerson
One the ongoing and persistent problems with the
presentation of histories is that must always be written
from a limited perspective which favors the fantasies and
bias of the writer and the values they write from. This is
unlikely to change, but the Internet offers  a new challenge
and opportunity, that of the un-fixed and evolving text.
Unlike its offline counterparts that are etched into dead
trees and expensive typesettings, the Net Texts offer the
chance for any netizen to contribute by way of addition, or
any political body to request or fight for alterations by
way of consensus and other appeals. Generally this is done
by the request for link exchange, though text and graphics
may also be directly added to web, ftp and gopher sites.

Earlier in 1996 we published on the Web an educational
center for the ASD conference XIII in Berkeley and since
then several new historic cyber-dream items were revived,
such as John Herbert's research on comparing face-to-face vs
computer mediated dream groups and the beginnings of

What I would like to propose is a continuation of this
cyber-history compilation. I've already sent in a request to
have this project mentioned in the next ASD program in
Asheville next year and will be doing a two part column on
this in the ASD Newsletter.  If anyone that is going to the
conference is discussing dreams and cyberspace, the site
will make a nice background support.

 If you are interested, begin thinking about what you might
want to contribute. My own focus will be on dream sharing,
which I see as including such wide categories as dream
inspired art galleries and dream statistical analysis
programs as well as more traditional forms.  But there is
also places for dreams and science, dreams and anthropology,
dreams and literature, journaling online, dream talk and
discussions, dream education  and extraordinary and
alternative dreaming

"Last year's"  exhibit is still up at :

And the new site will be more distributed between those
interested and having available servers, but my link in spot
will be

Drop me a line if you are interested in participating in
this collective history project.

 Richard Wilkerson,




      G L O B A L   D R E A M I N G   N E W S   



> Telepathic Dream Experiment, December 7
> Meditation, Dreams and Reflection
> Metaphysical Book Stores in North America
> Dream Sharing Bulletin Board
> Oneiro-Network elects board and opens doors
> Dreamgates Dream Class Online: From Ancient Thrace to
> Tommy  a New Dream Comic by Jay Martin
> Dream Workshop in Acapulco
> ASD 1997 14th Annual Conference

> Help Name, Shape and Test New Dreamworking Software
> Flying and Lucid-Psychic Dreams Sought
> Unexpected Happy Returns
> Animal Dreams Needed
> Dreamers Sought to Start AOL Chat Room
> Call for Precognitive Dreams
> Announcement: a Special Issue on the Psychobiology of
> Dream Bibs Update 
>Using Lucid Dreams to Rid of Fears- Subjects Wanted

> Jungian Dream Weavers 
> Dreams and Nightmares at DreamScape
> Castaneda Resource Page
> Jungian Archetypes and Astrology
> Psychology and Self-Help on Dreams
> Jung Index Updated
> Artists Groups on DreamLink
> Dream Harrowing Address Changes


> Dream Wheel 14
> IRC Get togethers!!!
> About Online Events

>November, December and 1997



The Holiday Ornament -- A Telepathic Dream Experiment
Saturday night, December 7th, 1996 . Stretch your psychic
mind muscles. Dream a little dream of a secret target.
Submit a dream and get feedback on how well you did. How to
participate: * Just before sleep on Saturday, Dec. 7th, take
time to settle your mind and clear it of daily concerns. *
Concentrate on the target phrase: "I dream of the Holiday
Ornament." * Fall asleep, confident that the Ornament will
attract the attention of your dreaming mind. * Wake, record
your dream. * E-mail
Subject: Holiday Ornament. * If successful, your dream will
be posted on the Fly-By-Night Club web site! Please indicate
if you will allow use of your full name, e-mail name or
pseudonym. About the target: The holiday ornament already
resides in a gift box at the home of CaseyFlyer (Linda Lane
Magallon). On Saturday, December 7th, Linda will concentrate
on the target and "send" it out into the dream airwaves.
About the sender: Linda Lane Magallon has been holding dream
telepathy experiments and mutual dreaming projects since
1984. A dream researcher in extraordinary dreams, she is the
author of the forthcoming book, "Mutual Dreams" (Simon &
Schuster.) Check out the Fly-By-Night Club web site and the
DreamPsi Archive or contact Linda Lane Magallon at

======= MEDITATION, DREAMS & REFLECTIONS ==============

The 4th Winter Meditation retreat of the Noetic Society, Inc
with author Pierre Grimes, will be held at Zen Mountain
Center, Idyllwild, CA, December 20-23, 1996.

Meditation periods will be scheduled so that reviews of the
blocks, conflicts, and states of mind that are experienced
in meditation can be understood as part of ones spiritual
journey. The DREAMS that occur during this retreat can be
explored for the direction they offer in ones philosophical

Please call Julie Grabel at 714-890-7055 or email
 with questions or to receive more
information on the retreat or on Pierre Grimes method for
exploring the blocks to achieving meaningful goals in life. 
Cost of the retreat is $275.00 and includes three nights and
vegetarian meals at the Zen Mountain Center.  


Are you interested in knowing where metaphysical bookstores
are in your neighborhood? Or perhaps you're about to travel
and would like to know where to look for dream books?  
Queen ( has assembled a large list which
she is continually updating.  

She has this to say about the list: "This is a list of
metaphysical stores throughout North America. These stores
are physical/retail stores which you may visit and browse
through. Some may also do mail order but this is not a list
of mail order catalogue retailers. I have not personally
visited these stores. To the best of my knowledge, I have
included stores which carry crystals, herbs, metaphysical
books and supplies, including pagan and Wiccan stores. My
role in this publication is solely in its maintenance and
upkeep. Please feel free to bring outdated or invalid
information to my attention. Also please feel free to send
me information on additional stores for inclusion in future
updated lists in a format consistent with this listing.
Please include the complete telephone number for the store.
Listings which cannot be verified or do not have phone
numbers will not be included. This list is current to the
best of my knowledge. However, I can't guarantee the
accuracy due to the constant opening, closing, and moving of
retail stores. Please notify me if you find a store has
moved or closed so that I can remove them from the list. It
is the responsibility of the reader to call the store to
verify store hours and current address. 

The list can be requested by email to,
and it  can also be accessed via www at the following

========= DREAM SHARING BULLETIN BOARD =================

Dreamwheel~Electric Dreams and Dreamlink have joined hands
to sponsor a bulletin board version of the popular
dreamsharing email groups.  You can post your dreams in the
Dreamwheel, and others can respond to them with questions,
replies and "if this were my dream" comments. 

To jump into the Dreamwheel, visit the Bulletin Board at wheel.html

To join an email dream group, contact Christopher Hicks,


============= Oneiro-Network Now Online ============
             Join - Communicate - Disseminate - Dream

The Oneiro-Network is dedicated to advancing the global
online community of lucid dreamers through
telecommunications, and telepresence technologies. It's
purpose is to bring lucid dreamers from all points of the
globe together in a social atmosphere. To meet and get to
know others of like mindedness, and to talk about lucid
dreams. Everyone is welcome to participate, and create their
own niche within the club.
The most important asset of any club is itself, that is, its
people or members, individually as well as collectively. The
Oneiro-Network agrees with the advice given by Robert
Zimmerman, better known to his large circle of friends as
Bob Dylan, "Don't follow leaders..." Because letting George
do it always ends with George in control of everybody's life
and fortune. Each of us, as members, should shine our own
light and do our part to make the Oneiro-Network a fun and
exciting club to be a part of. 
The Oneiro-Network

  ============ DREAMGATES DREAM CLASS ONLINE From Ancient
Thrace to Cyberspace ==================

Starting DECEMBER 1st, this delightful class gives you both
e-mail essays on the  history of dreams and dream sharing,
as well as interactive labs and groups to teach you ways of
working and playing with your dreams.  See the Syllabus
below or at DreamGate Web:

 The class is $10.00 (US) and you will receive the address
to send the
check or money order when you register.

Simply send an E-mail to Richard Wilkerson at  and say:

"Yes, I'd love to be in the Dream Class. Put me on the list
and send the me registration address!"

     WHAT YOU GET ->

When you have finished the class, you will have a grasp of
the whole history of dream work and be able to apply many of
the techniques to your own dreams.
(about 20 e-mail Lessons)

  You will also be plugged into the global dream community,
given a free subscription to the Dream Sharing Ezine
Electric Dreams, and be sent *free* Richard Wilkerson's
*Dream Guide to the Internet* at the end of the class, which
in itself is worth twice the cost the class by itself. 

 But what people like most about the class is that you get
to SHARE YOUR DREAMS IN GROUPS ONLINE! You will learn how to
do dream sharing via e-mail, mail lists, WEB, Bulletin
board, newsgroup and IRC (Chat). 

 >>> Class Syllabus:  Intro to Dream Sharing On the Net

01. Introduction - Sign up to Electric Dreams Ezine
02.  Dream Recall Basics 
03. Dream Techniques From Freud I
04.  Dream Techniques From Freud II  
Dream Lab I insert - DreamSharing via email sign up.
05. Ancient Dreams: texts & practices in Early Cultures 
06.  C. G. Jung I.  Me and my Shadow.
07.  C. G. Jung II: Beyond & Through the Personal -
08. Jung III: Archetype & Myth 
09. Jung IV:  Jung and Dreams
10.: Other Pre-1960's Dream Theories- Adler, Surrealism.. 
11.:   Perls, Gestalt  & Dreams
Dream Lab II insert - DreamLink and other Web sites
12.   Dreambody and Experiential Dreamwork
13.  From the Couch to the Culture
14. Grassroots Dream work in America
15.Lucid Dreaming and Lucid Control
Lab III Dreaming on Usenet and IRC
16 Dreaming Science
17. Dreaming Anthropology
18 Extraordinary & Alternative Dreaming 
19. Dreams and Spirituality
20. Dreams & Cyberspace & resources

Want more information? 


Week 1

01. Introduction - Sign up to Electric Dreams Ezine     Get
plugged into the major source about dreams and dreaming
online, the e-zine of the global grassroots movement. Still
in its infancy, this newsletter is more of an online 
community and is highly interactive.
02.  Dream Recall Basics  Some basics and helpful hints for
those who don't recall & journal, or those wanting to
improve these skills.
03. Dream Techniques From Freud - Free Association & the 
Unconscious    Since Richards interest is not in teaching
psychotherapy but in tapping into  each individuals own
source of (a.Creativity and (b. Inner authority on meaning
and value his approach is historic and playful, seeking in
Freud want can be used as viewpoints to engage dream
imagery. Some basic ideas are needed for this.

