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(A.K.A. The Abbot, Prince Rakeem, RZA Rector, Bobby Steels)
Labels:V2 records (Geestreet solo), Razorsharp records (Started by himself), Wutang records, Geestreet (Gravediggaz),Loud (w/clan)
Weapons:Fatal Flying Guillotone, Double Edge Swords

The RZA is the primary producer for Wu beats. He also produces for Sunz of Man, Killarmy, and Notorious BIG. RZA is also an active member of Gravediggaz. He currently has his own record label named Razorsharp records, a division of sony. In the early 80s he was in a group called "All in Together Now", the group consisted of Ol' Dirty Bastard, GZA, and himself. After that he released the popular hit "Ooh We Love you Rakeem" on Tommy Boy records. After this he went back to GZA and got friends to form what is now known as the Wu Tang clan. So far in his career he has done work with Cypress Hill, Shaq, BIG, and remixed for Supercat and SWV. RZA has definately handled business in his life has alot to look back upon and he ain't even done yet.

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