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Ol' Dirty Bastard

[AKA ODB, Unique Ason, Dirt McGirt, Joe Bannanas, Osirus]
Labels:Elektra, Loud [w/clan]
Age:Older than tha' sun, tha' moon, and tha' starz'

Tha' ODB iz' definitely the clan's craziest nigga'. There iz' no doubt that his crazy styles are making it big. His first release includes verses from tha' clan except for Inspektah Deck and U-god. It also features verses from Killah Priest, Buddah Monk, Prodigal Son, Zoo Keeper, 12 O'clock, 60 Second Assassin, and Shorty Shit Stain. As you can tell he has a very wide array of rappers on his album. He also had verses in tha' Sean "Puffy" Combs remix of Mariah Carey's "Fantasy", and "Shoe and Prove" a track released by Big Daddy Kane. He made a remix with the rap world's second craziest man Busta Rhymes. Together they released a remix of tha' all famous "WOO-HAH" a joint which sounded pretty good. Ol' Dirty iz' also featured on tha' Alkaholiks album. He iz' said to have an album due to come out some time within the next few months.

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