Week 2
04.  Dream Techniques From Freud -  
        The Dream-Work + References
 Freud's model for dreaming is still so highly referenced in
academic and clinical thought that I felt it was essential 
to include this a part of an overview on dream  theories.
Also, as postmodern thinking becomes  dominant, it is
important to see the psychoanalytic roots and bias that come
with it.    

---> Dream Lab I insert - DreamSharing via email sign up.
      This is the core model of online dream sharing groups
as brought online by John Herbert and modeled after Montague
Ullman. Groups are done in cooperation with the Electric
Dreams community.

05. Ancient Dreams: Dream texts & practices in Early Western
  A quick tour of Western Roots and its classical attitudes
towards dreams and dreaming. Again, a focus on how to not
just see this as abstract information, but rather a doorway
into re-combinations allowing novel approaches to dream

Week 3

06.  C. G. Jung I.  Me and my Shadow.
 Even a quick foray into Jung yields potent tools in
perception and significant relationships with oneself. But
its a little odd for many to learn how to approach icky,
yucky stuff in dreams as potential gold mines. 
07.  C. G. Jung II: Beyond & Through the Personal -
   This essay carries Jung's basic model into contact with
the non-personal realms as they relate to dreams and
dreaming and extends the idea of what a relation- ship with
the unconscious might look like and how dreams may mediate
this relationship.

Week 4

08. Jung III: Archetype & Myth 
    One of the most accessible & popular aspects of Jungian
thought and practice evolves from Jung's love of story,
fables and myth. Campbell helped bring to the late 20th
Century American Culture this love of story and together
they offer tools for those of us in love with myth to
continue the journey. When combined with dreamwork, the
study of myth becomes a study of the
journey of ones self as well as The Self.
09. Jung IV:  Jung and Dreams
     Though Jung never wrote a separate book on dreams,
there is *so* much material that a special essay is needed
to give a general lay of the land. Although Jung felt *each*
dream should yield its own new theory, the Jungian have
developed a wide array of helpful techniques. While one
could spend several lifetimes mastering these techniques,
many are accessible right away with a little practice. As a
matter of fact, Jung thought dreams were *already* doing
what they needed to be doing. We simply help the processes
Week 5
10.: Other Pre-1960's Dream Theories
  All is not Jung and easily Freudened! The Surrealist
Movement championed dreams as a path away form the deadness
of everyday worldviews and a gateway into novel experience
and surreality.  Phenomenology combined with psychoanalysis
to produce ideas about approaching dreams on their own,
bracketing out our pre-conceived notions and allowing the
imagery to evolve on its own. This essay explores these and
other dream movements and  theories that haven't gotten as
much attention as they deserve. 
11.:   Perls, Gestalt  & Dreams
  The 1960's brought with it an explosion of new therapies
and with them a renewed interest in dreams. None was as
popular as the Gestalt movement. While many saw Perls
techniques as derivative of others before him, none can deny
that Perls brought dream awareness to millions of Americans
and those in the world following the development of the new
therapies. This essay explores this history and the relevant
techniques that we can use outside of therapy.

---> Dream Lab II insert - DreamLink and other Web sites

Week 6
12.   Dreambody and Experiential Dreamwork
   One of the areas that came into the light in the past 30
years in therapy has been the body. This essay looks at two
major practitioners who have combined Freud, Jung, Reich,
Eastern Practices and phenomenology to produce methods we
can use to dialogue with the body. In this, there is a
paradigm shift from content to process. The dream becomes
then a part of our process that we come into dialogue with.
Much of this work can be done outside the therapeutic
13.  From the Couch to the Culture: Walter Bonime 
Montague Ullman
   While the Jungians have always enjoyed working with
manifest dream material, the psychoanalytically trained
schools have only come to this more recently. Bonime and
Ullman were two pioneers in this regard. Bonime shifted the
emphasis to the manifest or visible dream and Ullman taught
practices and held groups that could work with this material
in non-clinical settings. These techniques have become the
standard in grassroots dream work and are used by the
Association for the Study of Dreams at their conferences for
introducing new participants to group dreamwork.

Week 7

14. Grassroots Dream work in America
   There has been an explosion of regional small dreamgroups
in America which now has its own history, journals, mini
movements and conflicts.  Some of this movement has been
organized and part of other social institutions and
communities, but the soul of the movement has been the local
dream group, usually of a dozen or less people. These are
the people tinkering in the garages with techniques that now
form a larger body of literature and practices that can be
found in popular literature. 

15.Lucid Dreaming and Lucid Control
    One of the popular new offshoots of dreamwork is lucid
dreaming, or knowing you are dreaming while you are dreaming
and being able to varying degrees to control the events and
content of the dream. While clinical practice has not been
able to respond adequately to this phenomena (usually siting
issues of too much ego control based on old theories of the
unconscious)the lucid dreamers have formed groups and
organizations to address the particular issues involved and
advance the techniques used to increase the frequency of its
occurrence. This essay explores the history and give some of
the most popular techniques for inducing lucid dreaming and

----> Lab III Dreaming on Usenet and IRC
  While e-mail seems the easiest way to conduct groups, it
requires that the participants organize their own notes over
a week or two period. Usenet & Web Bulletin Board style
approaches are a way of keeping the group's comments and
dream texts together are available, but lend themselves to a
different mood. IRC or chat room venues allow real time
interaction and they too lend themselves to a more
emotionally based experience.  In this lab some of these
other venues are explored.

Week 8

16 Dreaming Science
  Why does a dreamworker need to know anything about dream
science?  Besides how fascinating it is, and defending
yourself against attacks by pseudo-scientific remarks as
"Oh, science has shown that all dreaming is just chaotic
brain garbage." I would like for you to know how science and
imaginative exploration go hand in hand. From the first REM
discovery nights in the Chicago labs to the latest debates
on neural networks, this essay not only explores the history
of empirical findings, but takes a more positive approach
and looks at how dream science can aid in dreamwork.

17. Dreaming Anthropology
If science is correct, we have been dreaming for as long as
we have been mammals, maybe longer. If Campbell and Jung are
correct, we have been making meaning from dreams before
recorded history. This means that some cultures have been
practicing dreamwork for millions of years. This essay
explores a general, brief overview of what we know about
native cultures and their dream practices.

Week 9

18 Alternative Dreaming 
   There is now a wider range of dreaming practices that are
being explored besides the use of dreams for therapy. Some
make intentions before going to sleep and incubate dreams.
Some find that telepathic powers are increased during
dreams. Some people like to meet in their dreams with others
at per-designated places, some like to use dreams for
inspiring writing and other arts. Some simply like to *do*
things in dreams, increasing the chances of flying, eating,
having sex and going on virtual journeys.  James Hillman &
the Archetypal school have opened the dream to the culture
at large, and soon the postmodern writers & cyberspace will
be opening us up to unheard of categories yet to be
explored. This essay explores the alternatives and offers
options to our usual egoic efforts that impose uses on
dreams. Yes, even "being open" is an imposed paradigm. 

19. Final notes & resources on Dreams and Dreaming
  One of the more fun parts of the Networking is the chance
to see what others are doing and have them see what you are
doing. But even more than *seeing* is being. It is not just
an information exchange but a living interconnection and
chance to see one's place as a microcosm in the macrocosm.
In native cultures, the process of initiation took the
individual and his/her inner light and opened this lantern
to the society at large. For several millennium we have lost
this in Western Culture as we made the transition from
nature bound to technologically bound reality. Changes
happen too fast. Parents can no longer initiate children
into their society, because by the time they could, it is
gone. Seeking all the answers in the paradigm of "out there
somewhere besides nature" has led to ecological disaster and
technological horror. But as with ancient initiations, an
element of this transformation is brought about by the
individual seeing his or her own death. As sophisticated
moderns, we see this death as symbolic, but fail to see that
its now not so much just an individual trip as a collective
journey. Our culture has seen it's own death in the bomb and
pollution and lose of traditional values. But like the
ancient initiation, we don't really die. Apocalyptic
theories will continue but they error in literalizing the
death of the world. Its simply the death of the modern
world.   Two factors emerging in the modern world are
brought forward into the post-modern. The first is the inner
relationship and the other is the outer relationship. The
inner relationship can be mediated by dreamwork, bodywork,
and meditation practices (not literally inner, but a sense
that there is value in what we have, the subtleties of
*this* moment and not just what we can get from Otherness),
and the outer relationship with forms the community and can
be mediated by regional and neighborhood organizations and
can be mediated globally via the Net and what is surely to
be later, more extensive, and faster manifestations of the
Internet. The inner work provides the access to the
individual and the unique and the outer work allows this
individuality to unfold and be initiated in the multiple
fields of social & cultural practice. 
    In this sense, Dreamwork in Cyberspace provides a model
& practice for profound and diverse developments in the 21st
Century, which see nature & technology in new ecologies as
inter-dependent friends and assistants. 
   This final essay is more a call to the reader to allow
the community to support your individuality by offering the
resources we have developed and finding mutually supportive
platforms from which to precede.

Reading Reference:
Two kinds of Bibliographies will be provided. The first will
be the smaller bibliographies that will come with each topic
area and the second will be a wider bibliography  provided
at the end of the class.  

 There are no required readings for the class, which will
use more of a hands-on or interactive approach. However,
suggested reading are offered and highly recommended as they
will potentially deepen your knowledge base and widen the
experience, as well as providing alternative perspectives to
the bias we carry in the email approach.

Specific Bibliographies will be included with each class.

(C) Copyright 1995/1996 by Richard Catlett Wilkerson
 DreamGate Classes on Dreams


A new comic created by Jay Martin explores the dreams and
dream adventures of a Tommy, a young boy and his dream
guide.  While not every strip features dreams, excursions
into this realm of consciousness frequently appear. The
comic is syndicated daily and on Sundays in many newspapers

======== DREAM WORKSHOP IN ACAPULCO ===============

For those who are interested in the meaning and mysteries of
their dream lives, a workshop with Jeff Raff and artist Tony
Ortega is coming up March 2-8, 1997 in Mexico.  Jeff Raff is
a Zurich trained Jungian analyst and teacher. The group will
be limited to 12-15 people, and will convene in two private
houses on the bay of Acapulco.  The group will be small and
interactive, focusing on both analytical dreamwork, and
accessing creativity through art.  The price of the workshop
is $1,295.00 which includes room and board, round trip
airfare and workshop
fee. Questions? Email


The 1996 Conference had the highest attendance in the
history of the Association for the Study of Dreams. Interest
and involvement in dreams and dreaming is at an historic
high. Come and join the next conference in Asheville, NC! 

