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The Daughters Of Isabella Circle 1371

DofI Circle 1371 are located at St. Patrick of the Island Parish, Pincourt, Quebec, Canada. The Headquarters of the Organization is located in
New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A. at their new website address as of 31July1998.
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Membership requests - Ask HQ today!

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The Daughters of Isabella is a Catholic Women's Organization. It is made up of members in the U.S.A. and Canada, each working together in one common bond of "UNITY, FRIENDSHIP AND CHARITY". This fraternal order is not a parish or diocesan organization, it is an international order of Catholic women who are dedicated to their church, family and needs of their fellow men. The only requirements necessary to become a member are that you must be a practising catholic woman in union with the Holy See. You must be at least 16 years of age.


-We are collecting articles from other Circles around the U.S.A. and Canada for the Millenium. What experience did you have on your last retreat, charitable fund raiser, new ideas your circle tried and felt accomplishment as a team COMMUNITY SERVICES, SPECIAL MASSES ATTENDED, WHAT'S NEW IN YOUR CHURCH, PRAYER, ACTIVITIES AND MUSIC. If you would like to tell me about your experience in the Daughters of Isabella,
Thank you.

Email us click here:
Regent:Veda Clairmont, DofI Circle 1371

"When individuals join in a cooperative venture, the power generated far exceeds what they could have accomplished acting individually."

Women in Action:Prayer, Faith and Love! God Bless You in all you do.

St. Patrick of The Island Church Info;

TO St. Patrick Of The Island Church Site

Don't forget:

Please feel free to email prayer requests to us, or leave them on the message board or in the guestbook so that others may also pray for your concerns.

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Daughters of Isabella/Knights of Columbus Webring Message Board!

The Knights of Columbus Webring

This Knights Of Columbus Web Ring site
is owned by Arlene DofI 1371/and Rick KofC 9180.

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Remember to put "His love" in the year of the Holy Spirit, 1998!!! DofI Circle 1371 will!!!

The KofC 9180 sponsor a teenage singing group called the KNIGHT TONES,
directed by one of our Knights and music is taught by one of our D of I Circle 1371 members.
The Knight Tones practice every Saturday all year round and visit hospitals and senior homes to perform for them in our community and the Montreal area.

We would like to start Knight Tones International, by challenging other KofC Councils to sponsor a small group of teens willing to put in the singing time and effort. If you are interested in how we make it all happen feel free to email Knight Tones Teen Singers for Seniors, Attn: Rick, Knight Tones Intl. Thanks for your interest!

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This C.A.T.H.-RING site is owned by
the DofI 1371 and KofC 9180 and operated by:
Arlene at St. Patrick of The Island
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Starting Point

 State Regents Directory
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 State Regents Directory
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#ofCircles State/State Regent Location E-mail Website
#1 Arizona Arizona E-mail Website
#2 California California E-mail Website
#3 Chesapeake-Susquehanna Chesapeake-Susquehanna E-mail Website
#2 Colarado Colorado E-mail Website
#19 Carol Lenihan Connecticut E-mail Website
#1 Florida Florida E-mail Website
#34 Patricia Blaszak  Illinois E-mail Website
#44 Marilyn Strasburger Indiana E-mail Website
#8 Kathryn Purcell Iowa E-mail Website
#38 Jeanette Gaider Kansas E-mail Website
#4 Mary G. Lonneman Kentucky E-mail Website
#25 Helen Kincaid Maine E-mail Website
#17 Theresa Lewis Massachusetts E-mail Website
#44 Mary Ann Seidl Michigan E-mail Website
#19 Gloria Lust Minnesota E-mail Website
#24 Rita Krodinger  Missouri E-mail Website
#5 Carolyn R. Smith Montana E-mail Website
#4 Nellie Kelley New York E-mail Website
#18 Helen Rudnicki Ohio E-mail Website
#13 Nancy Sohigian Rhode Island E-mail Website
#6 Leola Myers Vermont E-mail Website
#12 Carolyn Steiner Wisconsin E-mail Website

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#ofCircles State/State Regent Location E-mail Website
#17 Rose-Helene Tremblay Abitibi-Temiscamingue E-mail Website
# Geraldine Landry Acadie-Chaleur E-mail Website
#14 Louise Brunet Anne-Riki E-mail Website
#21 Angeline Montminy Beauce-Bellechasse E-mail Website
#6 Eliette Gagnon Cote-Nord E-mail Website
# Christiane Chagnon Des Cantons De L'Est E-mail Website
# Charlene Picard  Diocese D'Edmunston E-mail Website
#18 Celyne Coulombe Gaspe-Les-Iles E-mail Website
#21 Louise Beaulieu Hull Mont-Laurier E-mail Website
#11 Lise Lachance La Mauricie E-mail Website
#23 Marie-Ange Fournier Les Laurentides-Lanaudiere E-mail Website
#3 Manitoba Manitoba  E-mail Website
#15 Micheline Lavoie Montreal E-mail Website
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#1 Nova Scotia Nova Scotia E-mail Website
#30 Raymond Bussieres Quebec E-mail Website
# Lise Couture Richelieu-Yamaska E-mail Website
#26 Elaine Cote Saguenay Lac St-Jean E-mail Website
#24 Lise Durocher Sudest-Ontarien E-mail Website
#9 Diane Paquette Trillium-Ontario E-mail Website
#22 Ghislaine Lamoureux  Val Jean E-mail Website
#12 Mariette Cadotte Victoriaville E-mail Website
#26 New Brunswick New Brunswick Totals
#27 Val D'Estrie Val D'Estrie Totals