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Info. On Me

My name is Shane Lynch, I am 16 years old, live in Victoria, B.C, Canada. I go to Stelly's Secondary School, and am in grade eleven. My favorite sport is soccer, I play for pennisula, our team is number one in the leaque. I think soccer is also the best sport in the world. I have two jobs working at White Spot and Cannor Nursery, not the best jobs in the world, but it gets me cash. My favorite type of music is rap, as you can tell by my site. My favorite rap artists include: The Wu-Tang Clan, Master P, Dru Down, Luniz, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-Z. I own a 1983 Toyota Corolla, which is in nice shape despite it's age. I have a pretty good stereo in my car which consists of: a Clarion Deck (35X4), JBl 6' mids, Alpine 6X9's, Dr.Crankinstien 12' sub, and a USAcoustics amp (180 wattsX1). This all makes for a loud stereo system. I like working out and am a member at Gold's Gym. I have a pet dog named Coco, it's one of those little tiny yappy dogs. I have a younger sister who enjoys horses, Leonardo DeCaprio, The Backstreet Boys, and the Spice Girls. As you can tell she is a regular middle school student. Some of my hobbies are snowboarding, skimboarding, and tennis.

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