Attendees may per-register through the ASD Central Office or
register on-site, on a space-available basis. Registration
forms are available from the ASD Central Office (PO Box
1600, Vienna, VA 22183, USA; 703-242-0062; phone/fax
703-242-8888; email Fees for the
conference are based on the following "packages:" (1) those
attending the full conference, five nights in campus housing
(double occupancy), with meals (Tuesday evening through
Sunday breakfast); (2) those attending the full conference,
not staying on campus, with meals from Wednesday breakfast
through Saturday dinner; (3) those attending the full
conference with no meals or campus housing. One-day rates
are also available, with and without meals. Housing single
occupancy rates are available.


(Papers, Symposia, Panels, Artwork, Focused Discussions,
Workshops, and General Events), can be requested from the
Central Office, with a firm deadline for receipt of
submissions of December 1, 1996.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

R E S E A R C H   and   R E Q U E S T S

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


DreamWeaver is looking for a new name. Unfortunately,
"DreamWeaver" is already copyrighted as a trademark and I
must find a new name for my dream software. Can you all help
me? I have thought of DreamWeb and In Your Dreams. Do you
have any more I can possibly use? Ah, but what is this dream
software all about, you may ask. How can I name something I
don't know? Let me explain what "DreamWeaver" is. It is a
"software for dreamers that uniquely integrates the
analytical and the intuitive." It is a comprehensive
software that does left brain and right brain approaches to
dream work. It uses the power of Access, a database, and
Word, a word processor. Each dream is a record in the
database. There is also a text box window for dreamwork
(your insights and thoughts about what you discover in your
dreams.) and a text box for a journal to keep track of day
residue and so on. Now the power of the database comes in to
the picture. Each word has an ID number and you can search
and link up any thing you want to explore. (This is the left
brain approach. How many of my 3000 dreams have snakes in
them? How many water dreams did I have? (The software pulls
them all up for you to work with) It does counts and
percentages of how many snake dreams or water dreams. You
can link dreams based on themes, to explore your journey
dreams, or your anxiety dreams. You can ask questions of the
material. In all my snake dreams, what were the top five
characters involved? What top three emotions were in those
dreams. You create links and trails to and from each path
you care to pursue. In the right brain approaches you can
call up a text box to dialogue with your dream characters
(or objects or setting) You can call up the poetry box, the
archetype box, and so on and so on. Whatever your mood for
the day, this software has a dreamwork approach just right
for you. And you keep records of all the work you did until
you finally reach a complete and total  understanding of all
you need to know (A joke, of course.It is, after all, the
process, not the end goal that is the most fascinating.) I
am in the phase of linking the dream vocabulary to
categories. No easy task. Any category experts out there?
Any info on categories you think I could find useful? (I am
already using a form of the Hall/Van De Castle category
system) Let me know.  In January of 1997, I should have a
"alpha/beta" model ready for a small group of people to use
to work out bugs and get it prepared for the commercial
market. Do I have any volunteers? So, I'd love a response
from you. A name for my software, or a comment. My E-mail
address is Thanks."


Researcher Linda Magallon is seeking flying and
lucid-psychic dreams for books-in-progress. She is
particularly interested in finding examples of the following
special types:

* Mutual lucid dreams
* clairvoyant flying dreams
* positive precognitive flying dreams (no airline disaster
* an alien or UFO encounter dream with fear successfully
transmuted or
held at bay.

Fly-by-Night Club
DreamPsi Archive

======== UNEXPECTED HAPPY EVENTS ===============

Have you experienced any unexpected events? (Unexpected
reunions with long-lost loved ones? Winning the Lottery?
Etc.?) If so, and if you have kept a dream journal or
recorded a series of dreams after the event, which you might
be willing to share, please get in touch with me. In
addition, I am still interested in a series of dreams after
traumatic events which I have been collecting for some time.
Please get in touch. Ernest Hartmann, M.D., 27 Clark Street,
Newton, MA 02159-2425, Fax 617-965-6548, email

======== ANIMAL DREAMS NEEDED ========================

Karen Signell and Allan Chinen are researching dreams about
animals and what they can teach us about people getting
along together, in relationships, family, workplace and
community. Please send any good animal dreams you are
willing to share to: 340 Spruce Street, San Francisco, CA
94118. Fax: 415-621-0301, or email


Eugene Marks is looking for people who'd like to start a
chat room on America-on-Line. If you're interested, please
contact Eugene at  and let him know your
time schedule and interests and hell coordinate setting it
======== CALL FOR PRECOGNITIVE DREAMS =================

Precognitive Dreams sought for  an upcoming book by Alan
Vaughan, Dreams and Destiny which will test four hypotheses:
1. That dream precognition operates like memory of the past
and that peak emotional events can be dreamed of many years
in the future, akin to long-term memory, 2. That individual
dreamers have distinctive "mindprints" in relation to time,
3. That days on which the earth's magnetic field is of lower
strength than usual will correlate significantly with the
times of precognitive dreaming, and 4. That
"intuition-favorable" days indicated by astrology will
correlate significantly with the times of precognitive
dreams. Send your precognitive dream data to: Alan Vaughan,
Ph.D., 1567 Silverwood Drive #B, Los Angeles, CA 90041. Fax:
213-257-4242. Email


DREAMING, a multidisciplinary journal, is planning a special
issue on the psychobiology of dreaming. Contributions are
invited for research reports or literature reviews that:

   1.provide explanations for dream formation based upon
advances in cognitive neuroscience;
   2.examine relations between dreaming and
psychophysiological measures of brain activity (e.g., EEG,
   3.describe changes in dreaming due to neurological
conditions or physiologically construed sleep
disorders(e.g., parasomnias);
   4.consider how cognition, affect, or dreaming are
associated with physiologically defined sleep stages; and 
   5.explicate relationships between dreaming and
neurotransmitters or other biochemical agents. Manuscripts
will undergo full peer review, and the special issue is
scheduled for publication in early 1998.

     If you wish to submit a manuscript (up to 8000 words,
excluding references), please contact:

     Tore Nielsen, Ph.D., Dream & Nightmare Laboratory,
Hopital Sacri-Coeur,5400 boul Gouin Ouest, Montrial, Quebec,
Canada H4J 1C5, 514-338-3350(tel), 514-338-2531 (fax),
Roseanne Armitage, Ph.D., Sleep Study Unit, University of
Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, 5323 Harry
Hines Boulevard,Dallas, TX 75235-9070. 214-648-8758 (tel),
214-648-5444 (fax),


 The Dream Bib page continues to grow. Last month we added
Linda Magallon's Dream Psi Archive list and this month we
now have a wonderful offering from Michael Schredl at the 
Mannheim Sleep Lab. 
Drop by and see this huge, huge collection of dream articles
and research references at:
and if you know a little German, stop by 



 I will be participants for my research.  The dissertation
will be on lucid dreaming and its use to get rid of fears.
There is a training available for free for those who'd like
to learn to lucid dream and participate. Subjects would not
have to come to me in person.

contact R. Murray Frith

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=========== JUNGIAN DREAM WEAVERS  ===========

The Dream Weavers, an interpretation network of Jungian
analysts, has created a website designed to help people
learn to better understand their dreams, including a
searchable collection of dreams which have been gathered
from around the world along with responses from the Dream
Weavers. Carol Herbert, a contact for the site has this to

"We want to empower people to translate the profound
messages from the unconscious sent via dreams.  We believe
that dreams manifest a superior intelligence which attempts
to guide us to an adapted, wise attitude toward life. Our
next project at the website is an interactive  dream
journal/workbook that will guide the dreamer  through a
series of exercises and techniques that  will enable a
greater understanding of dream symbols. Also, we have
developed a video series introducing a step-by-step method
of dream analysis previously  unavailable outside of
intensive psychotherapy.  Hosted by Jungian analyst
Elizabeth Strahan, the tapes guide the viewer through dream
techniques emphasizing Jung's synthetic, creative approach
to translating the messages delivered from the unconscious
via dreams. We invite you to visit our site, and to
correspond with us about your dreams."

Visit DreamWeavers at


Dreamscape is a dream-sharing web site, focusing on both
dreams and nightmares. What is the Mission of Dreamscape?
"The idea behind this web page is pretty basic, it is based
on sharing. The hope of this page is for people to send
personal dreams they have had so that those dreams can be
placed up on the page in the proper section, then for those
same people to read other persons' dreams to see if there
are any similarity. Kind of like an anonymous support group
that is on the global level.

The page is updated every Monday morning, so all dreams
gathered in a one week period up until Sunday night will
appear that Monday afternoon.  Interested?   Visit

========  CASTANEDA RESOURCE PAGE ====================

The Carlos Castenada Internet Resources page is growing, and
continually adding new links and information on workshops,
hermeneutics, books, and other Castaneda archival materials.


Those interested in studying how Jungs ideas pertaining to
masculine archetypes relate to traditional astrology will
enjoy this site by Dan Lorey, author of "The Wildman, the
Earth and the Stars."

========= PSYCHOLOGY & SELF-HELP ON DREAMS =============

Psychology & Self Help has created an online forum to help
answer questions about drams and dreaming.  Coordinated by
Richard Wilkerson (our own lovable editor here at Electric
Dreams!) the site offers resources to dreamers to help
explore questions and issues around particular dreams and
dreamwork in general. Stop by and drop off questions or
comments at

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The Carl Jung Index has been updated.  Never visited the
index?  Then you're in for a treat.  In addition to offering
information on the meaning of Jung's work, the site also
provides links to other Jungian sites; essays, professional
organizations, special events and activities related to Carl
Jung,  and a picture archive.  Check it out at:

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The Dreamlink Artists section of the GROUP category at
Dreamlink offers dreamers an opportunity to connect with
artists who will render their dreams and post the
illustration with the dream. 


