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Metaphor Therapy is derived from Milton Erickson's work. The questions asked are designed to go directly into the subconscious mind. The questions are directed to the place in the psyche where thoughts and feelings originate. From that point, we can uncover the roots of most Persistent Uncomfortable Feelings and permanently change how we feel, think and act.

Thoughts and feelings come to conscious awareness without any effort on our part. So too does depression, anxiety and other Persistent Uncomfortable Feelings. Since they begin in the subconscious, trying to consciously fight these feelings becomes a battle. Going to the root of the feeling, through the subconscious mind, we can find a new point of control.

A new point of control is empowering. It's also empowering when the subconscious mind recovers parts of self that were lost in the past due to trauma, abuse or neglect. Gently restoring lost qualities of self always helps to quiet the mind and fill the soul.