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Real Name: Lamont Harris

Aliases: Baby U, Golden Arms

  Wu-Gambino Name:  Lucky Hands

  Albums/Songs: Full Rap Metal Jacket, If Its Allright With You 

  Upcoming LP's: Cappaccino Delight (featured on)

                              U-God is one of the mysteries of the Wu, he doesn't appear on many tracks and seems to be out of the wu spotlight.  His opening in Da Mystery of Chessboxin' made people want to hear more from him and on Full Rap Metal Jacket he shines brightly. On the intermission the description of him was "Baby U is just a psycopathic thinker", and his hard core tone make him just another demension for the clan.  On many tracks he is mistaken for the Rza at first. He is said to be working hard on Cappadonna's new album Cappaccino Delight which should be release around March 25th and his solo project Warriors which is set for late this year. Also look for him on a couple soundtracks and B sides this coming year to promote his album.
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