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DEC 13-19 USA: Santa Barbara, CA
===========  Weekend Dream Workshop with Jeremy Taylor
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DEC 20-23 USA: Idyllwild, CA
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JAN 1997  USA: San Rafael/Marin, CA
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People, Places and Things

Welcome to the Dreams Section of ELECTRIC DREAMS V3N10. 
Though our volume of material for this month is not huge,
the quality of the submissions remains very high.  Thanks to
the dreamers for sharing their experiences and comments.
Special thanks to Eugene Marks and his family (Aspen and
Adriana) for sharing some special dreams and insight into
life, and to Nutcracker for sharing some of her nocturnal
wisdom (Check out her page on the ED Website for more

This month, I am following up on last month s experiment
with a more structured Table of Contents.  Not all  headers 
have dreams this month, but this structure may help us
recall dreams or develop a better structure in the future.

Thinking about Thanksgiving, I thought it would be
appropriate to thank all the folks who keep the ALT.DREAMS
newsgroup on the WEB going. After reading the interview with
 THE CREATOR  of ALT. DREAMS last issue, I thought I should
revisit the newsgroup. Interesting that its current focus is
not exactly what the originator intended when he started it
up - it has taken on a life of its own.

I found out about Electric Dreams through ALT.DREAMS, and
had sort of given up on following the high volume of message
traffic over the months.  When online clocks ticked away
with extra charges, it was easy to exceed the max hours just
looking at the headers much less all the messages. Now with
unlimited access readily available, I would guess that
traffic will increase geometrically. For those who may never
have experienced it, it is worth at least checking out from
time to time. It is a first source of dreamsharing for many
visitors. An advantage the newsgroup has over our Ezine is
the possibility of immediacy of response.  It is also a
source of frustration, as most dreams never get commented on
(a fate we are experiencing here at the Ezine also), or
weeks pass before a response comes, and by that time the
original message has been scrolled off the active message
list. It seems like millions of junk mail  Get Rich Now 
scheme messages populate the group in various guises. The
latest schemes seem to focus on making a plea to help
individuals out of a supposed personal tragedy. Messages
like these damper the enthusiasm of people with limited time
scanning through the message threads.  Just as irritating as
spams and spam flame messages are those from some misguided
dispensers of dream wisdom. These range from those who think
dreams have no value at all (why do they follow the
newsgroup anyway?) to those who feel everyone should only
consult a Psychiatrist for feedback on dreams.

In over a year of following the messages, themes such as
falling teeth, violence, death in dreams, the value of
lucidity, and sexual activity in dreams are continuously
brought up by interested seekers of knowledge and solace. To
join in the ongoing conversation there check out ALT.DREAMS
(WHAT THEY MEAN) in the Newsgroup on the Internet.  Another
group dedicated to lucid dreamers ALT.DREAMS.LUCID also has
healthy message traffic more focused on the issues of
lucidity- techniques and experiences.

Enjoy this issue - may it awaken new insights, and shed more
light on the people, places and things that populate your


Bob, Here are some dreams for this coming issue of electric
dreams from myself and my family.  Richard said to send them
to you, inviting comments from other folks. Thanks,Eugene

===Commentary by Eugene Marks on  Dream Incubation, My Own
Way ===
When I was a graduate student at UCLA, my friend and fellow
student Henry shared a dream with me.  In it, he was sitting
in front of his tent, as a wise man approached.  The wise
man started to talk with him but then noticed an empty
whiskey bottle laying next to him.  Seeing it, he turned
away and left, leaving Henry with the distinct impression
that he'd only return when he had put away the bottle and
all that it meant.

When Henry asked me what I thought of his dream, I shared my
understanding that the wise man was put off by his drinking
and that, although alcohol is often called spirits, it is an
inferior and unconscious way to approach Spirit.  I knew
that Henry really didn't enjoy drinking and thought that he
was probably doing so only because he really wanted to
connect to the rich spiritual life already within himself. 
I told him that if he instead followed his dreams to Spirit,
he wouldn't need to drink.

Henry to ok what I said to heart.  He quit drinking and
started listening to his dreams instead, eventually going on
to finish his graduate work. He and I lost touch with each
other over the years, but I did hear that he had taken his
dream one step further, offering folks a healing process
that he called "dream incubation."  In this, he'd have folks
coming to him for help focus upon an important life problem,
one that had a lot of emotional investment for them.  After
discussing the problem area with them, he'd set up a time
for them to sleep in his tent, perhaps even the same as the
one in his own dream.  Sleeping in his tent, they'd
invariably have a dream that related to their problem.
Afterwards, of course, he'd help them to understand and
relate to their dream.

Anyway, the way all this relates to me and my own life is
this.  The summer before last, my life fell apart, and my
wife and I moved out of our house and onto the road.  I
instinctively headed to a magical spot in the High sierras
of California, a place where I'd gone through a death and
rebirth once before in my life, back in the early seventies. 
Aspen and I spent two weeks there this time, and, when we
finally left, I was disappointed, feeling that I may have
died but certainly hadn't been reborn this time around. The
first night back in our van, however, I had the following

In it, I had written some folks back east, asking for
meaningful work. A woman, responding to my letter, has flown
out to meet me.  When she hears that I'd known her
colleague, my old friend Henry, she is very open and
encouraging.  She feels that I could fit in easily with
their ongoing work involving dreams.  While she and I are
talking, I notice that she has a list of things that I need
to do written on her hand.  I tell her that she must be a
writer too.  She asks how I know, and I tell her that all
writers hate paper.  She laughs, agreeing with me.  I want
her to tell Henry that she saw me, so he'll call me himself. 
She says she will.  She also tells me that she's wondering
how I've managed to write two books already. Although she's
a writer herself, she's so busy that she has no time at all
to write.

I've thought a lot about this dream, as I've slowly put my
life back together.  I already knew that writing is
extremely important to me, and because of this, instead of
waiting to be published, I've begun to put my first book,
written back in the early seventies, The Birth of Wanderer,
A Tale from Wanderer's Notebook, on the web, a chapter at a
time.  As of now, I ve already put out six chapters, with a
new one each week. I m also writing more current notes,
called Wanderer Here and Now, and I'm already placing
several of these on the web each week.

When I discovered Electric Dreams, though, the full import
of my dream became clear.  I've always been seriously into
my dreams.  They have always been the main thrust of my
healing work.  I'm a psychologist, and I have a wonderful
gift of understanding dreams.  Both Henry and the woman
who s interviewing me are aspects of myself, aspects that
are seriously involved with dreams as spiritual work.  As I
continue to put my life together, I see now that, besides my
writing, I can make a significant and creative contribution
to the world by sharing with others my understanding of
these messages from God that come to all of us in the night.


Share your dreams on our new dream sharing forum.  Now open. 
Send your dreams, along with your associations, feelings,
and understandings to, then come visit
Wanderer's web site for our responses. 
The first posting on the site were on October 25th, and
weekly thereafter.  
Everyone is welcome to share dreams and also to post their
understandings of the dreams posted.  





DEFYING CLASSIFICATION - [When you just can t even begin to
pin down what a dream might be related to, or the
relationships are so complex you get a headache just
thinking about what they might mean, the dreams get listed
here -  Swords in the Stone  awaiting for King Arthur to
extract them and save the Kingdom.]



***Dream:  THE BAY, A DREAM OF ADRIANA MARKS  (961112)***
===Commentary by Dreamer on  The Bay-A Dream Of Adriana
Marks ===

This dream is perhaps more of a "significant" dream than one
solely about creativity, but as I can tie it to unleashing
creativity, I hope you will accept it.  I see that it is
what June would call a "Big" dream as well as a personal
one.  Perhaps it will provoke some thought. . . .

I dream of following a young boy, the Innocent, to the sea. 
Rock outcroppings divide it from a small bay in which
immense, mesmerizing whales are trapped.  They leap high
into the air, crashing down again into the dangerously
shallow, stagnant waters.  Thick skinned, they survive the
impact.  Atop the high rocks stand men with guns, guarding
the bay.  They have trapped the whales.  
Turning, I see the Innocent gazing into the untamed sea. 
Midnight blue waves lap against the sharp rocks below. 
Thick purple clouds wait in the sky above.  A storm is
imminent.  He turns, walks toward the bay, and immerses
himself.  Following, I do the same.  Lifting my head from
the water, it glows yellow and electric.  He tells me now I
am trapped--just like he and the whales.  Forever I must
replenish my energy in the bay that the men control. 
I am waiting for the storm.  

The bay is the world most of us live in.  We are trapped in
electric society.  Our food, our clothing, our housing, our
creativity--all are limited by the paradigms that western
culture offers us.  In a Jungian sense, the bay is symbolic
of consciousness.  But it is a limited one--shallow and
stagnating.  Our free, sea-loving natures are trapped by
those that are afraid of the mysterious, the unknown.  The
whales have become tough in order to survive in the bay, but
they are not satisfied here.  They wish to swim in the
infinite sea of knowledge.  They wish to be free to explore
all that is presently unconscious, to dive deep into the
shadowy waters.  
A storm is imminent.  When it comes, it will be so intense
that it will wash the guardsmen off their high rocks and
into the ocean.  Their electrical controls will be
demolished and we will realize that our addiction to the
bay's energy was merely an illusion, that in fact it
depleted our true energy.  
But what about all the wonderful things this society has to
offer?  Like computers which make this dream sharing venue
possible?  Come now, how uncreative!  With unlimited
possibilities just waiting to be discovered in the
primordial sea, who is to say that we won't find that
computers are merely a template for the undeveloped wiring
we already hold in our brains.  We are truly more powerful
than we believe.  Within each of us is the ocean.  We need
not be afraid to dive in.


===Commentary by Eugene Marks on  The Old Sage ===

I had a dream in the late sixties, back when I was first
introduced to the I Ching, or Book of Changes.  In my dream,
I was watching this old Chinese man driving down the road in
an old car.  I saw that he was wearing the traditional robes
and the round cap of the old Chinese sage.  When he looked
over and saw me, he first looked surprised and then he
turned his car and headed straight for me.

Even then, I knew my dream meant that I somehow had a
important connection with the Book of Changes.  When I woke,
I asked the book itself about our relationship and received
the Hexagram, Deliverance, changing to the Hexagram,
Approach.  In the latter Hexagram, in the fourth line, it is
said, "here is shown the open-minded approach of a person of
high rank to a man of ability whom he draws into his own
circle, regardless of class prejudice."

Ever since that time, I've felt honored, understanding that,
even though I was not Chinese and was, in fact, living in a
completely different age, I still was that man of ability
who was being invited into the spiritual circle of those who
have studied and, through their lives, have expressed the
deep and abiding wisdom inherent in this holy book.  

In the I Ching, it is also said that "it is only through a
living personality that the words of the book ever come
fully to life and then exert their influence upon the
world."  (I Ching, page 324.)  

Richard Wilhelm goes on to add in a related footnote that
"the problem is whether, in view of the inadequacy of our
means of understanding, a contact transcending the limits of
time is possible--whether a later epoch is ever able to
understand an earlier one.  On the basis of the Book of
Changes, the answer is in the affirmative.  True enough,
speech and writing are imperfect transmitters of thought,
but by means of the images--we would say "ideas"--and the
stimuli contained in them, a spiritual force is set in
motion whose action transcends the limits of time.  And when
it comes upon the right man, one who has an inner
relationship with this tao, it can forthwith be taken up by
him and awakened anew to life.  This is the concept of the
supranatural connection between the elect of all the ages."
(I Ching, page 324, note 2.)

In my life now, in my middle sixties, as I finally begin to
mature, I'm hopefully beginning to express the wisdom and
the way of life that has been locked up for these many
centuries within the words and the images of this great and
holy book.  I'm awed that I was selected for this great task
and honored that I was felt to be worthy.  I'll leave it to
the world itself and to the future to judge whether this
honor has been deserved.





===Commentary by Eugene Marks on  COYOTE ===

Back in the early seventies, when I first began to wander, I
traveled from my home base in Berkeley to the East Coast and
back.  When I arrived back in California, almost a year
later, I stopped for the night in Joshua Tree, in the
Southern California desert, before descending into the hell
of L. A. 
Relaxing in the van, as the day's light began to fade, I
happened to look up and saw a large male coyote staring at
me, only yards away.  I immediately had the distinct
impression that he wanted me to go walking with him. 
Feeling his powerful and magical energy, I got up and
followed him into the desert.  He and I soon got into a
rhythm.  Whenever I hesitated or fell too far behind, he'd
stop and wait for me to catch up.  Then, when I'd get to
within a few yards of him, he'd take off again, leading me
ever further into the gathering darkness.  He and I kept
this up for perhaps an hour, until we were deep into the

Finally, when I could no longer see to go on, I stopped and,
lighting my pipe, sat and smoked a bowl with him.  He sat
quietly across from me then, only several yards away, and
watched me intently, his eyes gleaming in the moonlight.  We
talked then for a long while, although no words were ever
spoken.  He wanted me to continue wandering with him, wanted
me to leave the van and my old life behind.  I told him that
I wasn't ready, that I still needed to be in and of the
world of men.  As soon as I thought this, he stood and
quietly disappeared into the darkness of the night, while I
turned and sadly made my way back to my now diminished life.

Several years later, in the desert again, this time in
Arizona with a group of folks calling themselves the Coyote
Family, I wandered off alone, looking in the western sky for
the comet Kohoutek, when suddenly coyote appeared before me
again.  He told me that the comet wasn't the real reason I
was there, that he had called me out into the desert to ask
me again to follow him home into the wilderness of our
common soul.  

My wife was pregnant then, and I told coyote this, told him
that I couldn't abandon her or the child that was coming,
that I intended to stay in the world of men to raise her. 
He seemed to understand, although he was sad for me, sad
that I wouldn't be able to run free and follow my true
destiny.  He told me, though, that there would come again a
time, a last time, when I would again hear his song, when I
would again be asked to join him.  I was encouraged by this,
although saddened that I couldn't follow him then.

It's been twenty two years since that night, and lately,
although I'm living in the city now, I've been hearing
coyote's song again.  At the library the other day, I just
happened to find Frank Dobie's book, Coyote.  It actually
leaped off the shelf at me.  I took it home then and read it
in one sitting, remembering again who I truly am.  That
night, after reading it, I dreamt that I was alone and lost
in the world of men, hurriedly riding my bicycle through the
halls of this large and impersonal building, scattering
people out of my way as I went.  I was desperate to be
outside and free in the natural world once again.  Bursting
through the last door, I finally found myself outside, in a
beautiful fall evening, much like that evening in Joshua
Tree so long ago.  Still on my bicycle, I rode across the
lawn, only a solitary gate now between me and the real
world.  At that moment, coyote suddenly appeared again, and
running alongside me, finally led me home.

Coyote is my totem, my spirit guide, myself in the world of
body.  I know this.  I've known this for over twenty years
now.  My daughter Adriana is grown now.  She has her own
totem, her own spirit guide.  She no longer needs my
protection.  Now I'm free and can follow my own magical and
solitary way--out into the mysterious and wonderful world of
coyote and the night.  

***Dream:  Jump  by Nutcracker(960823)***

I found myself in a barn, on the second story.  As I look
below, I see a large table in the center of the barn.  The
table has a metal top (stainless steel), like in a meat
market.  Maybe this is where they kill the smaller animals I
think.  There are two turkeys down below.  One is on the
ground - your average brown, nondescript turkey.  The other
is standing on the metal table, parading about.  He's all
black with a white underbelly.  He's large for a turkey and
stands about four feet tall.  He jumps from the table and
unto the dirt floor.  I walk over to an outer wall of the
barn.  There is a large opening cut into the side.  There is
nothing to keep anyone from falling out, no railing or door. 
I peek out over the edge.  It's a good twenty-five/thirty
foot drop to the ground below.  My heart begins to race.  I
get dizzy with excitement and fear simultaneously.  I
purposely stumble backwards until I fall to the wooden
floor, trying to quell my urge to jump.  When I fall I'm at
the center of the barn.  There is a two foot square hole
with a post coming through it.  As I fall, my arm goes
through the hole; the post saves me from falling through
altogether.  My other hand (the right) lands in some bird
crap.  I think I must remember to wash my hands before I do
anything else.  I get up and start on my way out of the
barn.  There are rafters close overhead.  A rooster flies up
there and starts walking above me in the same direction I'm
headed.  I worry that he'll peck at my head as I pass by. 
Also the path I must take to get out is unguarded as well,
just wooden planks to walk across with no handrails, but
this doesn't scare me like the other open area.  Here my
concern is mainly trying not to fall and it's just a short
distance of a few feet that I have to walk, unaided. 
(960823)  #537  Misc

(Comments from Nutcracker on the above dream:  This feeling
of excitement and fear is a real one for me, and one I still
have.  As a child, growing up Catholic we would have to
attend mass every day before school began.  Each grade, on a
weekly basis, would have to take turns singing in the choir. 
There was just a short, maybe 3-3  foot railing
overlooking the ground floor.  The railing had wooden
kneelers beneath it.  Often as I knelt there, I would think
about jumping, not with the intention of suicide, but
pondering whether or not I could jump from the railing to
the gothic lamps that hung nearby (although they were
probably a good ten feet away if not more).  But I would
always come to my senses and realize that I would most
likely fall instead.  The thought of hitting the wooden pews
below was enough incentive to make me give up that idea.)

***Dream:'Shades of the X-Files' by Nutcracker (960901)***

(I knew I had had several dreams this night, but couldn't
remember them.  This one I remembered when I went outside
the next morning and a butterfly flew past me and a
cockroach lay dead in the driveway):  I was in the bedroom,
getting ready to go to bed when I saw a cockroach on the
corner of the bed (at the top, ready to crawl under the
covers).  I screamed for B. to come get it (kill it).  It
ran up the wall and came to rest in the middle where the two
walls meet.  Now three other cockroaches have joined it. 
I'm like, where did they come from?  Then I see a butterfly
in the room.  It's a monarch.  It flits about as if it
belongs there.  We're going to have to spray the room with
roach killer, but I don't want to kill the butterfly too.  I
put my arm out and it lands on me.  As it does this I think
back to when I was a kid and would catch butterflies; how
light and fragile they are and how they tickle when they
land on you.  I take the butterfly outside and set it free. 
When I come back into the bedroom another whole wall is now
covered with cockroaches (but smaller ones).  This is just
like that episode out of the X-Files.  The sight of all
those roaches sickens me - I have to leave.  (960901)  #552 




***Dream:'Deja Vu' by Nutcracker (960824)***

I'm in a car or truck with some people.  We're driving over
a bridge.  The bridge crosses over a beautiful aqua sea
where people can be seen floating, swimming, boating, etc. 
I have now gotten into a boat and am being taken to another
nearby boat.  There is no plank to cross to get to the other
boat.  There are five lifeguards on the boat I'm currently
on.  They're just standing around on deck as I prepare to
leave, wearing their little red shorts and looking like male
models.  Another passenger (Jeff Daniels/Dumb & Dumber)
offers to help me to the other boat.  He leaps over to the
other boat first.  I will have to jump 4-5 feet, but he says
he'll catch me.  I stop for a moment to put on my 'wet
shoes' (shoes for wearing in pools or the ocean).  As I jump
across to the other boat, Jean Luc (Patrick Stewart/ST:TNG)
is there to greet me.  He catches me, hugging and welcoming
me.  As he holds me, he whispers in my ear how nice it is to
see me again.  He hugs me for a very long time.  He's
wearing his red and black (Star Trek) dress uniform.  I've
missed him terribly.  Could there be something between us
yet?  (960824)  #540  Celebs


***Dream:'John-John' by Nutcracker(960903)***

JFK, Jr. was doing a remote from the MTV beach house in
Miami.  This production lasted six months (I only knew this
because I heard one woman tell another that's how long she
had been here working).  I don't know what capacity I was
there in.  All the young groupies were grumbling.  They
thought they'd have more time with JJ (John-John), but of
course they're just background for filler shots.  They
especially didn't like the six a.m. shoots when it was cold
out on the beach and they're in their tiny bikinis, wet and
frozen.  On those days, even the PA's (production
assistants) wore gloves.  This is the spot I found myself in
one particular day (bikini clad fill-in).  After the host
dumped a pail of water on JJ, he invited me to have
breakfast with him at the restaurant next door.  I went
inside and waited for him, half frozen myself.  I fell into
a booth amidst a pile of coats and jackets, burying myself
in their warmth.  A girl about seventeen, wearing a school
uniform, came into the restaurant.  She was a little on the
plump side.  She sat in the booth next to ours.  (9/3/96) 
#557  Celebs


===Commentary by Aspen Marks on  Honey In The Rocks ===

I had this dream four or five years ago.  In it, I'm both
observer and participant.  I'm in a cave in which there's
enough light for me to see with a bamboo skewer, I'm picking
away at the crystalline rock all around me. Through the
crack that I open, this sweet and golden honey begins
seeping forth.  I taste it and awake with the most wondrous
of feelings, of pure bliss, with no agenda or desire for

I have treasured this dream ever since.  People have told me
that there are ancient Hebrew stories about this honey in
the rock.  There is also a woman's acappella group, called
Sweet Honey in the Rocks.  Listening to them has always been
a most fantastic and moving musical experience.

All I know is that the feelings that this dream have given
me are more important than trying to figure out or analyze
it to death.  I feel that this dream has an universal feel
to it, like others have had of Christ and his Crucifixion. 
My goal for now is to see if I can get further spiritual
understanding from reading those old Hebrew stories. 

I know now that when I want to connect to my own creativity,
I can just go within myself, to that inner cave where I can
tap into that sweet and pure essence.  Once there, I know I
can trust myself and whatever I might express.

***Dream : "Tessalated King"  by Tim Drage (961123)***

Recently I dreamt that I was floating in some water with
some other people, kept afloat by a ring of floating
luggage. A poetry book floated by, and I opened it and found
a section of Lewis Carrol's work. It was illustrated, and I
saw one picture which was an Escher-style tessalation of a
squat figure who was, for some reason, aking. He was wearing
a deerstalker hat. Not only was it tessalated, but there
were also aspects of a double image: each king's legs were
also the hat of the king below. I was amazed: I've tried
drawing tessalations before, and it's really hard, yet in my
subconscious mind I clearly visualized a complex and
original image. Sometimes I dream things, songs etc. which
seem completely new, but I m not sure if I really saw/heard
the details, or just imagined I was. This image however, was
perfectly clear: I could and would draw it, if only I could
recall it perfectly! How do you remember dreams? Why do they
slip away like this? Can YOU draw the tessalated kings for
me?? Please assist or commiserate!

Include my E-mail address when you publish it! Thanks!
Tim Drage    
Insanity is the bestpolicy

[ED-Send your Dreams to Jesse Reklaw for Artistic
See his Slow Wave and Concave Up sites for some neat and
imaginative dream comics. Up to  tessallations  Jesse?-BK] 

***Dream:'Please Follow Me' by Nutcracker(960823) ***

I was in an old house with this guy (someone I don't know)
and a woman (my neighbor Audrey).  He wanted us to go
upstairs with him so he could show us something.  We
followed him up to one of the rooms.  He then took out a
small, 3 x 4 x 2 inch gold and red brocade covered jewelry
box.  It belonged to a woman who had long since died.  He
then told us of the man who had given her all the items
contained within.  I don't know if the couple ever married
or if they were just lovers who had a secret love affair. 
He opened the box and there sat a ring.  He removed it and
behind that was a secret compartment with a brooch.  He
removed that and there was yet another secret compartment
(all this in such a tiny box?).  The last one held another
ring, a gold chain and a pendant.  I removed the second ring
from the box and put it on my hand.  I then flashed my hand
in front of my friend's face so she could admire it.  The
ring was much larger on my hand than it appeared in the box. 
It covered nearly my entire hand.  It looked like an antique
hankie.  The body of it was a pale, pale lavender with
painted pansies.  The edge was trimmed in lace.  The ring
was very smooth to the touch.  "Is this made out of bone
china?" I asked my friend.  "Yes," she replied.  I took the
ring off and the guy put it away.  Whatever the guy happens
to be showing us at the time, that is the only thing visible
to us in the room.  He puts the box away and says he has
something else to show us.  Now, before us, in the center of
the room is an old, dead man, laying on a marble slab/table. 
The man is pretty large, not fat, just of a good stature. 
His hair is white and thinning.  He is naked except for a
white cloth draped over his lower extremities.  There is a
light shining down on him.  His hands are crossed over his
chest.  The guy who took us to the room says, "Watch this." 
Then he pokes at the man's hands with a flashlight.  I
thought he was going to show us something hidden under the
man's hands, but instead, the dead man begins moving.  I'm
scared and leave the room.  Behind the closed door I can
hear my friend talking to the dead man.  I make my way
downstairs and find a small reception taking place.  There's
a buffet table with appetizers and the like.  I help myself
to some cheddar cheese dip and crackers.  When I dip my
cracker into the cheese, I also get some on my knuckles. 
Then a man (Christopher Walken) and a woman tell me that
this is their cheese dip and no one else can have any. 
(960823)  #536  Celebs


===Commentary by Eugene Marks ===

The other night, I dreamt about Easter and the collective
rebirth that it symbolizes.  In my dream, it's Easter Sunday
and I'm with my friends.  One of them pulls out his pipe and
his stash--and finally someone gets me stoned!  

Afterwards, my wife Aspen and I go to church for Easter
service.  We wander around for awhile, looking for seats,
until we finally find two on the right side.  I notice a man
wandering up and down the aisles, asking for water.  I
realize that I don't have my water bottle with me, realize
that I'm thirsty too.  I notice that many people are
wandering around and that no one seems to be focused on the
service.  I can't even hear the minister. 

Suddenly, a man in the middle of the congregation loses it. 
He stands up and begins to rant incoherently.  I hear a
woman tell her partner to do something, "You're a
psychiatrist, help him."  He doesn't want to.  I go outside
now, looking for water.  I soon find a water fountain and,
after drinking, splash some water on my head and body.  It's
very hot now, and I'm dressed only in cutoffs.  Some folks,
passing by, look at me.  I don't really care what they think
of me, though.  I'm comfortable.  

I'm back inside now, up by the front.  It's bedlam inside. 
I hear the minister telling several of his assistants that
the service is out of control, that no one is even
listening.  People are leaving in droves.  I think that
getting stoned and sitting together in a circle, as my
friends and I did earlier, is much more spiritual, certainly
a more fitting way to celebrate the rebirth of Spirit. 

I haven't been stoned in months.  I'd like to be, and I know
that it'll come to me when it's supposed to.  

I keep thinking, as I listen to all the current election
bullshit about drugs, that no one is saying what they really
think about marijuana.  If they are, they're certainly
ignorant.  For me, pot is much better than alcohol,
definitely lets me be higher and doesn't make me stupid and
clumsy as alcohol does.  Smoking pot isn't such a big thing,
not at all like all the politicians are making it out to be. 
When I smoke, I just become more mellow and a bit wiser.  I
don't lose myself in any way.  Also, when I smoke with my
friends, we usually achieve communion, what the churches are
trying for but failing to achieve with all their elaborate
rituals, with all their pomp and nonsense that no one really
understands or pays attention to anyway.  

When I woke up from my dream, I realized that the church
symbolized the collective American culture and that the man
who had lost it in the middle of the service and was ranting
and out of control was Dole and all those other politicians
like him who are now dumping their craziness out onto the
American public.  They all do need psychiatric help,
although I certainly wouldn't want to volunteer, even though
I am a professional myself.

The Easter church service of my dream is an accurate
portrayal of the spiritual life of our society, well
attended physically perhaps but with no one paying attention
to what's really going on.  As the minister says, it's out
of control, it being our culture, yet no one seems to really
understand or care.  It's bedlam, a madhouse, and no one is
really trying to deal with it.   

Today there are many of us, like that thirsty man wandering
up and down the aisles of the church, who are looking for
something to quench their spiritual thirst.  In my own life,
I certainly haven't been able to satisfy my thirst for the
spiritual, either within the church or in the society that
it symbolizes.  In my own life, as in my dream, I've had to
go outside that structure to find spiritual nourishment. 
This does not bode well for any collective spiritual
rebirth, certainly not unless people begin to find better
ways to be spiritually high and to achieve real communion
with each other, as my friends and I can using marijuana.



***Dream:"Getting Whacked in Cement" by Shercatz

I always forget the deadline for dream
contributions, so I'm doing it now while I think
of it. Also, I appreciate what Electric Dreams is
doing! As for the dream, I hope it'll be
interesting enough to look into with the
Dreamwheel. If not, any help with its
interpretation from you would be appreciated.

        "Getting Whacked in Cement"  by Shercatz

In the dream, a younger female friend and I are
being cemented by our feet into pots, by these
mafia figures. We had done something to upset
these mafia men, not sure what, and they want to
drown us. I am thinking scientifically what would
happen if I pour one of those liquor bottles you
get on airplanes into the cement, to see if it
would stop the cement from hardening. I also try a
small bottle of oil and "imagine" the oil keeping
the cement from hardening too much around my feet. 

That's it. I've gotten some ideas about what it
means, but as for the "aha",I haven't gotten that
yet, so I wanted some feedback and objectivity.

Okay, thanks again for Electric Dreams! Shercatz


Sometimes we yearn for a gift from a special
someone, Sometimes we get gifts we don t

***Dream:  A Gift of Pot and Acid  by Facts

So here's my dream.  Sorry for the drug
references, but I find them quite puzzling, and
don't feel comfortable bringing them up with my
regular dream group: 

       Gary Trudeau (of Doonsbury fame) gives a
speech at an out door location.  He is standing at
a podium, and about 100 people are sitting in neat
rows of folding chairs in an L shape around him. 
An old woman stands up and grouses at him, like
she knows him well.  I recognize her a Boopsie
from his strip.  She holds a grudge for being
characterized.  Im my mind I see lines drawn
around her to show how she becomes the caricature. 

         I go to talk to him afterwards. He's
young and very nice, and gives me a hit of acid. 
I take it, ands say something about my husband
will be jealous because he didn't get one, so when
we are done talking, he gives me A baggie with a
good bit of pot and a strip of acid.  He says "I
probably shouldn t be doing this now that I'm a
public figure, it could get me in trouble.  I get
a hug and say goodbye, I hope to see him again. 
My husband and I walk to the car down in the
parking lot.  After we get there I show him or
gift.  The pot is kind of weird, brown and light
green and loose. The acid is no regular Xerox
paper ripped into an uneven strip with at least
10-12 hits.  I have already taken mine, and it is
extra super strong-special because it's actually
from the 60s or from someone connected to them(I
myself am only 20-something in waking and dream
life) My husband says"there's no way to know if
it's any good" I think that's true, but why
wouldn t it be.  After I wake up I have a sense
that I've received a gift, and a good feeling
about the dream. Thanks!


***Dream:'Pez Hunting' by Nutcracker (960907)***

I was in Europe on vacation with several people,
one of them my cousin Jon K.  We were in France,
Paris to be more specific.  There was a sign on
the side of a building (in French) and he was
reading it to us (showing off, I felt).  Across
the river I could see Notre Dame.  It was sitting
high atop a mountain.  The back of it even with
the edge of the cliff.  It was a stunning sight. 
The arches, the gargoyles, it was all very
majestic.  We all wandered into a little shop. 
Voila!  I happened upon a Pez dispenser (and I
wasn't even looking for them).  It was of a Swiss
woodcutter.  The package was very nondescript. 
White cardboard back with a clear hard plastic
cover.  There was no writing or pictures on the
package.  Just the price which was 80 francs or
$13.74 US.  I wanted to change some US currency in
for foreign currency but I didn't know how long
we'd be in Europe.  I asked someone else in my
group if we'd be going to any other countries. 
She replied, "Yes, Austria (Lillehammer I believe
it was)."  I hugged her and started jumping up and
down for joy.  This is great, now I can get the
whole set of Smurf Pez.  (960907)  #569 


***Dream:'Hospital Stay' by Nutcracker (960823)***

I was in the hospital (though I don't know why) as
was B. (who was there to have his nose/breathing
problem fixed along with something else) and Susie
V.  We were in a ward with 30-40 beds, all filled,
mostly by black children.  Susie and I had to
share a bed.  B. was on a orange leather couch
near us.  We couldn't see the communal TV from our
bed.  That annoyed me as I was bored silly.  At
8:00 pm it was lights out.  I sat there, upright
in bed.  I was wearing a light blue denim shirt
and had my arms crossed in front of me.  I looked
around the room.  All the kids were asleep.  I
said to Susie, "Can you go in the bathroom to read
(meaning me)?"  She said that the nurses come
around and if they catch you they'll send you back
to bed.  B., Susie and I had our own private
bathroom.  I couldn't wait for morning as I felt
the need for a shower.  I said to Susie, "I can't
go to bed at eight o'clock!  I never go to bed
before two (then I saw the doctor come in the
room, near us) fucking (I debated whether or not
to say this, using it mostly for shock value) AM!" 
"You don't go to bed before two fucking AM?" he
said back to me.  So much for shock value.  He
went to look over all the sleeping kids.  I stared
out the window behind my head.  The window was
open just a crack.  The cool breeze gently blew
the curtains around.  Now I'm sitting in a chair
(alongside the bed I guess).  Two little (white)
kids come over by me.  The boy's name is Peter. 
He's 5, has red hair and is on the stocky side, as
is the little girl.  She's 3 or 4 years of age. 
Peter began to climb up on my chair, straddling it
and another.  The doctor came by and took him
down.  The girl is standing by me.  I rub her arm. 
She feels warm.  "I think she has a fever," I tell
the doctor.  I tell her to go over by the doctor
so he can check her, but instead he gets up and
leaves.  The girl then crawls up into my lap.  I
held her and stroked her arms and face, trying to
comfort her.  A while later the doctor returned. 
By this time the girl felt cooler.  "I think her
fever's gone," I said, removing her from my lap. 
She seemed happier, more energetic.  Then through
a window, the girl and I notice a very large frog
outside.  He sees us and hops over to us.  "He
likes you," I said to her.  The frog talked to her
too, but I can't recall that part too clearly. 
(960823)  #538  Misc


***Dream:'At The Fair' by Nutcracker (960826)***

I had gone to a fair.  B. had gone also, but we
each took our own car, though we did park near
each other.  I was wandering around and ended up
in a line for (GKW) some sort of house of the
future tour.  Everyone had tickets except me, but
I managed to get in anyway.  The house tour was to
show off some new furniture.  I worked my way
through the crowd trying to find my way out,
finally managing to make it outside.  I was trying
to get to a particular exhibit, but ended back on
the path to the house tour.  There was a blind boy
in front of me, about eight years old.  I bumped
into him, almost knocking him over.  I went and
helped him, apologizing.  Now he's trying to pick
my pocket (is he REALLY blind?).  I yell at him. 
He jumps on my back.  I spin around in a circle
until he flies off.  Then I check to see if I'm
missing anything - I'm not.  I end up back in line
to the house tour.  I'm next to the woman who
designed/furnished it.  She's telling me about
this and that.  I'm thinking, "I have to get out
of here."  I did notice one piece of furniture
that caught my eye.  It was a Shaker piece, an
armoire.  It was painted teal blue and instead of
the usual way of being painted, this was done with
a small fan shaped artists brush, leaving arched
strokes in the paint.  It must have taken forever
to do.  (960826)  #544  F&F



***Dream:'Let's Go For A Drive' by Nutcracker

My friend Nancy had come by to visit me.  She
wanted to go somewhere, but I said that I
couldn't, I had clothes in the laundry and I had
to wait till they were done drying.  Somehow she
talked me into going with her (someplace nearby,
where we wouldn't be gone long).  Then she says,
"Let's go to a movie."  I tell her that I don't
have time for this, but she isn't listening.  She
turns down a pyramid shaped street (the city block
is a pyramid shape).  I've never been to this part
of town before.  Again I tell her that I have to
get back to take the clothes out of the dryer. 
Now it's later on.  Again we're in a vehicle.  A
large vehicle, like the cab of a semi, but it
doesn't look (inside) like the cab of a semi.  It
looks more like a movie stars dressing room when
he's doing a talk show.  The walls are gray and
white, in a splattered pattern.  Nancy and I are
in the vehicle when three guys get in.  They're
all attractive and have their hair dyed blonde and
cut short.  One is Chris Bruno (Mike/AMC), one is
Mel Gibson and the other I've never seen before. 
I ask Nancy who he is and she says he's from TV
Guide and is there to interview the others.  There
are two rooms to the vehicle.  Nancy and I are in
one (the larger of the two) and the three guys are
in the other.  There's a wooden door between us. 
It's closed, but Mel keeps opening it, trying to
hear what we're saying.  While the door is shut I
ask her which of these guys isn't living up to
their potential .  She
points and says, "Mel."  The other guys hear her
and crack up.  They find this very funny.  At this
point I discover there is someone sitting behind
me (in one of those captain's chairs like you
might find in a van).  It's James Kieberd (Trevor
Dillon/AMC).  He asks me to repeat what I said and
what Nancy's response was.  I put my arm around
his neck and tell him.  He says, "That figures,"
in that Dillonesque way of his.  Now the guys have
all come into our room.  They stand while we sit. 
I notice their teeth as I glance up at them,
peering directly into their mouths.  Half of Mel's
mouth is made up of mini tree trunks (bark on the
outside)  - you can even see the rings (yellow). 
The other half of his teeth are rotting away and
looks really gross.  The other guys have their
teeth capped (like movie stars should).  While the
caps are normal (like you or I would get), their
gums have been replaced with car tire material
(rubber), complete with white walls (only they're
not white, but rose colored).  (960902)  #556 

***Dream:'Welcome Home' by Nutcracker (960903)***

We were driving along the shoreline of my hometown
in Wisconsin.  I guess I hadn't been home in a
while because it looked more like Atlantic City,
with hotels and casinos now lining the shore of
Lake Michigan.  Imagine all this in a small town
of only 2000 people!  (960903)  #561  Misc


***Dream:'Muchos Gracias' by

We are in Mexico (B., Jamie, myself and one or two
others).  We're pirating tapes and music videos. 
We get caught by the police, but they can't prove
anything.  Somehow one of my toes gets cut off
(not cut off literally tho that's what I thought
in my dream, more like split open and oozing white
gooey stuff out of it).  The cops interrogate us
one by one.  Jamie spills his guts and squeals on
us so that he can go free.  (960828)  #547  F&F



***Dream:  Naked Jogger from Another Planet  by
Willa (961102)***

I am on another planet for a wedding.  The planet
is beautiful, with big open spaces, wide avenues,
and a huge full moon in the sky. There is a palace
that reminds me of Angkor Wat, but in a setting
like the Taj Mahal, with a long, long reflecting
pool of water in front between two long lines of
palm trees. 

There is a park nearby, just a huge open expanse
of grass, and some enormous structures--columns,
mountains--painted in various bright metallic
colors.  I mention them to my mother and take her
to see them, but when we get there, they are gone. 
I realize that they must have been sculpted out of
ice, and they had now melted.  

Then I'm in some kind of building with a lot of
long corridors.  I m walking around looking for a
specific room, but I can't remember what it is. I
go by a darkened office where a man and a child
are eating TV-dinners by the light of a candle,
and playing with a Magic 8-Ball. 

I go by a bar/lounge where there is a table of
decorated cakes that seem to be left over from
various functions, as they have names written on
them.  I feel like they are there to be taken by
anyone, but I'm still hesitant, and I don't take
one.  D. [a friend of mine] is singing in the bar,
but he's changed some of the words to the song
he's singing and I can't understand the new ones. 
The real words are "You can't fuck with destiny." 
I assume he's changed them so as not to offend the
patrons in the bar.  This irritates me, but I
don't stop, I keep going.

As I continue walking, a naked man jogs past me. 
I'm a little surprised, but, realizing that this
is a different planet, not too startled.  He's
just a regular guy, though, not an alien, with a
nice body and short, curly light brown hair.  As I
walk on, he keeps running past me, then I'm naked,
too, but wrapped in the rose-colored blanket from
my bed.  At the ends of some of the corridors
there are mirrors, but they're like funhouse
mirrors that distort your appearance.  I look at
myself in them and wish they were regular mirrors
so I could see what I really look like.

Willa's Journal:




***Dream:'Is This Necessary?' by Nutcracker

B. and I lived in a three story walk-up apartment. 
He was out doing something.  I was in bed and had
just poured myself a cup of milk when I heard the
door creak open.  It was fairly dark in the room,
but I could see him sneak in.  I pretended to be
asleep.  He carefully removed the cup from my
hand. Then quite loudly he asked, "Where are your
keys?"  "In my purse."  He took my purse and
headed downstairs, removing the contents as he
went.  By the time he reached the first floor all
of my things were helter-skelter in his arms.  My
journal and notebook pages were now torn out and
wrinkled; receipts and bills were flying all over
the place.  I said, "Couldn't you have just taken
the keys out as opposed to everything else?"  MEN! 
(960903)  #559  F&F


The Spititual is addressed in many ways in both
Dreams and Waking Reality - see  Rebirth  and
 Honey In The Rocks dreams

***Dream:  The Lecture  by Willa (961110) ***

I am attending a lecture in a large hall.  I feel
badly that there are no people in the first few
rows, but not badly enough to move up myself.  I'm
about six rows back, in the first right-hand
section of chairs, on the interior aisle.  My
sister is sitting next to me.  The MC introduces
the speakers and they come in a door at the front
of the hall, on the right, from the outside.  They
are an Oriental woman, a Caucasian woman, and a
Tibetan Buddhist monk. 

The people in the room applaud sporadically.  As
the Oriental woman begins to speak, she mentions
that she is cold, since the door is still open.  I
assume that someone official will shut it, but no
one does, so I get up and go shut it, stumbling a
little over the chairs as I do.  She smiles her
thanks at me.

In the back of the room, a young boy is crying
because he can't see. His father picks him up and
carries him to the seats at the front of the room. 
I reach down into the aisle and move my
shoes--mustard-colored heels--farther under the
seat, thinking as I do that I hope they're not in
the way of the person behind me. 

The Tibetan monk begins to speak.  He asks us
where we would be willing to go for
enlightenment--"would you go to the
mountains?""Would you go under the ocean?"  The
audience seems unsure whether to laugh or applaud,
and does both.

Willa's Journal:




***Dream:'The New Boss' by Nutcracker (960827)***

I worked in an office and one day found myself
with a new boss.  Just like that, my old boss was
gone.  My new boss was James Fitzpatrick
(Pierce/AMC).  Aside from being drop dead
gorgeous, he had some great ideas and was anxious
to get started on them.  He and I went to a
meeting with some other department heads.  I was
loaded down with file folders.  I hadn't been this
excited about work in ages.  His enthusiasm was
contagious.  After the meeting and back in our
office, I found my new boss sitting at a desk, his
back to me.  He wasn't wearing his shirt, only
some khaki dress slacks.  Oh God, I wanted to toss
those files aside and have my way with him right
then and there!  But cooler heads prevailed
.  Now I find myself in the catacombs
beneath St. Mary's Catholic School.  On rainy days
we used these tunnels to get to the church for
mass and to go to the cafeteria.  In the 60's it
was also used as a bomb shelter (for when the
Nazis invaded America....ya gotta love those
Catholic scare tactics they used to use on
unsuspecting children).  I'm sitting on a bench in
one of the long dark corridors.  There's a bare
light bulb hanging about fifty feet away.  A
female walks past me.  I recognize her, but then
again, I don't.  "Jane, is that you?" I say as she
walks by in her flannel pajamas.  "Yes," she
answers and keeps on walking.  She goes off down
the hall to my right.  About fifty yards later she
yells, "Where are the showers?"  I call down the
hall to her that they're in the opposite
direction.  Now another female, Barb, comes down
too.  She's going to wash her hair (which is now
nearly to her waist).  She brushes it out in front
of me and then goes off to wash it.  Now a third
female has joined me (no one I know).  She sits on
the bench next to mine.  There's a TV in the wall
across from us (it wasn't there before).  My boss
is on it.  The female is on her cell phone with a
friend.  They're discussing my new boss and all of
the women he knows.  I mentioned that he has only
been in our office for half a day and already he's
had five women (and I don't mean in the biblical
sense).  The female is spouting off names of other
women he's been with, repeating what her friend is
telling her.   
(960827)  #546   Celebs


See the Feedback from Dreamers section for a dream
assisted approach to writing.

***Dream:'Talk About Animation!' by Nutcracker

I was a writer for a soap opera.  I was writing a
storyboard and as soon as each one was done, the
characters on them would come to life.  In the
first storyboard, the entire cast of All My
Children was staying at a motel (one story, rooms
all in a row).  They were all lined up outside
their doors.  When I was done writing, they all
came to life and took off.  In the second
storyboard their objective was to start a
recreational fishing village.  The storyboard had
a lake.  The lake was marked with numbers from
1-18.  These were where the best fishing spots
could be found.  I had already numbered the spots
and was now going back to circle them because
after I had put in the scenery (trees and shrubs),
the numbers had gotten covered up.  As soon as I
was finished, the cast sprang to life and went off
to the fishing holes to try their luck.  (960904) 
#562  Writing/Celebs


DREAM SERIES - You too can read this U2 Trio by

***Dream:'Fancy Meeting You Here' by Nutcracker

I was on a hiking trip through Ireland when I came
upon a tree lined dirt road.  The branches covered
the road like a canopy; their trunks gnarled and
twisted.  The sun filtered softly through the
leaves, lighting my path.  It had shades of a
romance novel written all over it.  Smiling to
myself, I continued down the road, hoping to get
to my next stop not too long after dark.  I would
be spending the night at a bed and breakfast and
still had quite a few miles to walk.  The sun has
now set.  While I had a flashlight in my backpack,
I didn't take it out and use it.  Though growing
darker by the minute, I could still see my way
without it.  The tree lined road seemed to stretch
on forever.  I heard a noise behind me.  Suddenly
out of nowhere a car approached (without
headlights).  It came tearing up the road behind
me, music blaring out the windows.  Someone tossed
a bottle out the window, nearly hitting me.  The
driver didn't see me (how could he/she) and I was
forced to jump out of the way to escape injury. 
In doing so I tumbled down a ravine, hitting my
head on a rock.  I was semi-conscious, but not
enough so that I was able to go for help.  I lay
there helpless until I finally drifted off to
sleep.  I don't know how long I lay there, but
when I opened my eyes the sun was just beginning
to rise; the warmth of it blanketing me.  Until
that moment, I hadn't realized just how cold I
actually was.  I lay there calmly, reflecting on
my fate.  My head was throbbing.  I ran my hand
through my hair.  When I pulled it back, there was
blood on it.  I must have cut my head when I fell. 
I tried to sit upright, but found myself dizzy.  I
tried to move my legs.  OUCH!  I think my left
ankle is badly sprained.  Now what do I do?  I lay
back down trying not to let my fear get the better
of me.  I looked around for my backpack.  It was
nowhere to be seen.  Then I thought I heard
someone approaching.  Someone on horseback.  As
they got nearer I cried out for help.  The man
stopped, dismounted and ran into the ravine
towards me.  He was dressed in jeans with a white
shirt and oatmeal colored vest.  His hair was long
and he pushed it straight back out of his face
with the palm of his hand.  "Are you hurt?" he
asked in that Irish brogue that melts my heart.  I
told him that my ankle was sprained and I couldn't
walk.  I knew who he was, but said nothing.  He
told me his name was Paul.  Yes, I knew him as
Paul.  Paul Hewson, aka Bono of U2.  You'd have to
be dead to not know who he was.  "Hi, I'm Jessie,"
I said.  And of course I happened to be looking my
best - NOT!  Oh well, what's a girl to do?  "Let
me help you up," he said.  I put my arms around
his neck as he lifted me up and carried me out of
the ravine.  He set me on top of his horse.  What
a beauty she was.  Black as midnight.  Her name
was Shalimar.  "Oh, my backpack.  I need my
backpack.  I don't know what happened to it when I
fell."  He searched for it and found it, handing
it up to me.  "Is everything there?" he asked. 
"Yes," I replied, checking my bag.  "At least IT'S
still intact," I said laughing, which made my head
ache.  Paul got on the horse, sitting behind me. 
He walked the horse slowly back to his estate.  I
rested my head against his shoulder.  With the
beating of Paul's heart and the rhythmic clip-clop
of the horses hooves on the road I soon found
myself lulled to sleep.  I woke shortly before we
arrived at his front door.  There was a white car
in the drive.  I said, "Gee, that car looks
familiar.  Like the one that ran me off the road
last night."   (960906) 
#566  U2

***Dream: 'You Too?' by Nutcracker (960907)***

There was a party at someone's house.  Somebody
mentioned that U2 might show up.  Everyone was
excited.  All the girls went downstairs to the
bathroom to primp.  The guys were upstairs in the
living room, just hanging out.  I was in the
middle of changing my clothes when I had to go
upstairs to find my pants.  I was only wearing
undies and a T-shirt at the time.  I asked where
my jeans were and someone tossed them to me.  I
finished getting dressed and went outside to wait,
hoping to catch a glimpse of the band.  To my
surprise, they actually showed up.  The four of
them were walking side by side down the street,
their arms around each others shoulders (they were
across the street, their backs to me).  Larry had
on a bright blue shirt and Bono was wearing a red
shirt and black jeans.  A crowed had gathered and
scared them off.  They jumped into their van and
took off around the corner.  There was an old man
standing near me.  We followed them (on foot) to a
few blocks away and we were invited to be in their
music video they were filming.  The old man and I
were supposed to play a father/daughter.  The
director told us he wanted us to walk arm in arm
down the street and the band would be right behind
us, singing.  (960907)  #567  U2

***Dream: 'Bono, Again' by Nutcracker (960909)***

I was in a bedroom with my boyfriend, Bono (the
bedroom was unfamiliar to me).  As of late we had
been distant with each other.  He was standing
there in the shadows.  His back to the wall.  I
got out of bed and went over and stood before him. 
The sexual tension filled the room like a white
hot welding torch, pulling us together like a
magnet to metal.  I leaned over and kissed him,
long and hard, for what seemed like an eternity. 
We melted together as one.  I bit his lip (I
vividly remember sensing this part as I did it). 
His dick was rock hard and standing 'at attention'
as he pressed into me.  "Oooh baby, you're so
hard," I said to him.  No wonder, he had taken off
his shorts and was standing there wearing only a
T-shirt.  I was still in my nightslip.  We
meandered over to the bed, only now there are two
beds in the room and there are three other people
there as well; Bruce Willis and two models.  The
two models jump out of the bed they're in with
Bruce, and into ours (to have sex).  Bono and I
get into the bed with Bruce.  It must be a
king-size bed because Bruce is WAY over on the
other side.  We figure he's drunk enough that he
won't disturb us (or us him) and we'll have sex
anyway.  Then one of the models offers us a tray
of frozen liquor filled ice cream bon-bons,
pulling the tray away before we can take one.  How
rude!   (960909)  #570  Three/U2

Until our December issue, Sweet Dreams to All.
Hasta la vista!





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